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I did not tell HMRC when I left the UK nine years ago and got married in the States: Now I'm back will I be slapped with a fine?
I left the UK nine years ago, aged 23, thinking I was going away for three months and then ending up moving to the States.
Confusing: The reader must now work out what she must do regarding her taxes having moved back to the UK after nine years (Picture posed by model)Now I am back, is there anything I need to do about having left the country without telling HMRC?
Now as for your surname, there is no reason why you couldna€™t stick with your maiden name if this is what you are using. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. As lucky punters collect on Leicester City winning the Premier League at 5,000-1, why did bookies offer such crazily high odds? Portfolios at dawn: Has a bubbling feud between star investor Richard Buxton and his old boss Michael Dobson boiled over?

Budget Passport keeps all of your personal application information in strict confidence and strictly complies with Federal guidelines set forth by the Department of State. You have run out of visa pages in your current passport and need to apply to add visa pages to your US passport. I married a US citizen and so became a resident there.I didna€™t know that I should tell HMRC that I was leaving the country, so I didna€™t. However, it is good practice to notify HMRC even if ita€™s not mandatory, to ensure your record is accurate.There are other reasons that you may have needed to file a tax return, for example if you were a company director, landlord or self-employed. I probably paid more tax than I should have in the tax year in which I left because I only worked for four months in the UK that year a€“ but I almost certainly cana€™t find the relevant paper work for that.Because I was not in touch with HMRC I never told it I changed my name when I got married a€“ although I did change it in my UK passport. However if you were none of these a€“ and this remain unchanged while you were away a€“ you would not have had any obligations.
Your National Insurance record is protected while you are not in work, so long as you are registered for child benefit.Therefore it doesna€™t necessarily make sense to rush to top up now.

Ia€™ve been paying my student loan from overseas as well, under my married name.I paid taxes in the US and have all the documentation for that.
You may also have subsequently gained a tax liability if, for example, you had sold an asset on which Capital Gains Tax was payable as well. I just returned to the UK and have started a new job and need to submit a new starter form. It is worth getting expert advice at this stage from someone who will understand the implications from the point of view of both the UK and US tax system.Life events such as this merit spending a few pounds on professional advice to make sure they are done properly.
Ia€™ll be getting divorced and changing back to my maiden name in the next few months as well.

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