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Imai confesses saying that in the past he desired to work independently from Dejima and start afresh in a new company.
Atsushi Miyano wasn't shown in any flashback in the original manga version, where his true appearance remains unknown. Roller Coaster Murder Case • ?1,000,000,000 Robbery • Bullet-Train Bombing • Game Convention Case • Missing Older Brother Case • Murdered Professor Case • Hotel Party Murder Case • Bus Hijacking Case • Escalator Message Case • Golden Apple Case • Footsteps of Darkness • Meeting with Vodka • Four Porsches Case • Bathroom Murder Case • Halloween Party Case • Black Organization vs.
Roller Coaster Murder Case • Game Company Murder Case • The Black Organization: One Billion Yen Robbery Case • The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case • Reunion with the Black Organization • The Mysterious Passenger • The Secret Rushed Omission • Shinichi Kudo's New York Case • On the Trail of a Silent Witness • Contact with the Black Organization • The Four Porsches • Hidden Bathroom Secret • Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night • Black Impact!
Countdown to Heaven • Time Travel of the Silver Sky • Black History • The Raven Chaser • Shinichi Kudo Returns!
Love comparing the way the body of the dead person is animated in this episode compared to episode 188 (a similar context : the DB going camping and accidentally finding a dead body). Haibara knows very little about her parents, and considers her mother a cold and mysterious woman, nicknamed "Hell Angel" by the Black Organization.

It turned out to be a set of cassette tapes, recorded by Akemi and Haibara's deceased mother Elena, for Haibara's birthday every year right up till the year she turns 20. Professor Agasa then brought Conan and her to the house of her father's old friend, who is also a professor. The poison was lathered onto an empty toilet paper roll that the president touched by changing it with a new one. Though it'salso possible they used another font with letters that look exactly like thoseand are just differently stretched and spaced.
Later, after leaving the bathroom, that professor is murdered, leading Haibara to believe the Black Organization is behind it. Only the presence of the young Akemi Miyano, who Imai saw as his conscience, stopped him once she saw him seriously looking at the sink.
The anime knows its fans well.Main thing about this episode is how it has anything you could want.

Is it because they changed the TV-rating of this show from TV-14 to just PG or something like that? To guarantee the president went to the bathroom when his trap was set, Imai served Dejima's morning coffee with laxatives.
Her pranks to hide design objects in the house was to prevent Imai from committing murder, and he only started again once she stopped coming to visit him.
When it was brought up that Zaitsu could be poisoned as he used the restroom last, it is reasoned that Imai knew his colleague would only urinate as there was hardly a sound of water being flushed (there was a water shortage in the building due to supposed tampering from the Black Organization) and the fact that he noticed him drinking a lot. The bag used to contain the poison was retrieved from the dirtiest part of the building's sink.

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