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Someone on the BGG forum for 7th Continent mentioned this obscure game and once I'd looked it up the passion to own it was intense. A mad passion project to rival Kingdom Death, but sadly with much less success, this mid 90s adventure was well ahead of its time and seemed to fall pretty flat on release.
Unlike Tales it seems to be trying to have quite a coherent plot and there are all kinds of 'clues' you can collect which seem to be guiding you toward the end(s) of the game. Anyway, having enjoyed running the 7th Continent Demo, I thought I'd ablate the sense of loneliness of solo gaming by trying to run this game as a forum voting game. Edit: Actually, it seems you draw a location card when entering a building and have to face it immediately. Interesting, but essentially useless until we get whatever one of those is, so exploring on south. Dear Editor: My attention has been drawn to a posting of Saturday, February 8, 2014 on a popular Barbados blog by regular contributor Robert MacLellan, under the headline “LIAT Leadership Asleep At The Wheel Again”. It is an open secret that LIAT is bleeding cash at a rate of EC$40, 000,000 per year.  This is equivalent to approximately thirty million Barbados dollars. There is no credible prospect of a turnaround at LIAT under the current Board, management and policies. Hi I am back, glad to hear that LIAT is cutting some money loosing routes, its a small step forward but at least something. Lots of bad info flying around about the ATR deal, I use to sell regional airliners, so just know usually 3-5% commission is paid to some "representative". This Sunday, February 23rd, the Caribbean regional television programme "Time to Face the Facts" will be discussing "Regional Air Transport-taking us where?" at 8pm local time and runs till 10pm.
Focus will be LIAT, and the show streams live on "Time to Face the Facts Show" Facebook page. I will be on the show as a guest, along with Captain James Lynch and Gregor Nassief and the host is Jerry George. I also wanted to mention that a big excuse I hear from LIAT is that they do not have economy of scale or big markets.
My airline serves towns as small as 2,500 people 12 x a week, and there are ATR-42 operators that serve towns smaller than Dominica or St. LIAT can have a sustainable business plan, the EC market can sustain a regional airline, BUT you cannot ask of LIAT to fly uneconomical routes, have ticket prices raised by 60%-75% with taxes and you cannot have political interference in the running of the airline.
Presently I am running a regional airline in Canada's north, and we choose which routes to fly at what frequency to justify a given market.
The total is $42.48 per passenger, that is it for airport fees, and then there is a 5% GST general sales tax on the ticket price. Lastly, LIAT needs to be run on a commercial basis, therefore decide on routes, frequency, fares, employee numbers and executive appointments.
I believe LIAT can become a Caribbean Basin airline, from Cuba to Panama to Venezuela to the EC, but you need a VISION that everyone believes in, and a leader that will get things done. As above, I also calculate that in the next five years (if there are no changes to the trend) we will all contribute some US$686 million - or EC$1.8 BILLION to keep LIAT flying.
Remember, we are ALSO payiong foreign carriers hundreds of millions of US dollars in guarantees for their seats. Allow me to point out that this is not in any way associated with improvement, additions, modifications or change. A week later I sent all of the other Prime Minister shareholders the same proposal, and I heard from only two of them (both agreed there was merit in the proposal). My proposal was not to _BUY_ LIAT, but to take over the Board and management with the appropriate expertise, to inject a large amount of money, and turn it around without the political interference - but nobody seems to be interested. For some years now, members of the faith community have been aware of the terrible record of the Coca-Cola Company with respect to labor, human rights, and environmental issues. We have recently learned that Barry Diller, a member of The Coca-Cola Company's Board of Directors, is also a member of NYU's Board of Trustees and a very large stockholder in Coca-Cola. Since Coca-Cola returned to NYU, there have been a number of books, reports, news articles, documentary films, lawsuits and websites documenting this company's sordid past and present criminal and other unethical conduct. A campaign is growing among students, the faith community, and human rights groups to hold Coca-Cola accountable.
Schaper is no stranger to controversy, having led her Miami congregation through an institutional transformation that opened it to gays, Jews, anti-war protests and significant membership growth.
When asked by The New York Times what he admired he responded, "Chavez, like King, was a deeply spiritual person, and both of them saw the figure of Jesus in both of their lives not as someone to be put on a pedestal and worshipped, but as someone to be followed, whose example should be followed.
In 2005, NYU pledged to protect human rights by kicking Coca-Cola off campus in light of revelations of Coke's complicity in human rights abuses and ongoing cover-ups from Latin America to India and the U.S.
It's long past time that New York University get the facts straight, live up to its mistakes and rectify this miscarriage of justice perpetrated by Coca-Cola and which NYU either swallowed hook, line and sinker or was an accomplice in.
I'll repeat what I said in my previous letter to NYU administrators and University Senate members: You should consider the potential ramifications of NYU continuing to side with scofflaw Coca-Cola and it would be in the best interests of the university to act quickly and rectify this matter.
We are reaching out to you hoping that NYU will do the right thing again and remove all Coca-Cola vending machines and products from campus facilities. As part of this new campaign to remove Coke from your campus, we will be distributing hundreds of thousands of copies of the brochure via the Internet and social media, along with printed copies to the public. You should consider the potential ramifications of NYU administrators continuing to side with scofflaw Coca-Cola very seriously.
These issues include serious human rights abuses that Coca-Cola is involved in from Latin America to Asia and right here in New York City and New York State.
Since NYU's wrongful decision to return Coke back to campus in 2009 after banning it for four years, numerous books, documentaries, articles, reports and lawsuits have spotlighted Coca-Cola's reprehensible human rights and environmental transgressions resulting in many more schools banning the sale and marketing of Coca-Cola products from their campuses.
Four years later, NYU turned away from their commitment to human rights and invited Coca-Cola back on campus.
Unfortunately, trustee Barry Diller, like other selfish, selfabsorbed honchos at NYU doesn't understand the concepts of greed and shame.
The unethical actions of NYU and Barry Diller's support of Coca-Cola shouldn't surprise anyone in light of revelations of recent scandals besmirching the university that involve President John Sexton, top administrators and the Board of Trustees. Martens reports that, according to a finance executive at NYU, the university has made 168 loans to faculty and administrators totaling at least $72 million. Tomei echoed the concerns of many, asking, "When large numbers of students are struggling with high tuition and an inordinate amount of debt, why is the university paying its administrators huge sums of money and also advancing them huge loans which in some cases are not repaid because they are forgiven by the university? Under the unscrupulous leadership of Sexton, Lipton, Langone and Fink, New York University has become a playground for the super- rich at the expense of students, staff, adjuncts and faculty. NYU could begin to clean up its act and improve its image by removing Coca-Cola, Barry Diller and some other members of its Board of Trustees. Since 2009, after NYU brought Coca-Cola back on campus, numerous books, reports, documentary films and lawsuits have exposed the Company's widespread labor, human rights and environmental abuses. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola has a long history of racial discrimination, which persists to this day. Before Sandra Walker and Yvette Butler were unjustly terminated from their jobs at The Coca-Cola Company-owned bottling plant in New York City, they already had three strikes against them - they are black, they are women, and they dared to speak up against the abuses inflicted upon them.
Try to understand the pain of being a victim of discrimination and the resulting unfair treatment, nightmares, panic attacks, constant stress and emotional turmoil. Brooklyn, New York resident Yvette Butler, in retaliation for speaking up, was unjustly fired from her job.
It's time for New York University to dump Coke, dump Diller and reaffirm its commitment to human rights and social justice! Five years after NYU lifted its ban on Coca-Cola products, union activist and Corporate Campaign, Inc. Rogers said the ban, which lasted from 2005 to 2009, was placed due to accusations that Coke was committing human rights violations in Colombia. Specifically Rogers said, Arthur Tannenbaum, the University Senate member who introduced the resolution lifting the ban, attempted to protect the interests of Coke and Barry Diller, a member of both the Board of Coke and the NYU Board of Trustees.

Tannenbaum also responded to the allegations and said financial gain played no part in his decision to introduce the resolution. Justin Lee, the chair of the Student Senators Council in 2009, said at the time that the decision to lift the ban, which passed 28 to 22, was somewhat disappointing to those who had supported the embargo. Some supporters, including Rogers, were disappointed NYU lifted the ban because the ILO investigation did not address the accusations that Coke was linked to the killing of Colombian union leaders in the 1990s.
CAS senior and current chair of the SSC Mariam Ehrari said she would vote to ban Coke if Rogers' current allegations are true.
Rogers said he is going to put pressure on the university administration until they re-establish the ban. You have an awful lot of chutzpah to call for the assassination of the President of the United States by the Mossad. As the editor of a mainstream Jewish publication, you have an awful lot of chutzpah to call for the assassination of the President of the United States by the Mossad.
When an apparently logical line of reasoning leads to an illogical or insane conclusion, it is time to re-think your logic.
In 1948, it seemed logical to slaughter whole villages full of men, women and children, in order to exterminate part of the Palestinian population and force most of the survivors into exile. Many further examples of your kind of logic have ensued: The Sabra and Shatilla massacres, false-flag terror attacks around the world, cross-border assassinations, invasions of Lebanon, Operation Cast Lead, and so on.
Since this report was first aired, AIPAC has found itself embroiled in yet another espionage case, this time involving an operative inside the very Pentagon office, from which many of the now discredited claims abut Iraq's WMD emerged. It is almost impossible to believe the Israel could look worse than what bibi and foreign minister Lieberman present but this guy takes the cake. The real question is: why are the loving Jews in Israel tolerating the ill-will of the insane Jews? Another is why are Americans still allowing their tax dollars to go to Israel instead of keeping the money here? For those still scratching their little heads about how this guy gets away with this call for murder, apparently you still think this is an independent country. Obama is in real danger and should be wearing his kevlar undies but Jewish assassins have always been protected.
He is reported to have died aged 69 from a heart attack on Saturday and will be succeeded by his son Kim Jong-un, who is in his 20s. Unlike his son, who was only introduced to the world as his successor last year, Mr Kim’s ascendancy to the top was a lengthy journey under the wings of his revered father Kim-il Sung. But in the 1970s, Mr Kim was in Malta to learn English, possibly as part of an exchange that included a secret agreement between the Labour government and the North Korean regime for the provision of military training and weapons.
No official documentation exists of Mr Kim’s Malta stopover and any past attempts to coax comments from government officials at the time has always been met with cynicism.
His English teacher at the time, University professor Daniel Massa, recalls a jovial character, who was motivated to learn. Known for his fondness of gourmet food and drink, especially cognac, Mr Kim did give an early warning in the 1970s of his weaknesses, as Prof. In very typical North Korean style little else is known about Mr Kim’s Malta stay almost 40 years ago but this comes as no surprise because not much more is known about the reclusive leader in his death. Lucia News OnlineThe aim of St.Lucia News Online is to bring breaking news, professional and reliable daily news, photos, videos , audio and commentary to every St.
MacLellan highlighted the parlous state of LIAT’s finances which have resulted in the build up of alarmingly large payable balances including huge arrears to aircraft lessors and late payment of employee salaries. In fact with regional travelers shunning LIAT because of repeated service failings and increased competition as eloquently detailed by Mr.
At this time when civil servants are losing their jobs, is it government’s priority to perpetuate the incompetence that is LIAT’s non performing super structure? Next you need to reduce the 850 employee number, for 14 aircraft the size of the ATR, you DO NOT need 850 people for 12 aircraft !
Kitts and make money at it here in Canada, in fact EBITDA margins of 18% are common with several Canadian regional airlines. My background is in airline turnarounds, and LIAT is salvageable but everything has to change, doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different is no longer an option, nor is pure hope an option. LIAT flies 39 so-called social routes per day that do not make money, 35% of its flights do not make money. LIAT needs to stimulate traffic and as low cost airlines have shown, there is a great deal of potential to increase traffic for a decrease in fare prices, EC Governments need to lower those taxes so LIAT can lower its total fare, which in turn will drive new demand, and the new volume of traffic will increase tourism and total tax revenue-after some period of course.
The new CEO needs a team that believes in a NEW LIAT, those that have been there no longer believe, I know, I have worked with many airlines in trouble, it requires people with a energy, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency, and that is missing at LIAT. In the next six years LIAT's total cost to the eastern Caribbean will approach a Billion US dollars.
In that time both the political and business patience has worn itself out, and now I can only consider that they are just being rude, because in our part of the world that is just plain bad manners. Is is when we are so heavily taxed that none of us can any longer afford food and clothing?
Coca-Cola, as you know, also plays a major role in the controversy surrounding childhood obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes epidemics. Charges of Coca-Cola's complicity in violence against union leaders and members of their families in Colombia and the company's actions to prevent any legitimate independent investigation lead to Coke's ban in 2005. Her 31 published books tell the tale of her interfaith marriage, her pioneer as an ordained woman, her quiet spirituality and noisy activism. After his work on the J P Stevens Boycott fighting for southern textile workers, Dave co-founded the National Labor Committee, which was instrumental in creating the anti-sweatshop movement. But other issues involving scandals and lack of ethics by administrators and board members continue to plague NYU and besmirch its reputation. NYU brought Coke back in 2009 because it embarrassed the old boys' network and didn't fit in with the interests of CocaCola board member Diller, who has amassed $160,000,000 of Coca-Cola stock. Tannenbaum a letter and I later spoke to him by telephone about the unfairness of the University Senate scheduling a vote to rescind the ban on Coca-Cola. Tannenbaum that a key factor in his role in lifting the ban might have something to do with the fact that Barry Diller, an NYU Trustee, also serves on Coca-Cola's Board of Directors, he became irate and denied such. Tannenbaum the sentiments that were relayed to him in a letter dated April 7, 2008, and signed by alumni who had worked to have Coca-Cola kicked off campus. That is owed to the victims of Coca-Cola's human rights abuses, past and present, and to the students and faculty members who worked so hard on passage of the resolution aimed at stopping violence and protecting human rights. We are also establishing a special website to focus on ethical questions relating to NYU and Coca-Cola.
In 2005, the University Senate banned the sale of Coca-Cola beverages on campus, citing allegations of Coke's complicity in widespread labor and human rights abuses in Colombia.
Coke had done nothing to change its ways in Latin America, so why would NYU turn its back on Colombian workers? According to reports, seven loans of more than $1 million each were made to the school's top administrators, including $5.73 million to Law School Dean Richard Revesz.
And right here in NYU's own backyard, Coca-Cola is facing many lawsuits by black and Latino workers charging racial discrimination. He said the embargo was lifted prematurely and at the behest of those with interests in Coke's profit margin in both his recent letter and on his website, Killer Coke. Lentz said the decision to lift the ban was based on the corporation's submitting to the demands made when the ban was issued.
Rogers said statements made by Coke executives suggested these murders would be a part of the ILO investigation. To that end, it seems likely that the Mossad participated alongside elements of the CIA in the murder of President Kennedy, who was determined to deny Israel nuclear weapons. During this war, strategic logic dictated that Israel destroy the USS Liberty and murder its entire crew.

The result is that Israel is a pariah nation, and few around the world would shed a tear at its demise. Each time Israel acts this way, people like you cite the logical strategic necessity for such actions; while a much larger number of people incur more and more hatred and disgust for Israel and Zionism. So here it is again for those of you unaware, that on 9-11, the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered in the US was in the process of being rounded up, and that evidence linking these arrested Israeli spies to 911 has been classified by the US Government! I am told by people in a position to know that disgust with Israel is at an all-time high at the upper levels of the US military command.
But please don’t use my show as a platform to call for the assassination of the President. The US government has long tacitly endorsed Israel's right to assassinate Americans, it just never had to make the logical inclusion of the president in that authority. If they can get away with the Kennedy killings, way back in the sixties when they didn’t have this much control over America. Massa paints is far removed from the image of a stupid man often portrayed by the South Korean media, even if Mr Kim’s vanity and playboy attitude are documented by diplomats who have met him.
The stark reality is that LIAT cannot pay its bills and suppliers have been left holding the bag. As a 49% shareholder, Barbados’ share of those cash losses amounts to one thousand six hundred Barbados dollars per hour.
Or, will this failed Board and executive management be forced to join the ranks of the unemployed like the three thousand hapless public servants.
Now some will be leased and not bought, current lease on an ATR-72-600 is around $US 180,000 per month and $US 150,000 per month for the ATR-42-600. LIAT's management will tell you that they were old, yes the average DHC-8-300 at LIAT was 20 years old and 24 years for the DHC-8-100, BUT in aviation, especially turboprops, that is not too bad. Holder has captained a loosing team, time to replace the Captain and the team with younger, more energetic, positive, knowledgeable people, otherwise the EC is now throwing away tax payers money, you need to stop it. In short, LIAT can make money in the EC, no more excuses, just need to believe you can and make it happen. Therefore you cut back frequency and you get small aircraft (10-19 seaters) to fly the routes. Since then the company has become embroiled in numerous other human rights lawsuits filed on behalf of current and fired Black and Latino workers for racial discrimination and for violence in Guatemala.
Donna Schaper, formerly at Coral Gables Congregational Church in Miami and before that at Yale University, is Senior Minister for the landmark Judson Memorial Church surrounded by New York University in Greenwich Village. Her plan at Judson is to be a steward of an extraordinary legacy and to carry the church into the 21st century in terms of organization, vision, resources and courage. One of the first women trained by Saul Alinsky, the founder of community organization strategies, Schaper has focused on issues of political and economic development and interfaith and open rituals, which support action for social change. Both President John Sexton and NYU Trustee Barry Diller have exhibited unbridled greed and dishonesty in the face of exorbitant tuition rates and reprehensible corporate crimes.
It's time for NYU to dump Coke, dump Diller and reaffirm its commitment to human rights and social justice.
One thing is clear: during the process of lifting the ban and well before the ban was lifted, Mr. Why, I wondered, was Arthur Tannenbaum and some members of the University Senate so anxious to introduce a new resolution to rescind the ban based on a false premise and repeated lies by Coca-Cola?
Knauss, Ron Oswald, General Secretary of the IUF, when asked by British author Mark Thomas about Mr.
This will help concerned students, their parents, alumni and NYU faculty and staff better understand and wrestle with the issues at hand. These abuses included the torture and murder of union leaders and members of their families who organized against the company's brutal labor policies.
Rogers sent a letter and a critical pamphlet to 130 university administrators last week, imploring them to reinstate the ban on Coke products.
9, 2009, Lee said people in the council who lifted the ban were tired of extensively talking about the issue and felt the ILO report was the best report they would receive. If by some miracle you remain free on your own recognizance, or can afford the bail, I would love to discuss the pros and cons of a Mossad assassination of Obama on my radio show with you. That logic, however, has led to a situation in which billions of people around the world hate Israel, and a significant fraction of those are committed to its destruction.
A growing minority of Americans is joining a much larger number of intellectuals from around the world who are aware of this likelihood; the result is more anger and disgust with Israel. Through a minor miracle, that attempted failed, most of the Liberty crew survived, and today, a growing number of Americans loathes Israel in large part due to this incident.
We are the aggressors, and we have perpetrated a grave injustice – not just in 1967, but in 1948 and before that. In todays America they can just step forward and kill and say that I didn’t like him, just like that.
Barbados will be forced to provide annual subsidies to LIAT in the form of transfers from the Treasury or loan guarantees at a rate that would pay the salaries of 500 public servants for a year. Since the Transport Board is severing employees for non-performance, why does the same not apply to LIAT? No point in going into a market that sustains only 12 passengers per flight if I need say 30 on a ATR-42 to breakeven, this is better served by smaller aircraft, like the Twin Otter LIAT once operated.
I will reveal that on December 15 I made a LIAT Joint Venture proposal to Prime Minister Gonsalves (the "lead" PM on LIAT) , and to date have not even received an acknowledgement. NYU took the moral high road from 2005-2009 by removing all Coke products and banning the marketing of Coca-Cola beverages, but brought Coke back on campus based on false premises and in violation of the University Senate Resolution which led to its removal in the first place. But Citi didn't, in fact, offer the lowest rates and the university was later to have pushed Citigroup loans in exchange for cash and other incentives. Lee said if there had been another independent investigation, then the council may not have settled for the ILO's report.
Your demands for right of return plus compensation, along with a return to the 1967 borders, are almost pathetically minimal and reasonable.
He’ll be caught and labeled insane and put n a comfortable welled stocked mental institute. A group of seven North Korean students had come to learn English in Malta but Mr Kim did not take his lessons with the rest and was instead assigned to Prof.
The situation is worst now that the average seating capacity of LIAT goes from around 48 seats per flight to 61 with the ATR fleet (4 x ATR42, 8x ATR-72), that 27% increase in seats will make the situation even more difficult as Robert MacLellan confirms.
As an elder, she is passionately concerned about leaving the next generation well prepared for all they have to face.
Schaper, The Huffington Post reported that, "A current project at Judson Memorial Church is the New Sanctuary Movement, a place where immigrants about to be detained or deported can be sheltered. Paxton from ILO's headquarters in Geneva very emphatically told me that the ILO never agreed, under any circumstances, to investigate past labor practices of Coca-Cola in Colombia or any allegations of murder or other violence against union leaders representing Coca-Cola workers there. The ATR's and the DHC-8's use the same engines, be it PW120, 125, 127 the engines are the same just different power ratings, no savings in fuel efficiencies, in fact the only saving is in some parts and warranties which any new car or aircraft gets from the manufacturer, but after 5 years that ends and you are back to the same operating costs as before.
Diller purchased another $20 million of Coca-Cola stock and now owns some $160,000,000 worth.
Are NYU administrators and the old boys' network at NYU helping to shield The Coca-Cola Company and its top policymakers, including its board of directors, from accountability?

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