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Oh, and if you have any advice that might help a procrastinating pitta-kapha (me) to write more (50) blog posts before noon every day, please send it over! We here at DISGRASIAN™ are going to use our buying power to buy as many Samsung butt-rubbed phones as we can. Deepak Chopra is a world famous Indian-American author, physician and public speaker who has been rightly described and a new age guru in holistic medicine. Chopra migrated to the United States in the 70s armed with a medical degree from an Indian University.

Over the years, Chopra has become one of the most popular and wealthiest professionals in his field.
There are FAQs, a course outline, a video page which collects the main introductory videos and some background posts on biological aging, yoga, meditation and more. May you continue to enjoy good health, and write another eleventy-grillion books during the rest of your long, well-balanced life.
Today the Chopra centre for well being offers yoga and meditation products, herbs, supplements, aromatherapy, books and much more.

His career in transcendental meditation started in 80s in a public hospital before he resigned his position and went into private practice. Deepak Chopra founded the Center for Wellbeing in 1994.
He successfully combines mainstream medicine and Hindu traditional medicine through a mind-body relationship.

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