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Not only can mindfulness meditation help reduce negative aspects of ourselves but it can also improve good traits. In addition meditation has been proven to improve the immune system and reduce blood pressure.
Mindfulness meditation does not conflict with any beliefs or traditions whether they are religious, cultural or scientific. Mindfulness and meditation might make you think of serene beaches with soft, fragrant breezes, and that’s a good thing because these thoughts can reduce stress and improve your health.
Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, mindfulness and meditation are not the same. When combined, the two techniques train the mind to focus on the present moment and let go of emotional “clutter” and negative thoughts that increase depression or anxiety. There is evidence that meditation actually changes the structure of the brain, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). The NCCIH says that practicing meditation on a regular basis can lower your blood pressure and may reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Meditation may even help reduce the severity and length of an acute illness like the flu or a cold.
Meditation comes in many different flavors, but most meditation practices have four major similarities. Focus your attention on a word or set of words, a specific object or just on your breathing.
At Peachtree Medical Center, we have your best interests at heart and want you to be as healthy as you possibly can be. Anxiety is a feeling of unease and can be a debilitating and sometimes frightening condition. It can interfere with your everyday life and leave you feeling trapped, overwhelmed and fearful.
Our Meditation Machines use gentle patterns of light and sound to leads you into a state of deep relaxation that cultivates a calmness to ease anxious feelings and offers a sense of control. Everyone experiences anxiety when faced with difficult or worrying situations, be it an exam, an interview, or illness in either yourself or a loved one. However, one in ten people in the UK experience anxiety to the extent that it interferes in their everyday life – the presence of more severe anxiety can leave you feeling trapped, fearful and overwhelmed. As a conclusion I'd say anyone who is thinking about buying one just go ahead and give it a try! Using your Meditation Machine whenever you feel levels of anxiety will help naturally to quieten your mind and relax your body. Simply sit or lay down in a comfortable position, put on the headphones and light-stimulation glasses and select a relaxation or meditation programme. I would highly recommend the Meditation Machine to anybody who has a stressful A lifestyle or suffers from bouts of anxiety. How much better would you feel if you could reduce anxiety, panic attacks and stress by using the natural power of your mind ? Spending some time each day in deep relaxation or meditation cultivates a calmness that eases anxious feelings and offers a sense of control. Using traditional techniques, learning to meditate would take many months, or even years, of practice - with no guarantee of success.
We are delighted to say that we have had excellent feedback from people who have used our Meditation Machines to help deal with anxiety problems. I purchased my Meditation Machine to alleviate anxiety and undo the damage caused by stress. All our Meditation Machines will help with your anxiety problems but we get particularly enthusiastic feedback about our MindSpa system. I have been struggling with anxiety and stress for a year and I'm delighted how relaxed and calm I feel after just a few days of using the MindSpa. The MindSpa's strength comes from its Progressive Relaxation Method which has been developed by Dr Ruth Olmstead, a recognized Audio and Visual Stimulation (AVS) expert.
The Laxman is our top-of-the range system and has received wonderful feedback from anxiety sufferers. Both the Procyon and the Proteus include relaxation sessions and make use of colour to help shift you into deep levels of mind and body. Recent studies conducted by the American Heart Association have concluded that meditation can help reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes. Transcendental Meditation technique is a meditation process that helps naturally repair the body.
Transcendental Meditation has become established as an effective part in combating against cardiovascular disease. According to the US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute they have determined that by meditating twice a day for a period of 20 minutes can greatly reduce your risks of heart attack and stroke. These studies have determined that Transcendental Meditation can significantly reduce these health related issue by lowering the blood pressure and reducing stress.
Are you experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety because of work, family turmoil and relationship problems, among many others? If you are looking for ways to enhance your mental capacities, then what you need to do is to perform meditation. As time progresses, the brain undergoes physiologic changes that can lead to the development of certain mental disorders. Proving meditation’s mind-protective benefits is a study conducted by academicians from the University of Oregon. I am not talking to you as a mentor, but rather as a person who has been there and done that.
I tried autogenic training techniques while trying to fall asleep on a very uncomfortable hospital bed, and it worked. First group are those people who either don’t believe in meditation at all or just don’t like it or won’t do it for any reason.
It is also quite important to remember that your destination, in my hypothetical example above, may not be San Diego. I drove so many times between San Diego and Phoenix, so I feel like I know every cactus along the way.
So if you tried meditation and it did not work for you, find a teacher you like and you can trust to guide you.
In my episode #3, I was talking about Autogenic Training, I did at the very beginning of my holistic path. The next available tool, of course, is to see the holistic practitioner for a healing session and to discuss at-home meditation practice. And finally, when nothing works, or if you feel really helpless, then you need to see a specialist. If you found something useful in my podcast, or if you have suggestions how I can improve, please drop me a liner too.
An intervention program that combines yoga and meditation can help manage prehypertension, often referred to as borderline high blood pressure.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a program developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in the US that combines mindfulness meditation with yoga. At the end of the study, the researchers found that the yoga and meditation-based program helped lower systolic blood pressure in the first group -both the first high number (5mm Hg) and the second lower number (2mmHg), compared to the second group (1 mm Hg and 1 mm Hg, respectively).
The power of yoga in keeping the mind and body relaxed and curing many deadly diseases is well known. Another study published in the Journal of Yoga and Physical Therapy, recently reported that yoga can treat early stage diabetes and heart disease, effectively.
Mindfulness meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice which has as much use and relevance today as it did at its creation. Although meditation has a long history, research on its benefits is still in the early stages. Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment, while meditation is a process of training the mind or inducing a particular state of consciousness.
The system is neuroplastic, meaning it can change in response to the environment, which includes your thoughts and the chemicals in your body.
Research also suggests that meditation can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia. However, there is no definitive evidence that meditation can help decrease pain or help people stop smoking. Keep your mind open — let distractions come and go without getting involved in judging them.
Your primary care physician will also tell you that you should reduce your stress (which may help with all the other basics of health) and have regular checkups. It is normal to feel anxiety at such times and in its mild form, it can actually be a useful experience. Excessive anxiety is often associated with other psychiatric conditions, such as depression. My anxiety has been greatly reduced and I have been able to cope with stress much better. It can be the key to alleviating this problem as it will cultivate an overall calmness that eases anxious feelings and offers a sense of control, using the natural power of your mind.
The calmness and tranquility that using your Meditation Machine brings will give you greater emotional stability and the ability to handle stressful situations in a controlled way. I have searched for a solution to my anxiety and stress for many years and never imagined I would find it in a small machine with glasses, but I did. A study at the University of Massachusetts found that volunteers who took an eight-week meditation course were considerably less anxious afterward.
They contains 14 sessions that have been specifically designed for relaxation and meditation, as well as many other sessions for helping with sleep problems, learning, creative visualisation, and so on.
The green lights of the Proteus will be dominant during relaxation sessions, whilst the Procyon uses washes of green and blue to help ease you into a deep state. During the study participants who meditated twice a day had reduced their risk of heart attack and stroke by 48 percent. Dr Robert Schneider who is the Director for the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention of Iowa believes that meditation can be beneficial. Doctors may prescribe meditation to their patients to help them manage stress related issues. By meditating daily the risks can be reduce by half and may also lower the chances of sudden deaths caused by these complications. By controlling these two issues it can greatly reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
It offers a host of benefits to a person’s physiological, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. Then you will truly benefit from meditation, as it is proven effective in decreasing a person’s stress and anxiety levels.
According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of California – Santa Barbara, individuals who engaged in mindful meditation demonstrated better working memories.
Although they cannot be avoided, you can delay their onset by performing meditation on a frequent basis. According to their paper, meditation improves axonal density, or linkages that connect the different parts of the brain.
I am NOT planning to give you any psychological advice, nor will I try to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. I will share my thoughts about what to do if meditation does not help you to eliminate the stress from your life.
However, many other things in life work exactly same way, with the exception that you don’t have physical freeway in whatever you are doing, and you don’t have a GPS to show your exact location on the map. Instead, I will make several points to keep in mind if you are beginning your meditation journey. I’ve seen quite a few people who pictured meditation as sitting down with legs crossed, eyes rolled up, arms holding some kind of awkward uncomfortable position, and the person making some humming sound. One person with good experience is facilitating the meditation and leading the rest of the group.
At that time we also used recordings of suggestions along with some nice music, on the tape or even vinyl records.
My teacher told me years ago, if you are so angry that fireball inside of you is ready to explode, then that is not a good time to sit down and meditate. Now I can make some recommendations in San Diego and Phoenix, but I am planning to make a database, a registry of holistic practitioners, meditation studios etc., in various cities, and I’d like to interview every person I am referring to.
I can share my own experience and I can recommend somebody to help you with meditation in San Diego or Phoenix. By clicking “Like” button you will join me in spreading PEACE and HARMONY around you! All participants had prehypertension, a situation where blood pressure crosses the normal level, but does not reach a point where medication is required. The first group received the MBSR program for two-and-half hours per week, while the rest took a program that included lifestyle advice and muscle relaxation activity. The program concentrated on body scan exercises, yoga and meditation.
A study presented at the International Conference on Endgame for Tobacco, held in Delhi last month, provided solid evidence to prove that yoga can help smokers to quit their habit. Having discovered my true self and purpose I enjoy nothing more than sharing gifts to help others. Some people can learn to meditate on their own while others do better with a coach or an aid, such as a meditation CD. Before I started using it I had severe anxiety and was looking for the answer to my problems.
People who are highly-strung find that they are dramatically calmer if they meditate for 15 or 20 minutes in the morning or evening. The effects were noticed immediately as the group that participated in the study experienced lower blood pressure, decreased anger, and less stress.
Through his research he has determined that Transcendental Meditation can reduce the risks of heart disease.

This may also become part of the standardized program to help prevent and reduce the effects of heart disease. And with this modern world going abuzz, it comes as no surprise why more and more people are turning to meditation for its mental benefits, too. Ranging from improved concentration to better intellect, you can achieve optimum mental health with meditation. That is because the act of meditation can limit the release of cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress.
According to a research published in the journal Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, it has been established that meditation is effective in enhancing a person’s attentiveness. According to several researches, meditation is believed to be effective in shielding the brain from a bevy of mental illnesses. Meditation also improves the brain’s myelin, a tissue that protects the mind from diseases and disorders.
After all, this pursuit has been recognized as highly effective in eradicating loneliness, especially in aged individuals. You may listen to my episode about what meditation really is in case you got misled by somebody. They get excited that it worked for them without even realizing that it was just another form of meditation. From my experience, these are areas where people often have misconceptions about how to meditate. Well, this is just fine if you are trying to have some fun, or to make fun of your friend, but this is not quite what meditation really is. Even Yoga has variety of schools, and they all have somewhat different meditation techniques. Guided meditation can use verbal suggestions, mantras, various types of music, gongs, singing bowls, Nature sounds, etc., in different combinations. Like I said before, I don’t give any medical advices, and I don’t want my podcast stories be used as medical advices. The condition is among the major medical concerns as it can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease. Hughes, from the Kent State University, Ohio in the US, said in a news release. The authors added that mindfulness-based interventions can help avoid the need to take antihypertensive medications. This can work effectively for those who are suffer from heart conditions along with those who are currently healthy. According to the researchers, the results of the study verify that meditation is an efficient and effective way of enhancing cognitive functions.
That is because meditation can help have better control over your emotions and other distracting feelings such as pain.
The study, conducted by researchers from the University of California – Los Angeles, showed that meditation is effective in curbing sadness, as well as other depression-related illnesses. Supporting this claim is another study, this time conducted by scholars from the University of Exeter.
I’ve been asked so many times, if meditation is such a great tool, why is it so useless? I may not worry about some things other people do, but I have to deal with my own issues just like everybody else. But if you are happy with where you are and what you do, then you may not really wanna change anything.
You just did not take a short route to switch to interstate 8, which is kinda counterintuitive, because you have to change direction and drive South through the desert for half an hour.
That’s the reason we suggest everybody to find a meditation teacher to guide them, or at least to check periodically where students are in their progress. In fact, even seasoned meditators need a teacher’s advice periodically to keep them on track, just like professional athletes need a coach. I have not tried to do this myself, but I am almost certain that if you try every meditation group around you, 2-3 times a week, you will have enough for the whole year, and they all will be different. The purpose of that is to get people’s attention off whatever they are thinking about and direct them towards present moment. The best thing, as my teacher suggested, is to find a punching bag and let the steam out first.
The question people ask, what can I do if I cannot get myself out of stressful environment?
According to their research, meditation fared better in depression treatment, compared to the conventional regimens involving medications and behavioral therapy. And if I didn’t, if I have never had a chance to experience the practical effect from techniques I am talking about, would you really take me seriously? Not much I can offer you other then my perspective on how I can help other people to avoid stress. The basic wish comes to this: “I don’t like where I am, but I have no idea where it is, how to get out of here and what is out there where I may end up”. I will not give you any specific techniques how to meditate, but I will try to point in a right direction where to go to find more information and how to get involved. Well, maybe not all, of course, but you will have an idea what’s out there and choose the group and the teacher you like. Just like if you need to use a physical strength for anything, maybe move something heavy or get yourself out of trouble, you may realize that you should’ve started weight lifting several years ago. I want everybody to be clear on that, since I am holding a medical degree, so I won’t get in trouble with medical community. So they gave me a generic diagnosis of neuro-vascular disorder, and the best treatment I could receive was a headache pill.
If you are in San Diego or Phoenix area, send me a message or email, and I will recommend some nice places where you can learn to meditate. Also, in the episode #21, I was talking about specific exercises that involve visualization and physical movement. You may do a decent job, but your arm will be sore for a few days after that, especially if you don’t practice every day.
Guided meditation approach also helps to avoid forcing yourself, which happens in case of active meditation in the beginners, quite often.
If you need to get from Phoenix to San Diego, for example, and somebody, a friend perhaps, tells you just to go West, then you take interstate 10 and keep going West. In case you don’t have access to the group, you can find various CD’s and DVD’s online, so you can practice it at home. They need to grow up a little bit, and then they need a teacher, who is often their father, to teach how to use a hammer. And once they learn how to use the hammer, then in order to build anything they need directions, plans, blueprints, guidance or even ideas regarding what they can build.

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