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When teaching vision improvement I have the intriguing job of impressing upon students the need for enjoyment in their endeavour.  Myopes like to do things perfectly and correctly at all times, so they often take some convincing that doing their vision activities with strict adherence to a schedule and a rigid style of compliance is not the process we are looking for.
The same applies to parents teaching their own children Natural Vision Improvement, where the parents are there to do a job (which is important and often emotionally laden for them).
While doing vision activities regularly is important to ongoing eyesight improvement, how the games are done is almost more important than when they are done.
Many people have become familiar with the discovery that our human brain has two high-functioning hemispheres, each responsible for opposite and complimentary abilities. The left hemisphere is our logical, thinking, language and numbers brain, aware of time, in charge of the small details, close vision and activating action in our muscles. The left-brain seems to be the popular one these days, with lots of status given to its abilities and functions. When you look at a list of brain hemisphere qualities (see below), it is easy to see how living mostly in one side or the other can affect our visual function as well as personality and behaviour! Most myopes and presbyopes (over-40s reading blur) have left-brain action in plenty yet are not as strong in using their right brain as they may have been when young.
When we need to relax our muscles, to let go of tension in our mind and hearts and bodies, to balance the driven and sometimes stress laden lifestyle of being predominantly in the left brain, we need to bring the right hemisphere and its abilities into action. The right-brain is where the messages regarding muscle relaxation come from, the balancing action of the left-brain’s activation of muscle tension.
To activate the right-brain we do the Cross-Crawl activity, a whole body movement that brings in both sides of the brain. These qualities include; deep breathing, images rather than words, the timelessness of a relaxed meditative state, music, whole body movement, the childlike sense of wonder at the amazingness of everything, rather than the precise focus on the minutiae of daily life.

When improving vision we also want to let go of old stressful habits and learn good vision habits, in how we use our eyes all the time.  Since long term memory is in the right brain along with whole body movement, music and visualizing, the most effective way to learn new habits that become effortless is to do it with our body, learn it with music and imagine ourselves doing it. For myopes one of the most effective self-awareness techniques and habit changes for good vision comes from letting go of the left-brain’s “Trying and straining to see“, and bringing in the right-brain’s “Letting everything come“.
Remember from the last article that the more you do this, the more you train your brain to make it an effortless and ongoing new habit. Just wanted to thank you for the post and encourage you to continue your labour of helping people to see. My right eye is slightly blurrier than my left eye,does it mean that my right eye is affected by my left brain.If so,how do I bring it to to clear,equal vision as my left?Thanks.
To aid in relaxation using this method, you consciously slow your breathing and focus on taking regular and deep breaths.  Often focusing on the rise and fall of the abdomen.
Now repeat this process a few more times in this conscious manner.  Once you get this type of breathing mastered, we can progress to muscle relaxation in combination for optimal outcomes.
This style of working can quickly become boring, stressful and creates resistance in the child. It has become common knowledge that each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body.  But there are many more qualities divided into these two sides of our brain. Yet using mostly only one side gives us an unbalanced life that becomes a strain and burden to sustain over time. Hyperopes are the opposite, and may find they want a bit more left-brain action in their lives.
It is also in charge of distance vision, making the activation of the right-brain very important in the goal of regaining good far eyesight.

We also make use of the other qualities of the right-brain that we can intentionally choose, helping to ‘turn-on’ that side of the brain, and making all its features more available. Do your best to use this principle each time you find yourself squinting, leaning forward and straining, and you may be surprised at how effective it is! I had practised vision improvement exercises time back and they were of course of help, but they would have been much more effective if I had considered the importance of fun.
I find it interesting about the hyperopes that might get benefit from a bit more leftbrain work. It also limits our physical, mental and emotional abilities and our opportunities to enjoy life to the full.
As a myope, I have been quite perfectionist in my life, and have disregarded the importance of enjoying life. As I am getting older in age it is becoming natural and easy to me to just be with my right brain qualities and I feel so alive.
There are left brain qualities that I am in the process of developping now at 57 always guided with a nice dosis of fun.

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