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The exercises include doing a deep-breathing exercise using a device called an incentive spirometer.
Do this exercise every hour while you're awake, or as your healthcare provider tells you to. Many runners and other athletes experience short, sharp pains originating from a point just below their rib cages.
Stitches are not caused by excessive gas build-up or a lack of oxygen to the chest muscles. Treating side stitches after they develop is often a matter of resting, self-massage and stretching. Experts suggest blowing out a strong breath through pursed lips, as if blowing out the candles of a birthday cake.

Many side stitches are caused by a running technique used by approximately 30% of all runners.
The solution to avoiding side stitches may be a matter of rethinking one's running style in order to avoid exhaling as the right foot strikes the ground. SauteePan-I have had side stitches when running and it is usually due to either eating too heavy of a meal prior, or not pacing myself properly and starting to run too quickly too early in my run. I now avoid the problem altogether by running early in the morning after I had my first cup of coffee.
These keep your lungs clear, strengthen your breathing muscles, and help prevent complications.
This helps me from getting the side stitches that cause me to want to stop my run. Running is difficult enough, so I make sure that I drink a glass of water about a half hour before I run, and stretch my entire body as well. If you are feeling a little hungry you can drink a little bit of juice, but nothing more. Running is a high impact exercise that if you are not careful you can actually develop nausea and vomit if you have had a full meal before a run, in addition to the side stitches.

I also make sure that I breathe properly. This method helps me finish my work out without any problems which is how to prevent side stitches.
If you train your body to do deep control breathing then you will eliminate the side stitches when running.

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