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You will also find that both strategies have an army of loyal (and vocal) followers who won’t hesitate to argue its case, and leave you completely confused. Negative Gearing and Positive Cashflow are simply strategies that help you invest without breaking your wallet. Note: The importance of selecting the right strategy is secondary to selecting the best property to invest in.
The first thing we need to clear up is that Positive Cashflow Properties are not necessarily the same as Positively Geared Properties. Positive Cashflow: If you owned a positive cashflow property this would mean that your rental income is NOT enough to cover all of your costs (mortgage repayments and rental expenses) directly, which means that you would show a negative cash flow “on paper”.
Working out whether or not you have a cashflow positive property is fairly straight-forward. Rental yield: The more rent you receive from the property the more income you have to cover the costs of owning the property.
Interest rates: The lower the interest charges are on your investment loan the less the property is costing you to hold. Depreciation: The more you can claim for depreciation the higher your tax credit and therefore the better your cash flow position will be. Rental expenses: Rental expenses, such as property management fees, rates, insurance, body corporate fees etc, can have a huge impact on your cash flow. So, if you still have a little bit (or a lot!) of money left over at the end of the month after you’ve added and subtracted all of the income and expenses listed above, then you have a positive cash flow property! So if Robbie’s taxable income was $50,000, this would now be reduced to $39,952 ($50,000 – $10,048 = $39,952).
Now Robbie can either wait until the end of the financial year to claim his tax credit (as he would have paid tax on the entire $50,000 throughout the year) or he can use a PAYG Tax Variation and ask the ATO to take out less tax each time he gets paid. This investment property started out in negative cash flow territory “on paper”, but then turned into positive cash flow once he added the tax credits he receives.
If a property is going to pay me $33 per week, rather than costing me money every week, surely a Positive Cash Flow strategy is the only way to go, right?
A property portfolio that is providing positive cash-flow is of course the end-goal, because by the time you retire (or decide to quit your job and live off your property portfolio) you want a portfolio that is providing a healthy positive cash flow for you to live on.
Positive cashflow = Rental income doesn’t cover all costs directly, but your investment still returns a monthly cash profit once you add tax refunds. Negatively Geared = Rental income doesn’t cover your costs, resulting in a monthly out-of-pocket cost. Positive cash flow might be the strategy that enables you to purchase your first investment property or hold on to multiple properties over the long term, but the strategy itself is not what makes you rich. What both strategies do is make an large investment far more achievable from a cash-flow perspective. Most debates miss the fact that that negatively geared property can become positive-cashflow or positively geared over time as the property value increases. Profitable investing all comes down to selecting the right suburbs primed for fast capital growth, then buying affordably and holding while the market makes you wealthy.
If you need some advice or would like to become one of our property investment success stories in 2015, give me a quick call today and I’ll be happy to help. DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is general information only and should not be mistaken for financial advice. We use live data and analysis from Australia’s leading experts so you can make confident property selections.
Low self-esteem ALWAYS forms in childhood when the individual is developing an initial view of how he or she, as a person, fits into the world. Signs of low self-esteem: social withdrawal, sensitivity to criticism, hostility, excessive pre-occupation with personal problems, physical symptoms like head aches, fatigue and insomnia (sleep disorders). 3. Some people may require talking to a counselor or an expert, especially those who went through a more challenging past. A person should not allow the low self-esteem to hinder him or her from realizing the true potentials.

If you think you are suffering from a low self-esteem, you can chat anonymously to a facilitator on the MobieG LIVE CHAT. Ca y est, nous avons trouve les termes, l’expression, qui correspondent le mieux au theme central de ce blog et a ce qui nous tient a c?ur de partager avec vous : la Parentalite Positive… mais la parentalite positive c’est quoi exactement ? La parentalite positive c’est un ensemble d’outils qui permettent aux parents de mieux gerer ce genre de situations difficiles, tout en privilegiant l’interet de l’enfant (les besoins des enfants passent avant ceux des parents) et en favorisant son epanouissement.
La parentalite positive, c’est adopter un style d’education et des comportements qui repondent aux besoins de l’enfant, en termes d’affection, de securite, d’appartenance et d’attaches sures. La parentalite positive, c’est le juste milieu entre un style d’education autoritaire (ou militaire) et un style d’education permissif (ou laxiste) : elle fixe les regles et limites dont l’enfant a besoin pour se developper et s’epanouir pleinement.
De prendre conscience de nos propres blessures d’enfant, afin d’eviter de reproduire les modeles parentaux nefastes que nous avons eventuellement recu. De prendre conscience de l’impact que peuvent avoir sur nos enfants les attitudes et les mots que nous employons (meme aussi anodins qu’ils puissent paraitre), ainsi que les etiquettes que nous leurs collons. D’adapter nos exigences aux besoins et aux competences de l’enfant, en fonction de son stade de developpement psychomoteur et affectif. En definitive, la parentalite positive c’est travailler sur soi-meme et acquerir de nouvelles competences parentales (qui ne sont pas forcement innees !), dans le but d’instaurer une relation positive avec son enfant et de l’accompagner dans son epanouissement.
Il ne s’agit pas cependant de chercher a devenir des parents parfaits… ca n’existe pas ! D’ailleurs, les outils que nous avons decouverts, que nous mettons en pratique et que nous souhaitons partager avec vous… ne sont pas des « remedes miracles ». Vous nous aiderez a faire connaitre le concept de parentalite positive au plus grand nombre de parents… pour le bien etre des enfants !
Juste pour vous faire part d’une reflexion (personnelle) que je me suis faite a moi meme en lisant votre billet.
Je suis tellement d’accord avec vous, je suis francaise et desesperee de constater a quel point notre modele educatif est desuet, attarde et surtout nefaste pour nos enfants. Tres bonne question Erika, la mienne a 6 mois et je me demande ce que je peux changer dans mon quotidien pour cheminer vers la parentalite positive malgre son jeune age ! Comme vous le dites, vous le frustrez, du coup, en vous jetant des objets, en vous poussant, tapant, il vous fait part de son mecontentement. Nous sommes Camille et Olivier, heureux parents de 3 bambins… mais encore loin d’etre des “parents parfaits”. Sur ce blog, nous partageons nos decouvertes, nos experiences et nos apprentissages en termes de Parentalite Bienveillante et Respectueuse, une approche de la parentalite qui a tout simplement change notre quotidien… et qui, nous l’esperons, changera le votre aussi ! There are many different strategies that will help you to make money through property investment. Even the greatest strategy in the world is not going to help you if you select a dud property. Mining towns in particular are unstable because they’re often wholly and solely reliant on the success of one industry. When you think about it, every single investment property you buy could be positively geared from day one if you paid cash for it. However, this negative cash flow is then turned into positive cash flow once you add the tax credits you receive from the property after claiming interest expenses, rental expenses and depreciation.
Therefore a high rental yield is vital if you are going to achieve a positive cash flow strategy for your property. Therefore the lower the interest rate the more likely you are to achieve a positive cash flow position.
Brand new or near new properties offer much higher levels of depreciation than older more established properties, so in general the newer the property the more likely you are to achieve a positive cash flow position. The lower the rental expenses associated with your property are, the less the property is costing you to hold, and the more likely you are to achieve a positive cash flow.
If you don’t have any money left over and instead you need to “top up” your investment out of your own pocket at the end of the month, then you have a negatively geared property. This means Robbie is only taxed on $39,952 instead of the usual $50,000, which of course reduces the amount of tax he has to pay (Robbie gets a tax credit).

This way, Robbie’s tax return is effectively spread out over the financial year instead of being delivered in one lump sum at the end and, importantly this gives Robbie the cash-flow he needs throughout the year to cover the costs of holding his investment property.
Robbie’s investment property is actually cash flow positive by $33 per week, or in other words, it not only costs him $0 to own, but puts $33 per week back into his pocket. As well as being very difficult to find, the main disadvantage to a positive cash flow strategy is that you will often have to accept a trade-off between a positive cash flow and long term capital growth potential.
For example, the equation can swing in favour of negative gearing for higher income earners.
They allow you to buy and hold an investment for a long period for low cost (or small profit) while it grows in value. As the property market rises, your rental returns increase while your major cost (loan repayment) stays the same, and this swings the cash-flow equation back in your favour. We maximise growth by searching Australia-wide to find the absolute best locations and properties. The information shared in this article has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.
This is to reassure the self of the many capabilities and potentials that may be developed.
Hugging may be a very simple act, but this could very well give warmth to a dampened spirit. La parentalite, pour nous, c’est plus que le simple fait d’etre parent, c’est prendre son role de parent au serieux pour preparer son enfant a devenir un adulte conscient, responsable, bien dans sa peau et a l’aise dans ses relations sociales comme affectives.
Un style d’education centre sur le bien etre de l’enfant, ou les parents font preuve de chaleur, de tolerance, de sensibilite, de receptivite et de soutien envers leur enfant. Nous sommes meme quelque fois decourages… mais le fait de savoir que nos nouveaux comportements font du bien a nos enfants et qu’ils nous aident a instaurer avec eux une relation positive, nous redonne du courage. En France il est interdit de battre sa femme mais pas ses enfants qui sont les plus vulnerables, et n’ont aucun echappatoire, cherchez l’erreur!! Main Street Group uses 8 different strategies for creating wealth through property investment, and negative gearing or positive cashflow are just two of them. But of course not everyone can afford to shell out a few hundred thousand dollars or more in cash, so we have to borrow from the bank. This is because, in general, properties with lower purchase prices and operating costs as well as above-average rental yield are normally found in more ‘sleepy’ property markets (e.g. They typically stand to gain extra benefit from tax refunds, and are more often able to afford the out of pocket costs of this strategy.
But it’s the holding of the investment, and the rate of capital growth over this period that will make you wealthy. This illustrates why a negatively geared property with high capital growth can outperform a positively geared property (and indeed become positively geared itself) in the medium to long-term. Before considering any investment strategy, you may wish to consult a licensed financial adviser – in fact we recommend that you do. Et puis, a force de les utiliser, ces nouvelles competences deviennent petit a petit des automatismes. In this case, it often makes sense to give up some short-term cash-flow to access a higher-growth opportunity.
Qui ne s’est jamais surpris a dire ou a faire des choses que nous nous etions pourtant promis de ne pas reproduire ?
And these more regional property markets simply do not attract the same economic and demographic forces that affect the supply and demand of rental properties, and therefore do not offer the same dramatic increases in capital growth we investors are looking for. This tends to occur if you have a large deposit, pay down your loan, or (my favourite) when your property value rises.

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