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So I had dinner with a catholic coworker last night that is from New York City but was visiting family in Gilbert, AZ. When she went through the open house she was told that the Celestial room is what mormons think heaven is like. Here is what angers me the most about the pre-1990 temple ceremony "penalties", starting with the worst things at the top. I wanted to jump out of my seat and run--several times--but I was surrounded on one side by my mother and aunt, and on the other side by my SIL and her mother--and, oh, the humiliation. About 15 years ago my dad sat all of us kids (6) down to tell us about something important and amazing that happened to Grandpa. He then told us how our grandfather, a Stake President, was taken to the temple recently and that an apostle had washed his feet.
Mormon (she was a convert) and that this obvious misfortune needed to be pointed out to her. I had no idea what was coming, but this is what he said to the best of my memory: "Girls, sit down.
Had a TBM (True Believing Mormon) relative go through the special dignitary tour with various non member AZ State and city leaders a few week ago. It was too late, many in the group had already wandered off ahead and did not hear the correction. Thirty-three million dollars buys you a nice building on a big plot of land in an expensive spot on the planet.
Smiling Mormon women in navy blue jackets, white blouses and long skirts and Mormon men (not so smiley) in the trademark white shirts conducted tours of about 30 people a time. First we were led into the chapel where smiling sister missionaries thanked us for "coming to celebrate the temple with us".
The video showed the temple rooms while it outlined the Plan of Salvation, the Pre-Existence and baptisms for the dead which the narrator referred to as "acts of love". In the video there was a preponderance of Asian and Spanish members making comments in their own languages with a translator's voice overlaid. After the video we were led along a garden path (hehe) to a couple of women volunteers who had pulled the most important duty, that of putting paper booties on our feet over our footwear. I was trying to keep a low profile, not engage with anyone, not mention I am a former member, not be memorable, not break anything. At the temple we had a guide and a couple of followers, sheep-herding us through the tour, keeping us together, always a Mormon behind us and to either side, in addition to the tour guide.
Our tour guide as we filed into the temple foyer told us, "Look up" (she points up), "Look down" (she points down) and "Look around" (she gestures around). The guide spoke of "Restored Christianity", a term I haven't heard them use before (as with my post a few weeks back in which I mentioned a new term for dead baptisms - "ancestral baptism" - or at least I'd never heard that term before). Our guide mentioned many times at the desk in the temple foyer that "we must be worthy" to enter the temple. She said that the temple is "a place of kindness, love and light" where you feel "the serenity of heaven as you visit".
I noted that the first picture you see as you enter the temple is Jesus Christ in "fisher of men" mode, a very familiar image to Christians.
I have read some comments here that the McTemple and its rooms look like a Marriott Hotel or other similar types of structures. I read a quote recently that I can't quite remember or source about all the impressive and beautiful stone buildings erected for religion while people want and starve.
Only 38 people can go through a session at one time (why not round it up to 40 says my OCD self).
We wandered through a sealing room (a lot of white!) and the guide said that after this the couple is "ready for their beautiful day". Then we were ushered into the Celestial Room and were told we should stay there a while so we could "feel the Spirit that is here".
One woman in the CR was teary-eyed (maybe it was her kids making so much noise?!) The rest were not feeling it and the tear ducts remained off. I saw one picture of Joseph Smith there - the new and improved version where he looks modern, young and attractive.
In this room were the old familiar pictures of Joseph Smith, with his long nose and chubby cheeks. I ducked out to wander the hallways of the most attractive ward building *I* have seen, roomy, modern, new, all mod cons laid on. I spied a lone protester in the parking lot, carrying a cardboard cross with the words "Boast only in the Lord" on it (translation: I think BACs push that scripture as they feel that Mormons boast about their temples, which is obviously "not Christian" in light of the "boast only" scripture, according to the BAC interpretation). She said that the spirit of my husband's dead mother was so strong, everyone could feel her presence there. This put a big chink in my testimony and within a few years I was out of the LDS Church for good. Does anyone here recall after 1990 ever running into anyone who missed having them after they were taken out? Seems to me some of the old farts who go to the temple a lot would have complained about it because they were used to it. Yes, some of the execution and dialog of the temple ceremony rituals have changed many times over the years. To the believer, it's just part of "Modern Day Revelation" as a core element of the LDS teachings to the Plan of Salvation. Much of Mormonism falls in the category of: ours is not to wonder why, ours is to do or die! Does that mean that when they die, they have to do the 5 points but if someone who went through 1st time after 1990 does not?
You KNOW what that Sixth Point is as he slathers and wheezes and exudes breath that would have curdled the blood of the Medusa.
Next thing you'll be telling me they didn't mean that cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die-before-I-tell throat slitting and disembowling stuff. No wonder people are posting stuff on the Internet if all the threats of grisly death are gone.
Last year someone at work asked me about the Big Love episode where Barb is going through the veil.
When I spotted some of my BYU ski buddies, playing angels, in the background of the Celestial Kingdom shot.
I did get cornered into a BYU promotional movie, with some of the class officers, for a visual to accompany voice-overs. Notice, it is the fad now for these people to be "ethnic", in order to give the cult a more world-wide appearance.
All this hype (strategic emotional advertising that stimulates response) is so over-the-top sappy, that my children would groan out loud. That particular side of the family is very pro-legalization of drugs, libertarian and almost bordering on anarchist. One time, the four of us were standing in an elevator, all wearing our ugly, long bathrobes and I happened to look in the mirror. When I finally concluded that the LDS church was most definitely not a healthy belief system, I stopped going to church meetings and temple sessions, etc. On a monthly or more frequent basis they would slip into some long underwear that their Church sold to them, drive an hour to a building that they called the "temple" (and which reminded the locals of the big building in the Wizard of Oz) and then go into the temple and get dressed up in white polyester jumpsuits.
The climax of the event was to then go into a room where, for the several hundredth time, they practiced giving each other odd handshakes, while chanting in unison about what the handshakes were called, after which they then made pantomime throat-slitting and disembowelment motions while chanting in unison that this is how they would be slaughtered if they told anybody else what the names of the handshakes were. Then they would go up to a big gauzy polyester sheet hanging from the ceiling, stick their hands through holes in the sheet and embrace some mystery guy on the other side. After this, they would pass through the sheet and the mystery guy to go into a room that looked like a funky hotel lobby, where they would meditate for about 3-5 minutes about what they had just done on the other side of the sheet.
Later, they would tell other people that what they had done in the temple was too special and sacred to talk about. And my Mormon relatives think I'm the one whose abnormal and nuts because I rejected all that fun. Women manage to avoid one of the vilest things in all of Mormonism: the urinals in the temples. I have never experienced anything more disgusting in any restroom than the urinals in the Mormon temples. It’s not just the abundance of urine far beyond its intended receptacle; it’s also the color thereof. Nothing makes you feel like you’re in a sacred place quite like having to step around puddles of orange piss. I can well imagine that some old geezer might have to go pretty bad after a long temple session. The only thing I vividly remember from my temple wedding was the HUGE yellow stain on the guys pants who was performing the sacred temple wedding ceremony. No matter how much the True Believing Mormon's (True Believing Mormons) talk about "sacred rituals" they secretly know how stupid it is going to look to their co-workers and neighbors. The worst part was trying to stifle a giggle every time I looked at my very good-looking almost-husband in that Pillsbury Doughboy hat. I had laughed aloud the first time I saw him in it a week before when I did the endowment gig. The piece de resistance was the very deep, red mark the baker's hat left on his forehead that is forever preserved in our wedding pictures taken after the ceremony. The point of this story is that I have no doubt the endowed will be embarrassed by the outing of the outfit because I was mortified to be seen in it even when it was by people who had been dressed more than once in the very same outfit. I'm not sure how it is now or if every experience is different depending on the old temple-helper-broad (referred to as OTHB for the rest of this post) "assisting" the bride, but this was my experience.
I chose to wear my wedding dress, but I'm told some women just wear the shapeless white "dress" that all women wear for endowment sessions. She hauled out white cloth squares (picture hankies, but not that nice) of various sizes and proceeded to shove one down the back of my dress and then pinned it to the my shoulders to ensure the naughty, naughty patch of skin on my back was covered.
My dress was long-sleeved, but the OTHB decided as a precaution that she needed to stuff a smaller white square up each sleeve. Next was the pleated robe that kept slipping on the satin part of my dress and snagging on the beaded part.
I was not allowed to wear the veil that went with my wedding dress but had to wear the temple veil with the big loopy bow tied under the chin that is beyond ugly. My wedding dress couldn't even be seen under all the layers, but it was my wedding day and I was damn well going to wear my wedding dress. To get an idea of the finished result, just look at the image above from "Big Love" in the temple garb.
BTW, because of the edict that no one is allowed to speak of the temple outside the temple, I has not been warned that I would be wearing that temple get-up OVER my dress or that my husband-to-be would be wearing the same outfit that had made me laugh aloud the week before. Edit for clarification: I only found out when I removed my wedding dress from the bag and the OTHB tried to persuade me to wear a rented, white, polyester dress. I kept wondering when the beautiful, special part of the temple wedding that all Mormon girls are promised was going to start.
I've told non-Mormons about the temple, and they haven't believed me, until they saw for themselves on the Internet. Even reading other posters' experiences in the temple--I know they're telling the truth--but it is more bizarre than anyone can even imagine.
I hope every temple couple renews their vows, in a lovely, meaningful FAMILY ceremony, out in nature somewhere.
Every time I see a picture of folks dressed up in The Garb, I'm taken aback - and I wonder at the mechanisms that can convince a person that the silly is sacred, the ridiculous is holy, and that their "Creator" is somehow 'honored' by nonsense.
Jeanne Tripplehorn in the TV Guide photo looks like she just walked off of a Star Wars set. The OP is dead on: it's fear of embarrassment that underlies the Mormon reaction to the Big Love temple episode - hell, I'm embarrassed for them. After the dancing, the following was put forward by President BY who invited "all those who were willing to covenant that they would keep themselves from mingling with the wicked to rise upon their feet, whereupon all rose up. The following is how the Washing and Anointing Ceremony was carried out during the times I attended the temple from 1962 to 1990 when it was changed. Now, I am told, as of about a year or so ago, the tunic is sewed up at the sides, and the naked body is no longer touched and anointed with water and oil. I can still see the rows of tiny, narrow lockers where we completely undressed and donned the sheet-tunic, carrying our long garments into the little cubical where the old lady awaited me. The were like a grandma dressed in a white uniform, false teeth clacking, chewing a breath mint. I can still hear the water trickling from the tiny spigot that she put her hands into to begin the anointing. Imagine a woman's hand under the sheet (for women-man for men) each time they say a body part, making a sliding motion of about 2" to 3" in some areas, with the four fingers of the right hand over the body part -probably trying to be very careful they do not touch the actual breast-nipple area for women, or the pelvic hair-penis-scrotum area for men when they get to the words that correspond with that part of the body. Sometimes, I had to stifle a giggle as the old woman inadvertently tickled me and I squirmed.
Sometimes she slid her hands within inches of my breasts and pubic hair as she slid her hands around in her predetermined and well practiced path.
When she finished she would help me step into my underwear, while still wearing that sheet tunic, adjusting it properly and sending me out into the dressing area where dozens of other women were coming and going. The washings and anointing were only required the first time you go to the temple now as these ordinances are done in blocks by people who do only those kinds of sessions as proxy for the dead. Mormon 8: 37 For behold, ye do love amoney, and your substance, and your fine apparel, and the adorning of your churches, more than ye love the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted. 4 Nephi 1: 41 And they did still continue to build up churches unto themselves, and adorn them with all manner of precious things.
In the interest of all you all's Eternal Salvation (c) I the munificent Postdumb have given you a way to keep your tokens memorized without having to attend a Mormon Temple.
If performed at least once per weak, these "sacred" signs will become second nature to the diligent and help them in the unlikely chance that Mormonism was more than a hoax. ADAM to GOD: EloHIM, thanks for the beautiful garden, but really, it's kinda boring being here all alone.

VOICE OF GOD: We will cause a deep sleep to come upon the man Adam, and take a rib and create an help-mete for him, so he won't be bored or lonely in the GOE.
ADAM to GOD: Now THAT'S more what I was thinking and dreaming and fantasizing about, EloHIM! What happened was those blood oaths, making the ridiculous signs and tokens and remembering the passwords. I went on to serve a mission, eventually get married in the Temple, and spend many years serving the church but never receiving that witness. Even though there are no longer the blood oaths, there is still nothing special about the temple ceremony, it is nothing more than a Sunday School lesson on creationism played by bad actors.
People actually enjoy traveling long distances with friends to a a beautiful large architectural masterpiece or a historic icon of a building once a year. The Hinckley expansion efforts will come back to tarnish the reputation of the LDS church IMO and burn out life-long True Believing Mormon's.
If you look around or looked around at the demographics of the temple attending people, you realize that beyond the usual suspects of Bishoprics and Stake Presidency members, what is left is a bunch of single sisters and a smattered bunch of people guilted into going back to the Lard's house. My point: There will not be enough replacement temple workers once the baby boomers get burned out or flat out decline to serve in that local temple mission capacity. Some question why a temple in Gilbert when the Mesa temple wasn't that crowded when they went. It was suprising and nice to see actual voicing of concerns and questioning on some True Believing Mormon forums. What I thought was funny is that she asked me what goes on in that temple because all this stuff that's been on the news about the FLDS temple and the bed in it and everything.
I told her to tell them not to worry--there seem to be plenty of Mormon virgins to use for sacrifice so they shouldn't need to be combing her neighborhood looking for some unless they run out. I also told her that if her house was in Utah and the temple shone right through their dining room window, it would probably double the value of their home.
Just a preface, I'm a student at the University of Utah law school, and I've told some of my fellow nevermo classmates who came from out of state a few of the weirder things about Mormonism. So today a group of us are talking about the upcoming Barrister's Ball for school, and one Mo-girl (temple endowed) pipes up that we should crash BYU-Law's ball. Later, the secrecy and exclusivity became a long-standing policy and using temple recommends as stick and carrot became a tool of control and manipulation. After the end of polygamy as an overtly approved practice, wothiness to receive the temple recommend (essentially a membership card) remained linked to the payment of tithing and other rules. There is no good reason, for a church that cares about its members, not to not modify the temple ceremony to allow participation by all who want to attend. So it's ok when you are getting sealed but not to see the same sister's marriage in the same room. You: Adam, having proved true and faithful in all things, and having a large appetite, desires to speak with the Lord and place an order through the speaker phone. Kid: You shall receive your suggestions of the five meals of fellowship through the speaker phone.
Kid: Present him at the second window with lots of money, and his request shall be granted. The Morg (Mormon Church) doesn't call the Palmyra Temple - the "First Vision New York Temple", the Nauvoo Temple - the "City Beautiful Illinois Temple" or the Salt Lake Temple - the "This is the Place Utah Temple".
All Temples have been recently outfitted with a state-of-the-art Flash Freezing System powered by liquid nitrogen and engineered by Aire Liquide.
President Monson further announced that there would unfortunately be a long waiting list at the temples for access the new ceremony.
Mormon brat children in one fell swoop is equally attractive to nearly all of the Moms and Dads throughout Zion. How many times did you go to the temple and how many temples did you go to until you said: ENOUGH ALL READY? Even though something kept telling me that this whole church and particularly the temple is just "off" contrary to the claimed teachings, weird, strange,something was "wrong" with the picture they were painting, but I couldn't figure what it was, I just knew I was uncomfortable. This movie did the opposite of the pointless Prosecuting Casey Anthony and focused most of the plot on the events leading up to Jodi Arias killing her sort-of boyfriend Travis Alexander. Flashback to Travis in Las Vegas doing a presentation as a motivational speaker and discussing going for your dreams by picturing what you want and all the kinds of things I’m sure Oprah subscribes to.
Jodi and Travis start spending more time together, but he doesn’t want his Mormon friends to know that she’s staying over. But Jodi’s clinginess is a little too much for good Mormon boy Travis, and he breaks up with her, even after she compares herself to both a prostitute and a piece of toilet paper.
After Travis runs into Jodi while she sexily grocery-shops in her booty shorts, they naturally get back in the sack together. Travis tells Jodi that he never loved her and she should take a hike, and she does just that, straight to her bathroom to dye her hair brunette.
The church had previously painted this prophet shown as a married man to one woman, but NOW Mormon leaders admitted that the  founder Joseph Smith had 40 wives – More dirty secrets came to light with Mormonism and other Christian Churches- Neptune rules religions, plus this Dragon is eventually aiming for the Church to be exposed for public attention. Neptune rules religions and this Dragon is aiming for the Churches all over the world,  due to this dying Age of Pisces which it must give a room to the new Age of Aquarius. Capricorn is a winter sign (January) forcing the soul to undergo tremendous hardship in the house he rules, in his case the house of partnerships and facing the public. Jupiter   20Sag26  (1)   The extreme exaggeration of Jupiter meets the extreme codification of thought through books and bible. Saturn   26Lib43  (11) His great fear of not being able to make or keep his commitment or get married as a result to produce extra legal activity of multiple wives. Uranus   25Lib01  (11) He secretly had a freedom to marry many wives as open relationships. Neptune   29Sco03  (12) He secretly married to lot of wives and he even lied to his own first wife Emma. Pluto   08Pis56  (4) Pluto in Pisces is life and death mixed with a rebirth of the Mormonism as new religion.
Dragon Tail   07Can40  (8) church members must pay to his church, his credit, his insurance, his corporate finances. They tricked me in to giving up something I wouldn't have given them if they had asked honestly. The penalty threats are inconsistant with what I was taught about the church up until that time.
The church got people who I trusted to hide this from me until it could be sprung on me, intervention style. The church has found good reason to discontinue this practice but has not yet seen the need to apologize for violating my trust and for making me feel threatened and unrightously controlled. I know this, because they had a rule--and perhaps still do--that no one is go to through the temple for the first time without a companion, of the same gender, to sit next to you and to keep an eye on you! Something she did or said must have made him upset so he decided to have her and her friend sit down to tell us something important. They take pictures inside that you can have as a souvenir and to remember the good times with, not to mention sharing with your friends. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go back to the temple so I waited til the last weekend and then the looming deadline of eternal closure to the great unwashed lured me in.
Five million more gets you a new meeting house, an outbuilding or two and an attractive (yet relatively modest) pad for the Misson President.
I noticed that no caption stated that we were listening to a translation (but I could hear the original voices faintly underneath the translator's words). It made me laugh to think they might be exmos but I lost track of them and didn't ask (it may have been a bit rude anyway).
As soon as I saw the booties I blurted out "Oh, this is a much better idea than ripping out all the carpets and laying all new ones!" Then our guide asked me, "Are you a member?" I just shook my head. I thought it is "Restored Gospel" but for the temple tour at least it was "Restored Christianity". They have NO CLUE how very strange indeed that sounds to outsiders and to Christians even more so - Mormons have to prove their worthiness, in an ongoing way, while Christians just plain believe "we're not worthy" - Jesus is the worthy one. She didn't actually explain what that was and in her whispery sing-song voice and staring manner (I guess prolonged eye contact with tour members) it started to sound quite strange.
I have to say I thought it looked of far better quality than any hotel room I've ever seen. I finally figured out what they mean by that term that I had heard in their advertising and in the video but didn't realize it referred to the rooms where you watch the video about Adam and Eve and go through all the dressing in temple clothes, undressing, redressing, pray at the altar, etc. Despite their best efforts, the Mormon families with all their infants and toddlers lost control of their kids at this point and it was very noisy in there!
The other pictures I saw were of Jesus and local nature scenes (actual paintings - I touched them to see if they were prints). There was a wall display of all the talking points, almost word for word what the tour guide had spieled off. Afterall, same temple, a couple of years later, and I'm totally TBM (True Believing Mormon). We are instructed to go by foot to answer the needs of others, but more especially that of a Brother Freemason. We find the power of prayer, especially prayer directed for the benefit of a fallen Brother. We are charged to support the character of our Brother, either before his face or behind his back. We are encouraged to give wise counsel to our Brother Freemason and to support him in his time of need. We were all dressed up, after a special luncheon in the student center, and we were directed to smile, and act very friendly to some (nicely-dressed) newcomers. Did you notice the cast of the televised New Year's Eve youth extravaganza in the great and spacious building in SLC? Needless to say, my devout Mormon relatives thought there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. They made a point of also making firm knee-to-knee contact with the mystery guy behind the sheet.
I have used the john in a lot of places where living standards and cultural attitudes about hygiene and cleanliness differ greatly from those of my home. You’re on your way out of the dressing room for yet another hour and forty-five minutes of ritual drudgery.
Those really old guys who can’t see or aim worth a damn also haven’t peed clear pale yellow in decades. If any active, temple-attending Mormons are reading this, however, I suggest that the solution might be found in this nursing home joke I heard about ten years ago. Once in the bathroom, there are so many layers of robes, sashes, apron, pants, garments, etc. Had a really hard time concentrating on anything else and had to keep averting my eyes to keep from busting out laughing. I felt bad for laughing at how he looked but it so startled me that the laugh escaped before I could stop it. She had razor sharp fingernails and left a scrape mark on my back that was still showing hours later. I guess she was worried the sleeves of my dress might fall off or the men in the room would be so tantalized by my wrists that they would be having dirty thoughts during that thing they call a ceremony.
What should have been a peaceful, happy time for me was filled with the OTHB disgustedly ranting about how immodest other brides' dresses were and how it was usually so much more work for HER to "make them modest" with the cloth squares.
I walked out of the temple with my new husband thinking, "THAT was it?" I vacillated between feeling duped and wondering if it didn't feel special because I was somehow unworthy.
When I got married, my wife bought a cheap, plain dress for the temple (a regular temple dress), and then a nice wedding dress for photos and the reception. I have written extensively about these rituals prior to the change, (as have many others) and am happy to know that our fellow Mormon human beings will no longer be subjected to this ritual.
Hopefully, we all had a hand in seeing this ritual discontinued in our efforts to "give back" to humanity, especially our Mormon friends and loved ones.
There are promises given, with each part of the body that is washed-dabbed with water and anointed-dabbed with oil. One of the oddest things about the temple is that the lockers have keys, so in the whispered ambiance of the temple, one of the only sounds heard is the soft jingling of the keys attacked with a safety pin to your clothing.. I could feel her breath and smell the aroma of the mints as she whispered in my ear reaching under the sheet with those warm, sweaty, damp hands sliding over here and over there, anointing me first with dabs of water from head to toe, then going the same thing with oil.
Your body is stroked in a 2" to 3" area in a downward motion over specific areas of your body from your head on down to your legs and onto to your toes.
I tried to sit really, really still so she would not slide her wet, warm, oily hand anywhere it ought not to be as her face was averted outside the sheet and she could not see where she had her hands.
I always hated it and I would shudder when she slide those warm, oily hands down my legs onto my feet. No one went with me, my parents were inactive and there was no one else I was friends with who were active, temple endowed, who could make the trip. Then they got to the part where they stopped everything and said they were about to put everyone under oath, and if anyone wanted to leave they should do so now. What I thought afterwards was, "this is the best that God can think up?" Getting into heaven is just an exercise in memorization? I'm hearing complaints about the new temples in idaho stealing temple workers away from the existing temples. They hate being guilt tripped constantly about attending or serving in the little box next door to the stake center. It meant a day or two of hanging out with friends, rocking out to mix tapes in the car (if you had a cool driver), and having pizza-eating contests at CiCi's.
The Spokane WA temple, which held the distinction of being a flagship for Mctemples in terms of attendance chugs along due to the tired efforts of the Senior missionaries that didn't save enough pennies to go on a "real mission". You go spend hours of your day drooling, standing up, sitting down, not talking to people and wishing you could be hanging out with your grandkids. I was expecting it to be alot of gushing over how great it is, and how it shows how fast the church is growing, blah, blah, blah.

Others worried about how many workers would the Gilbert temple take away from the Mesa temple. She said everyone hates it and they claim it has brought down their property values with the traffic, the lights and the fact that the Mormons have so much there with the stake center and temple and all. One of which was the secret handshakes learned in the temple that are supposedly needed to get into heaven. Secrecy and attendance by "initiated members" only was necessary to avoid drawing attention to the practice of polygamy.
This is important leverage for the Church leaders, since they have no real authority, moral or otherwise. But the LDS Church doesn't care about its members, so much as it regards them as plantation workers. For this purpose have a come to the speaker phone to converse with the Lord of the drive in.
They’ve been stuck in what I call a Lifetime limbo between guilty pleasure and legitimate film. Jodi, who is now blonde and wears tightest, brightest clothing available at Forever 21, approaches Travis in the men’s bathroom. Tania Raymonde actually did a great job playing creepy with a hint of complexity thrown in, but Jesse Lee Soffer was a little dull as Travis. That was the major reason why he got killed by the mobs because he married their own wives.
8th house rules money, secret and sex. He secretly married to lot of wives and he even lied to his own first wife Emma.
What better place to get answers than the temple, and as an ordinance worker I would surely become privy to the mysteries of heaven. Without someone to talk to about it, the damage to my psyche festered and grew worse over time.
My only dysfunction up until that time was to have mistaken a cult for a valid religion, and wanting to be a better person. During the suicide oaths, I was angry that had I agreed to stay, without any real information.
If a family member or close friend can't be with you, then you are assigned a temple worker to sit right next to you. I didn't really want to marry the hulking thug in the baker's hat, either, as he had begun to repulse me three days before the wedding.
Come to think of it, a resounding farewell fart at the end of the endowment might be a terrific celebratory touch.
She even said, on the third mention of worthiness, that "We have to prove to our local leaders that we are worthy". Christians usually refer to "the Holy Spirit" and maybe shorten it at times to "the Spirit" but she never said "Holy Spirit" or "Holy Spirit of God", just "the Spirit" over and over, saying "We hope you feel the Spirit that we have here with us in the temple". If you're trying to say "We're Christian too" you miss it - again - with that type of comment. The leaded glass windows all around the building, the plush white carpet, the beautiful wood curving staircase, the chandeliers, the different styles of chairs with varying fabrics, designs and colours, the roomy and well-furnished change rooms, the original murals of B.C. This is much different from the large pool at the Seattle temple, which is the only place I've done dead dunks, if I'm remembering it correctly. There were some I didn't see - we didn't go everywhere and there wasn't much time for hanging about eyeballing every corner. I was feeling clear-headed this time, not full of confusion and questions as on my previous temple trips. As Mormons IRL (one was not), they were not very reverent, and would ski with a flask, and on Sundays, and would often take the Lord's name in vain--but as celestial beings, they had that glow!
The entire audience was white and delightsome, and the only dark-skinned kids were the performers. You’re wearing ill-fitting white polyester pants, tight, thin, ribbed white socks and white, terry-cloth slippers. That extra 200lbs hanging out around the midsection of the average Temple attendee simply changes the probabilities of urine-in-the-urinal success. He said he had laughed the first time he saw his dad in temple garb, so I was off the hook. It was long-sleeved and no plunging neckline, but it did have a v-shaped plunge in the back that covered the garment top and was NOT immodest by anyone's standards but the OTHB.
No one could have seen any skin that might be showing, but it's the Morg way to focus on things that don't matter.
I wore short sleeved cardigans over my uniform so that no one would even see the outline on my back. I was there one evening after work (not after the temple) when one of the old waitresses yelled, "Session's out - here they come!" I did not immediately catch what she was saying, but then men in cheap suits and women in ugly dresses started walking in. These have to do with promising the female that she will be a priestess to her husband in the Celestial Kingdom if she is faithful to her covenants. To walk in and out of the washing and anointing room, most people hold the sheets together. I felt empty and betrayed, but didn't have the guts to say so, I thought I was the only one who felt that way, and if I just continued to be the good Mormon, I would eventually be granted some special witness. I never went but what there was a huge feeling a relief when I walked out of the temple back into the sunshine of the real world. Not to mention the whole mystery and magic of the temple illusion becomes dlluted when they become downsized and pop up everywhere.
I think the church has done a fine job of ruining the temple mystery and magic it once had. Meanwhile, current Mctemple workers' kids are watching their parents contempt for the temple grow. Some gave examples of how new Mctemples have hurt larger temples that they were built near. But if the property values go down some, they should be able to sell their homes to Mormons.
As nevermo's, they realize the Mormons keep it secret, but aren't really familiar with the attitude they have about it.
The continuing exclusive nature of temple weddings and the manipulative use of temple recommends is continuing proof that the LDS Church does not really care about people. When I heard the network was making a movie based on the Jodi Arias murder trial to air a month after her conviction, I suspected we’d be back to good ol’ cheesy Lifetime. A brunette Jodi (Tania Raymonde – hello again, Alex Rousseau) and Travis (Jesse Lee Soffer) take naked pictures in bed, and then we cut to a blood-stained bathroom with the sound of a 911 call in the background.
Jodi Arias has yet to be sentenced, so maybe there’s a sequel in the works called Jodi Arias: Dirtier Little Secret. This sign also rules the UK, higher hierarchy, Kings, Queens, the power structure, the snobs, the wealthy, the politicians, doctors and attorneys who reached a respectful successful position in life. Anyhow, long story short, the Mormon church did a huge disservice to me and I'm sure it's destroying many with a lifetime of faithful service because of its policy of withholding truth. During all three blood oaths, I had my fingers crossed behind my back, and as I said the words, I would interject: "God, I don't mean it!
A friend of mine wanted to go alone to get her first endowments, and was in a different country. It was one of the worst days of my life, except for the physically painful days that followed. Christians would say "He is our Saviour", and then maybe guide, leader, etc after that, amongst all the other attributes. There was a high gold ruffled curtain on the front wall of the last instruction room which I guess was the veil or the veil was under that.
First, this was the LONGEST time I had ever been permitted to stay in a CR (over 10 minutes) and the noisiest I had experienced.
The people were helpful, friendly, and obviously enjoying their volunteer duty, showing the non-members around their beautiful place. What was once a stop, drop & go ends up being a convoluted menagerie of guesswork, farting, near misses, complete misses and absolute avoidance of washing their hands. Nothing untoward, or of a sexual nature is done, but it is just very, very ethically and culturally out of order. But I was also thinking was, ok, here comes the good stuff, where I find out what is so special about the temple and that God is going to reveal some things to me that I've never heard before, things that will solidify my testimony.
One talked about how when the Sacramento temple was opened the Oakland temple lost over half it's workers and is still havng trouble filling them. I told her to tell her neighbors to try to find a Mormon realtor if they're trying to sell. Mormons don't have handshakes." I didn't press her on it, because I don't want to be a jerk.
While I was disappointed that the courtroom wasn’t made of recycled cardboard boxes and I only laughed out loud a couple of times, Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret satisfied my craving for cheese. She wears a shirt of his that reads “Travis Alexander’s.” It doesn’t get any clearer than that. She’s doing all this at the misinterpreted urging of Travis’ motivational recordings, by the way, because how poetic. She sends Travis photos of herself with another guy to make him jealous, and we embark on a montage of angry email correspondence accompanied by voiceover – what is this, You’ve Got Mail? But no one knows that the secrets will include a threat to have your throat cut open from ear to ear. They would not allow her in, unless she agreed to have a stranger temple worker shadow her at all times.
While it is a small size, you don't notice that from the inside where it seems roomy, functional and attractive. She has a bad leg and they started from the time we drove in to run and help her navigate and offer wheelchair, elevator and other assistance. I predict there will be an uptick in tithing and obedience and hence member temple attendance.
Well, I attended that ward building a couple of times as an investigator, with my True Believing Mormon friends.
You step into the restroom, but you’re still several feet from the urinals when you realize something is very, very wrong.
They also wear a white robe (I think theirs is also pleated, but I don't have a clear memory of it). It is very uncomfortable as these women are usually older-retirement age of 65 to 75 and their head is outside the sheet. Another who works in the LA temple talked about since the Redlands and Newport Beach temples opened the LA temple frequently has to cancel sessions because there's no one there, attendance is way down.
But I couldn't help but find it hilarious watching her squirm and lie for the Lord like that.
Lifetime saw the potential in this scandalous real-life case, and they took advantage of it.
On the other hand, Jodi disapproves of Travis’ devotion to his religious life (“How am I supposed to know when you’re being pious Travis or horny Travis?”), and Travis continues to treat her as his piece on the side (You didn’t think Lifetime would portray lady Jodi without any sympathy, did you?) while he muses that one day he’ll marry a Mormon girl.
He says Cardigan Girl broke up with him and they proceed to take the naked pictures we saw them taking at the start of the movie. Jodi tried to destroy her camera by putting it in the washing machine, but through the power of computers the cops use the recovered pictures to connect her to the murder, and what ensues is a pedal-to-the-metal, HURRY-UP-AND-FINISH-THE MOVIE-style conclusion.
Mom met the missionaries back in the day when I was "investigating" and she really liked them. It was the site of my appallingly upsetting Mormon baptism, after which they told me I couldn't go to church there any more as I was in the "wrong" ward.
They cannot see where they hands are unless they look under the tunic where the sides are open. Jodi continues to question Travis’ religious motivations, asking why he can’t have coffee but can have her. We get Jodi doing hand-stands in the interrogation room, those piecey bangs and frumpy glasses we all saw in the courtroom, and of course the soothing sound of Anderson Cooper’s voice conducting a news report.
She was very disappointed to trip over their clay feet when I got involved in helping a sister missionary whose companion was abusive.
Bear in mind that I don’t mean to make light of what is obviously a serious true story, but rather the way Lifetime chose to portray it. While they make out in the pool, Jodi declares she’s going to convert to Mormonism and then dunks underwater to give him a blowjob. Just falling asleep on the couch watching a movie – my perfect date, if you remove the ex-girlfriend lurking in the dark taking photographs. After brushing her off pretending to be Travis, Jodi goes in the bathroom and takes sexy pictures of him before stabbing him repeatedly, cutting his throat and shooting him in a very graphic scene by Lifetime standards. We also get another mention of “dirty little secret.” One, two, three times a title mention! Between this and other experiences, Mom went from being impressed with these "great young people" to concluding "they're just like everyone else", a bit of a downer for her. It led to me not going to the new ward after I was baptized and the mishies had to come around and do the whole conversion effort again.
The network clearly embellished, as they’re known to do, which can be proven by doing a little Internet research or watching the Beyond the Headlines special that aired after the movie, complete with an aged forensics expert explaining Jodi’s sexual proclivities in a Ben Steinian monotone. I’m gonna be honest, it made me a little nauseous, when I ignored the obvious Psycho similarities. Oh and of course there’s Nancy Grace using the phrase “sex mojo.” No movie would be complete without it.
I’ll let Christmas come around before I decide if that song is 100% ruined for me now, but there’s a good chance it is.

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