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Determining the sequences of single activities within each process is bound to be relatively labor-intensive.
The detailed activities within the individual processes must be discussed with all relevant parties, in order to include into the design as much experience and knowledge as possible. As a result, a consensus must be reached and documented in the form of detailed process flow diagrams (see Fig. The framework of process structure and interfaces for this task was set up within the previous project steps: Due to the prior definition of the project interfaces, it is already established upon which inputs a process may build, and which results it must deliver for successive processes.
Process descriptions should give a clear idea of the required activities and their sequential order, but too many details should be avoided.
It is decisive for a successful process implementation to include all the relevant parties in this phase of the project, in order to make use of their wide range of experiences from daily business, and to ensure that the redesigned processes will be accepted and adhered to.

Being well prepared is essential at this point in order to avoid the risk of producing a large number of uncorrelated and oversized documents. This is why our method of "ITIL Implementation Using ITIL Process Templates" takes great care to set up a framework of process structure and interfaces during the initial project steps.
With this information clearly specified it becomes much easier to define a process flow in a simple, straightforward way.
The ITIL Process Map makes detailed process flows available for all ITIL processes (see Fig. Modifications will often be necessary to allow for special circumstances or preferences; these alterations are of course permitted, as long as the ITIL guiding ideas are followed.
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For example there could be a couple of extra pages describing what sort of information is to be collected during the initial registration of an Incident. Too much detail usually means that these documents are soon out of date, as they are too bulky to be an effective tool for the Process Owners. 2) are available within the ITIL Process Map, describing procedures or process outputs in detail where necessary.

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