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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The University supports postgraduates in developing their skills by ensuring that you are able to self-assess your own development requirements, that there are suitable training and development opportunities, and that you are encouraged to recognise your personal achievement. Personal Development Planning aims to improve your capacity to understand what and how you are learning, and to review, plan and take responsibility for your own learning. Personal Development Planning is an active and continuous process of self-appraisal, review and planning of personal and professional development.
In addition to holding specialised knowledge a person with a PhD should be able to demonstrate a diverse range skills and competencies that are appropriate for a wide range of careers.
However to plan your training and development activities, you need to first assess your current skills and the competency levels of any given skill. It is expected that you will spend a total of at least two weeks each year in formal activities that develop your personal and professional skills. This website will look much better in a web browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device. Here is a preview of our personal development plan template. Click on the download button to use this personal development plan template free of cost. While this presentation is all about developing your own personal professional development plan, I wanted to emphasize that the tactics and resources used are good for BOTH personal AND professional development planning.
It wasn’t until a just a couple years ago, when contemplating my next career move (the one that would lead me to ManpowerGroup), that I realized just how much I love development. The first step in creating a development plan, whether personal, professional, or both, is to conduct a self-assessment. Successful businesses invest in their vision and mission in order to develop themselves in the most effective way, and you should, too.
Remember, this is an investment in yourself, and it’s important to document your process to be able to come back and measure it. Many people find job searching to be one of the most discouraging processes they ever have to go through, and I won’t belittle the inherent challenges and the emotional toll that a job search can take. I have learned from personal experience that you should always be ready to conduct a job search whether you’re employed or not. Once you believe that you have the ability to overcome the barriers, you can again use strategy to your advantage.
You may actually need to pull back and do something to build yourself up again, especially with more challenging barriers where success won’t be as quick or as obvious.
At least one reference to the relevant literature or theory must be included.I feel that presentation skills are a week point for me so this is a skill that I am looking to improve. During your programme you will develop and acquire skills and knowledge that complement your academic work.
These include an ability to demonstrate personal effectiveness, communication, networking, teamworking and career management skills.

This is process is known as a skills audit and can be completed using the Vitae RDF Personl Development Planner - a fully downloadable and portable self reflection tool to support the continuing professional development of researchers. It is anticipated that this time will be spent participating in induction programmes, undertaking graduate development training workshops and seminars at either discipline, School or Faculty level. Drafting a personal development plan for a period of time and follow it can help you in achieving your personal development goals. Development is a life resource, not just a professional one, and I firmly believe that we should all strive to develop ourselves as fully as possible whenever possible in order to be the best human beings possible. I love to coach others in their own development, I love to seek out development opportunities for myself, and I love to learn about how development happens.
Once you do that, you’ll be better equipped to align your own goals with your existing environment; including your job, the business’ needs, your personal life, and interests or hobbies you may currently engage in.
Only by having a clear picture of what you’re setting out to accomplish will you be able to make strategic decisions about where to spend your time and energy to produce the greatest results. You also need the feedback and support of those who care about you or are stakeholders in your success.
But approached in the right way, the job search can become a time of great creativity and an opportunity to reinvent yourself in ways you otherwise couldn’t do. And I don’t need to tell you that especially now, we’re in a time of significant economic uncertainty and employment can be a very tenuous status. When I worked with people who had disabilities, helping them to find employment, I would find that nearly 100% of the time the greatest barrier to employment was not the disability, but a misplaced perception of inability. Do an assessment to find the root cause of the barrier, figure out what you can do about it, and then take the necessary steps to do so, enlisting support along the way. McCarthy and Hatcher (2002) suggest Speech is one of the most powerful means of influencing others in business and in life. These skills are the key to a strong CV and are what employers are looking for in potential employees. The tool enables you to identify the areas in the framework you want to develop further, create an action plan and record evidence of your progress. A personal development plan will show your position of today and goals for reaching the target position. While this has become a professional pursuit of mine and I can now identify and articulate my passion for development in a conscious manner, I realized that to some degree that passion has always been present. You’ll also be able to identify areas for improvement or growth opportunities, and to create a plan to achieve that growth in a way that will meaningfully impact your end objectives.
You can certainly fall into success by accident or by a series of happy coincidences, but if you don’t know how you achieved the success in the first place, how will you hold onto it? Again, you can do achieve success on your own or by happenstance, but it will be harder to obtain and harder to maintain than if you’re strategic and have support. But even in the best economy, and when fully employed in your dream job, it’s a good practice to dust off that resume and double-check that job description to make sure it reflects where you are and where you want to go. Get out of the house, do interesting things, build new relationships, get involved in something meaningful, and most of all, have fun!

This might be on the part of the individual, their support system, or the employer, but it was always the number one thing that I had to tackle if I was going to find that person a job. I think this is a really good explanation on why presentation skills are so important.From doing research on presentation skills I have found different methods of improving presentation skills. Once you have assessed your skills we recommend that you discuss your training and development needs with your Supervisor. I’m a naturally curious and adventurous soul who loves exposure to new ideas and experiences, so I naturally set myself up to develop in a very rich way. That’s not to say there aren’t real challenges and barriers to development out there, but if that’s all you focus on and you believe that they’ll continue to hold you back, then you’ll never even get started developing yourself. This is the most important thing, as Albert Bandura’s research about perceived self-efficacy reinforced.
The three main points that I found was to use visual aids, interact with the audience and rehearseTo use visual aids is important because it shows the point in an easier way to understand and it stops the audience getting bored from just listening to talking. Two weeks is anticipated to be the minimum time required each year, however given your prior level of competency, it may be desirable or even advantageous to undertake more training. With that in mind, this presentation will address how to: Better align your interests and skills with business’ needs Tailor your professional opportunities to further your goals Use your career search to enhance performance, professional development, and personal growth Overcome potential barriers to successfully creating and achieving your plan. In doing this you’ll draw a roadmap to your success and become more agile and adept at responding to environmental changes, which will continue to secure your success for the long term. Read similar job descriptions from other companies, check how your salary compares to like positions, allow yourself to dream about what you’d be doing if you weren’t doing this.
We have prepared this personal development plan template as a general plan that can be used by a person belonging to any business. Then look at what steps you’d need to take to make that happen, even if it’s just a hypothetical. This was very effective and it also was a good way to break up the section of talking.The second thing to do is to interact with the audience. Greusel (2002) says that it is important to interact because it shows you how you are doing and what the audience think.
In one of my presentations I had to shirts to show the difference in quality of the different makes.The last point to do is to rehearse.
This is probably the most important thing because the more you rehearse the more you will know without having to read it of the screen.
I found that by rehearsing the 20 minute presentation ran a lot smother then the first time we tried to do it.

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