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Here are five of my favourite places in the “World” that are a little off the beaten trail — and you should definitely check out.
When you walk out through EPCOT’s International Gateway, you begin to make your way down a quiet pathway that takes you past and through some of Disney’s deluxe resort properties. If you continue to walk north past the ESPN Club, you’ll come up on a really nice veranda that overlooks Crescent Lake.  If there are no weddings or special events going on, you can lounge about and just relax by the waterside.  It’s a great spot to cozy up with a book on your Kindle or iPad!
The total time for this journey is about 30-40 minutes, plus whatever time you decide to spend inside the various resorts and shops along the way.  A great leisurely – and quiet – stroll!
Want a 15 minute break in a comfortable, air-conditioned setting that you can practically walk-on to? If you’ve always brushed it off as a boring, educational throwback to old-EPCOT that reminds you of an elementary school field trip… embrace it!  It’s a great way to cool off, and get the kids settled down after a day of ingesting sugar! If you take the “Backstage Disney” tour, there’s a good chance you’ll get to have lunch at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge.  But if you don’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip to the resort and spend some quality time enjoying the sights. The attention to detail at Wilderness Lodge is truly spectacular.  From Disney Horticulture finding trees and plants that serve as fantastic lookalikes for the natural growth of the pacific northwest, to the amazing view overlooking Bay Lake, Wilderness Lodge is an amazing work of art. The servers at Whispering Canyon – by the way – do anything but whisper.  It’s a fantastic show in its own right, and is worth the price of the meal alone.
Get yourself to the Ticket and Transportation Centre, and board the Monorail to resort hop around the Seven Seas Lagoon!
When it’s not Santa’s season, the Grand Floridian is still a spectacular sight.  There’s a reason why it is the crown jewel of the Disney properties. Hop back on the monorail, and stay on as you travel past the Magic Kingdom, and end your trip at the Contemporary.  Take a good amount of time to lounge around on the fourth floor concourse of the hotel to what the monorail whizz by, and to take ample time to check out the mural by legendary Disney artist Mary Blair (who also is the visionary behind “It’s a Small World.”)  The detail is fascinating!
So, there you have it — five of the “World’s” best-kept secrets are now a little less secret.  But, when you need a break from Fastpasses, long queues, and little princess meltdowns in the middle of the parks, you now have some options!
There is a Portrait of Phil Holmes, Magic Kingdom Vice President, in the Bonjour Village Gifts shop in The Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland that contains a few secrets. There is a Hidden Mickey in this pic taken at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in The Magic Kingdom. Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station.
Stay tuned for some information about upcoming events including our fundraising for Japan before playing some of your voicemails at the end of the show. Lou Mongelloa€™s Audio Guides to Walt Disney World -Available NOW as an instant download or on CD! Disney World is often described as the most magical place on earth (with Disneyland trailing behind in 2nd place).

1.) The Camel outside Aladdin's Magic Carpet that "spits" on guests that walk by is actually operated by a man nearby who judges whether or not he can hit the unsuspecting visitors. Not many people know-but if you head to the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park before it opens, you can surf the waves for a few hours! Show your young one something special by being one of the first to reach Tinker Bell's Treasures in the morning and get to wake her from her slumber! On the right side of Cinderella's Castle is a little-known grotto where you and the kids can listen to Belle tell the story of the Beauty and the Beast! Take a nighttime stroll through Epcot's Innoventions Plaza and watch the floor light up beneath your feet!
Every night Disney offers you a fond farewell- hum along to "When You Wish Upon A Star" as Cinderella's Castle glitters in the background and the Disney Park signs off for the evening.
How many of these secret tips and hidden gems do you know about at Walt Disney World in Orlando? Always planning the next adventure and willing to share it with Disney enthusiasts across the globe. Holmes was a host of the Haunted Mansion, on the opening day of Magic Kingdom and has been with Disney for over 40 years!
Plus,A grant you the opportunity to show off to friends and family the next time you visitA the park.1.
And with that, it means that everything see you encounter tells a story, and every detail has meaning, even in places you might not otherwise expect. However, this segment was prepared, recorded and edited outside of that agreement, and with no input or influence from the Swan and Dolphin in any way. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Head over to the Cool Club at Epcot and sip on the exotic Coke products from all over the world. Stop in at one of the Guest Relations counters on your birthday,anniversary or first visit and you can snag a free collectors button! Thanks to cool fiber optic sidewalks,you can see all kinds of futuristic shapes and patterns illuminate the ground. My love of everything Disney comes from the quality story telling in the classics and the box office hits of today.
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The theme park is literally filled with fun secrets that you'd never notice just walking through.

The whole place is set up like fantasy land, including plenty of friendly faces, fully costumedA characters, and there is even aA smell that can only be found here. This week, we’ll take a very close look at the interesting history of these resorts, their theming, secrets, and myths that surround them as well. Always…always enjoy learning the stories behind the stories, the history, Disney myths, and whatever else you and your guests discuss on the show. That's why you need to check out this list before you go: some of these would be impossible to spot on your own!
The Oval Office, The hall where the Liberty Bell is housed, and The Hall of Presidents in Disney World. All trademarks, service marks and trade names are proprietary to The Walt Disney Company and Disney Enterprises, Inc.
It’s a fascinating look into two buildings with a deeper Disney connection and story than you might expect.
There is actually someone paid to sit nearby the camel and operate it, when the operator thinks they can hit passing guests they command the camel to spit.4. Secret Trick To Getting On Your Next Ride Without Waiting In LineWhen you venture to Tom Sawyer’s Island take a careful look through the attraction, if you see a paintbrush you want to grab it!
Then, find the nearest park employee and hand over theA paintbrush in order to receive free fast passes for one ride.
Considering many rides have lines 2 and 3 hours long, this could be beneficial to your entire day!5. One Big BusA Disney keeps the busses moving all day long, transporting park visitors to and from the park.
2 Planes For The Price Of OneA The Jungle Cruise ride features the back-half of a crashed plane. The front-half fromA this same plane is featured in the Casablanca portion of the Great Movie Ride.9.
If you look carefully at the artwork found throughout the rideA you will see a picture of Mr. Secret Apartment on Main StreetA When walking down Main Street, look for the USA fire house, just above this location sits a secret apartment.15. Secretly Shhhallow WatersDespite its deep appearance, the lake that hosts the Fantasmic attraction is only 1 foot deep.16.

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