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As the Skrull War winds to its climactic conclusion, the Merc with a Mouth has no idea that the worst for him is yet ahead. The Merc with a Mouth…DEADPOOL"If you’re a huge comic book company like Marvel how do you liven up one of your lackluster giant crossovers like Secret Invasion? Wade Wilson can make even a snore like this storyline a lot more entertaining with his own special brand of chaos and craziness.First, Deadpool traps a spaceship full of Skrulls in a baseball stadium by using the clever ruse of disguising himself as the team mascot, but he doesn’t just want to kill all the aliens.

He’s actually got a different kind of proposal for them, but the Skrulls get more than they bargained by taking that deal. After that little adventure Wade needs cash and takes a job that involves killing a whole bunch of zombies created by an evil plastic surgeon.
Hilarity and carnage ensue.I never read much Deadpool because he was always associated in my mind with the worst of the ‘90s comics even though I’d heard that the character had become very funny since then, and that various creative teams used him in increasingly clever and offbeat ways.
Since I loved the recent movie version it seemed like a good time to finally give the Merc With A Mouth a serious try, and I’m very glad I did.
I loved how it managed to both be a humorous offshoot of Secret Invasion, but also involve Deadpool in a major plot point for it so that the story has some stakes despite all the silliness.

I especially liked the running monologues that Wade has with himself that also involve a fair amount of hallucinating.

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