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The Dragon Gym is a Martial Arts and Fitness Organization founded in Exton, PA during the early seventies by Grandmaster Chae T. We offer a wide range of training for kids and adults including classes in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Russian Kettlebells, Tai Chi, Kali-Silat, Power Yoga Classes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Personal Training. As a martial arts and fitness organization we are committed to the promotion of self-defense, physical fitness and personal development. Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness uniquely offers expert instruction in various martial arts.
The head instructors of every martial arts program at Dragon Gym each have decades of experience in their specialty. The Dragon Gym is one of the oldest and most well established martial arts schools in Chester County.
Kinetic Physical Therapy understands the rigors of Martial Arts(like Muay Thai, BJJ and Taekwondo) Power Yoga, and Russian Kettlebell Training and have established an office at The Dragon Gym to address the specific needs that may arise. The Dragon Gym Martial Arts & Fitness facility is truly one of a kind and cannot be beat in the Chester County Area.
At the Dragon Gym we start all new students with a Free, no obligation, orientation lesson.
Our martial arts, kettlebell and yoga programs offer a practical courses for men, women and children. Martial Arts, Kettlebell and Yoga training is a comprehensive workout using the ultimate tool, your own body!
An essential part of martial arts and self-defense is awareness of your surroundings and identifying potentially bad scenarios. According to a study published in Psychology Today, martial artists have less anxiety, a greater sense of responsibility, are less likely to take uninformed risks, and are more socially intelligent. There’s nothing like pounding on a bag and yelling really loud at the end of a long day at work.
By training at Dragon Gym you will be in the best shape of your life, exude confidence, and Melt away Stress. My journey at the Dragon Gym began as many parents’ have, with their children.  My children, Peter and Ava, were attending classes and while I would watch them from the balcony. Through Tae Kwon Do, I have been able to achieve strength, flexibility and self-defense skills.   I’ve had the privilege to train under Master Sikdar and can honestly say that I have never left a class without learning something new. Some of my favorite times at Dragon Gym are have been training hard in the winter with the mirrors completely steamed up, or that first warm day in Spring when the garage doors are opened and you can train like you are outside. Each class, I would sit in the balcony and watch him, but also couldn’t help sometimes watching the adult class in the back room.
My time at the Dragon Gym is coming up on 10 years now and I have to say that I attribute this longevity to a combination of great things. The confidence I have gained from Muay Thai gives me a sense of security and independence that I wish all young women had the opportunity to experience. I have trained in other disciplines prior; however, my experience at Dragon Gym has been unparalleled.
During our first months of classes Iwas impressed by Jake’s interest in learning his palm strikes and front kicks.He was focused and motivated at such a young age and really engaged. I have been a member of Dragon Gym for about a year now and have had my life improve in many ways because of my decision to choose Dragon Gym as my training facility.
Today, I am thankful for the decision I made two years ago to join the Dads’ Program!  The time has passed quickly and I am feeling strong and fit again at 58!  My weight is going down and muscle mass numbers are up, significantly.  Most importantly, my blood work-up numbers have improved, tremendously! I highly recommend the Dads’ Program to anyone who desires to get fit, at any age, while studying the martial arts.  The instructors are top notch, professional and well-qualified.
I enjoy watching the instructors lead their classes with a positive and disciplined attitude.
Since my son started the Tae Kwon Do program at the Gym, he has developed a wealth of positive attributes that directly affect his daily life. If you are looking for a Tae Kwon Do facility that strives to do their best at teaching their students exceptional skills and a positive attitude, than look no further.
I have been very fortunate to be able to train under Somnath Sikdar’s tutelage for the last three years in Tae Kwon Do and Kettlebells. Kettlebell Training was instituted almost immediately as an integral part of my Tae Kwon Do training when I started training. I trained at Dragon Gym for 8 years before moving far enough away that I could not make classes regularly.
If you need martial arts training that will stick with you forever, you need to train at Dragon Gym.
Not only does he care about our martial arts life but he is always asking how we are doing in general. Master Sikdar has a well structured understanding in the theory of training and is able to translate the complex evolutions of kettlebell techniques in simple terms that allows all of his students to safely perform.
Since I have start these classes with Master Somnath Sikdar I as a person has remembered that I can do anything that I want to if I put my mind to it. Master Sikdar’s ability to translate the kettlebell techniques to powerful martial arts movements has greatly improved both my health and my training. Having no kettlebell instruction in the past, I was highly impressed by Master Sikdar’s training method, helping me to quickly master the basic techniques. Som is a master at knowing when and how to push someone to find their limits and then help go one step beyond. If you want to get into shape, be motivated doing it and feel part of a community that cares, then get your butt to the Dragon Gym and seek out Somnath Sikdar…he’s simply the best!
I am truly grateful to have Master Som as my instructor in strength training and the martial arts. As a doctor, I’m unfortunately very busy with 80 hr work weeks but my goals included buidling about 10 lbs of lean muscle mass.
I have only been apart of the Dragon Gym family for about 4 months now, but never have I learned more about my body, how to mold it into the best shape possible, and feel better about myself more in my life than working with Master Somnath. Master Sikdar has the patience that is so needed to train students of all age groups and physical abilities.
Training with Som is the BEST, because he not only teaches you how to do something, he teaches you why you do it, which helps you do it better.
Working with Master Somnath Sikdar at Dragongym has been an absolute life changing experience.
Training with Master Somnath Sikdar has been a truly enlightening experience these past six years. I’ve had the very good fortune of training under Master Somnath Sikdar for the past seven years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Som is an excellent motivator, knowing just when to push and went to back off (but only just a bit!).
I have had the pleasure of training under Master Somnath Sikdar for the past seven years in Tae Kwon Do and now, kettlebells. Som is an even better instructor if you do Tae Kwon Do, because its way of thinking transfers over so easily into kettlebells. I have been very fortunate to be able to train under Somnath Sikdars’ tuteledge for the last three years in Tae Kwon Do and Kettlebells. Dragon Gym is not only a first rate martial arts gym, they are also family to a lot of members. Dragon Gym is a very vibrant Tae Kwon Do Dojang that has tradition and family values at the heart of its mission of teaching the finest Tae Kwon Do. In addition to the expert martial arts training my children received at Dragon Gym I was overwhelmed with the care and concern the staff demonstrates towards all of its students and our community.
Dragon Gym has accomplished creating an atmosphere that is healthy and challenging for all ages and physical abilities. I’ve seen first hand what this place can do to channel youthful energies in the right direction. My family and I have been very pleased with the Dragon Gym and what it has to offer for the Chester County area. Whether you teach in a studio or to families (including your own) at home, this course will give you the specialized tools and confidence needed to facilitate a practice for groups of varying ages, interests and abilities. What may just look like fun and games, is the true technology of yoga, woven in with sound child development principals and cutting edge neuroscience to support development on all levels. This is a beautiful course - I would have never known how to put a family yoga class together so wonderfully. Teach how the practice can be used at home (before homework, before bed, in the morning, when there is a disagreement, when it’s playtime). Teach families to deepen the breath, stretch the spine and relax the body and mind…together.
The specialized techniques needed to engage students who range in age from 5 to 15, along with their parents, uncles, grandmas, step-moms and neighbors - who may or may not have any experience with yoga.
As soon as you register, you'll get a confirmation with the login information for your instant access to the workshop. We have a discussion area for any questions, stories and resources you'd like to share. The purpose of the Sacred Art Tour is to share and preserve Tibetan culture which overflows with spiritually artistic expression. Enjoy this enrolled six-week course designed to allow pregnant women to maintain fitness and stamina, and to optimally prepare for birth. Have your children join us for this 4 week session focusing on movement, the power of our breath and enjoying life!
In this 3-week series, Hummingbird's Andrea Sarko (M.Ed, E-RYT) will help you learn and develop your own mindfulness practice. Have you been reading all about the benefits of meditation but just can't carve out the time? Are there yoga poses that always seem to frustrate you, and some that make you feel like you can't breathe?  Would you like to be able to solve the mystery behind long-held tightness and resistance? A daily Yoga practice helps the body to balance hormones and boosts the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the skin. Align the body with the breath, and the breath with the body to create a truly harmonious practice. Learn to meditate under Swami Nirmalananda's experienced direction, in a complete and thorough course that answers all your questions and gets you past the inner obstacles that can arise. This is a very gentle healing vinyasa class with not low heat and no physical assists or adjustments. We have been serving the residents of Exton, West Chester, Malvern, Downingtown, PA for over 40 years and are consistently voted the best martial arts studio in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
Our programs do NOT consist of one instructor teaching a small variety of many different things.
In addition, all of these head instructors are open minded and diversify their martial arts training. Based in the heart of Exton, we have been serving families from nearby towns such as West Chester, Downingtown, and Malvern, PA.
The goal is to find the root cause of problems and achieve a long term solution as well as get you back to your physical training as quickly as possible. Students learn how to use the inherent strengths, weapons and tools of their own bodies against the vulnerabilities of health as well as of a potential assailant. Training involves every aspect of athleticism: balance, coordination, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Our students learn how to recognize the signals of potential danger, and learn the appropriate response. Our training systems allow adult students to set short-term goals and then strive to meet those goals.

Martial Arts Training is a safe outlet for frustrations at work, home, or during the commute. All of these courses allow you to specialize, but also provide the opportunity for cross-training. The both of them have a keen eye for movement like eagle for its prey and can identify what needs improvement and then implement drills to make you own the movement. My son was 5 and I was looking for a fun activity that he could do to meet more people in our new city.
I started training under Master Lonnie in the lunch time classes and then added evening classes too. Initially, I didn’t think about earning my Black Belt, but rather to stay active and fit and have something in common with my son. I learned about the Muay Thai program from a neighbor who was taking kettle bell classes there. I am a police officer and while I grew up competing in wrestling and Judo I have never done any type of striking. I can easily say that I have one of the worst work schedules around and I find it hard to juggle work, family and the gym.
Each one brings their own little tricks and techniques that they offer to you as another thing to add to your tool box. The focus and discipline that we are taught in class transcend beyond Muay Thai and have made me more regimented and efficient in both my academic and work life. Muay Thai is extremely applicable to real life situations and provides tools to defend oneself against a potentially larger and stronger opponent.
The vast amount of knowledge shared between each of my teachers and coaches keeps me coming back and always keeps class interesting. My eldest son, Jake, was a shy, very tall almost four year old.We had tried team sports, gym sessions and music classes.
We had the support of the school, but it was the support ofDragon Gym that made the difference.
Not only have the instructors becomea part of our extended family but so have the other families of Dragon Gym aswell. No, I don’t expect anyone else to understand, but I still felt compelled to share with my friends.
When I first joined the gym I started in the “quick start program” this program is a smaller class where a trainer helps you and everyone who is joining the gym at the same time learn the basics of what we do, so you really do not need to be intimidated if you don’t have any experience. The words hardly seam adequate enough to express my gratitude to The Dragon Gym for the outstanding learning experience they have provided for my son.
By regularly verbalizing how well the students are doing they are able to build the confidence and self-esteem each student.
I have experienced increases in strength and cardiovascular fitness that allow me to perform very well in Tae Kwon Do. I believe that the combination of Somnath’s guidance, Kettlebells, and Tae Kwon Do will get me there.
That was 2 years ago and I still cannot find a martial arts school, ESPECIALLY a TKD and BJJ focused school that even compares to the training and discipline that I received at Dragon Gym.
Head Instructor Somnath Sikdar is very sincere and knowledgeable not only in the art but also the science behind it. He is very detail oriented and is always pushing his students to their limits and then some. I recently injured my back and shoulder and he was a great person to lean on for advice on how to stretch it out so that I could continue training.
Almost immediately kettlebell training was incorporated into our Tae Kwon Do curriculum by Somnath Sikdar.
I really only started to get into losing weight after my kids to get my confidense back from everything. He interweaves simple and complex kettlebell exercises into traditional Tae Kwon Do kicks and punches to make a more powerful and confident student. This did not go unnoticed by the kettlebell instructor at my work gym, who called me out in one of his classes. He has the best technical knowledge that I’ve ever come across, which is coupled with a vast understanding of how the body works and reacts to different types of physical conditioning. Not only is Som extremely knowledgeable and proficient in the arts, but also has the ability to articulate it in ways I can understand and learn from. I have had experience with kettlebell training prior to meeting Somnath, but he has pushed me to a limit I thought I could have never reached and seen myself move more weight than I ever thought possible. He is an insightful, intelligent trainer who genuinely wants you to become your best and will help you get there.
I had absolutely no martial arts training beforehand and personally credit him with the martial artist I am today. He practices what he teaches and is the ideal role model for any martial artist, always leading by example.
He is the kind of instructor with not only superior phisical skills set, but also the captivating ways of training. After working with him before Tae Kwon Do classes I became much more aware of the different body parts used in workouts.
I believe that the combination of Somnaths’ guidance, Kettlebells, and Tae Kwon Do will get me there.
Since incorporating Kettlebells into his personal workouts and class curriculum I have seen the immense improvements the RKC system has made.
He and the rest of the students make it a very enjoyable place to train — especially for me, an OG (old grappler). Instructor Somnath Sikdar is highly regarded as a consummate martial artist with an inimitable dedication to the continued success of the gym. You will build unbreakable bonds and you can feel the respect each person gives to one another, instructor or student. In addition there is Hapkido, Tae Chi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Russian Kettle Bells, Kick Boxing, Western Boxing, and Yoga.
With a wide range of programs to fuel and inspire physical achievement and mental wellness. Whether they’re helping a child work through a personal struggle or raising money and awareness for issues around poverty, health and wellness, the instructors at Dragon Gym prove time and again how much they care!
The gym offers many programs like martial arts, Tae Kwon-do, Tai-chi, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian kettle ball for strength training, yoga etc. I have had the pleasure of watching my children become more focused, more capable athletes, and better students. From Tae Kwon Do, to Kickboxing, Yoga, Kettlebell and Jiu Jitsu classes- the Dragon Gym has provided us with great techniques and experiences while at the same time stressing the importance of remembering the tradition of the ancient martial arts.
Yoga Alliance registered school with 200-hour teacher certification & 95-hour children's Yoga specialty training.
You can take the course completely online or download the files to watch, listen or read on the go. Access the material any time, spend as much time with it as you want to, and move through the content at your own pace. Upstate or around the world, I find that travel has played an important role in my personal journey. This class will allow the mother to safely practice yoga enjoying its numerous benefits while pregnant.
Do you see your body as the gift that it is, or are you filled with crippling self judgments and doubts?
Mindfulness is the state of being aware of the present and able to calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts, etc.
The school is currently run by Somnath Sikdar, Lawrence (Lonnie) Beck and Chris Taylor — a dynamic team that has trained together since childhood and remain dedicated to serving the local community by teaching the benefits of martial arts, physical fitness and healthy living in this modern era. In addition to the head instructors’ vast experience all instructors at the Dragon Gym go through a rigorous evaluation and certification process. This lesson will give you (or your child) a chance to see our facility, meet our instructors and answer any questions that you may have about starting a program.
Martial arts, kettlebell and yoga training will have many other benefits as well, in addition to the feeling of enhanced security and confidence. Working toward goals in a martial arts setting carries over into other areas of life: college, continuing education, family, hobbies, and careers.
I have been using some of the drills that I have learned from them for myself and my clients and have seen amazing results.  You cannot go wrong by training with and learning from these people.  Even if you think you are beyond learning give them a shot you will be better off if you do! Alexander had a great time training and I enjoyed watching him learn and develop his own sense of balance and coordination, and the sense of accomplishment that comes along with it.
As I progressed, I could see how much I was enjoying it and eventually the goal of Black Belt became a reality.
My diet was not helping the situation as I was basically eating whatever I wanted to all the time. Whether it is in the gym and learning something new or at work and being faced with obstacles, I am able to say I can do it! I wanted to learn how to fight standing up, I have knowledge and experience for what can happen if a fight goes to the ground.
I also loved the sparring aspect because it’s one thing to hit a stationary bag that doesn’t hit you back, but when you are sparring another person that is throwing punches, kicks and knees to all parts of your body you discover a lot about yourself. Luckily for me classes are held 6 days a week so I can always squeeze in one or two classes. It is great to have a few of the instructors that have fight experience teaching because they have used these techniques in live scenarios and can teach from a position of experience.
The instructors actually know all the students names and will make themselves available after class to help you correct your form or demonstrate how to properly wrap your hands. We are taught that pushing ourselves just a little bit further each class is what will lead us to our ultimate success. I think I might have taken over the lobby for a few years with bottlesand diapers then toys and toddlers!
Jake had practiced self defense, yet thatwas not the most important tool in his arsenal against the persistent bully. Jake wouldteach him to count in Korean at the dinner table and do warm ups in the livingroom. When I think about how Dragon Gym came to be with us as the Ulmer familyit seems like it has always been there and I hope it always will be.
I was sore for a week, but I came right back and started in the beginners class (at that point it was really pretty much still the advanced class, ha!).
The trainers and the other members of the gym really welcome all new students and make sure that they feel comfortable and everyone helps each other as we learn together. Eventually, I began wondering, “What would happen if I trained, too?”  I knew it would be challenging, but something inside said, “You can do this.”  With my son persistently asking when I might join, I soon ran out of excuses.
Their expertise, commitment, focus, and passion for the martial arts and their students have made them an outstanding positive example. I will be testing for my first degree Black Belt soon and have the confidence that I will meet the rigorous demands of this pursuit. What I saw this weekend and experienced is a testament to the fact that the Dragon Gym Exton is a family. Master Sikdar is an incredible and dedicated Martial Artist and has a way of making you want to test your limits. He brings a unique ability to break down the ancient martial art techniques into today’s physio-medical science. Master Som provides us with the foundation to succeed and be the best martial artist we can be.

He is also very concerned for our safety and reminds us of what we need to do as students to be ready for our training during the extreme heat of summer. Over the years as Master Sikdar instructed us in proper kettlebell training my ability to perform in the rigors of Tae Kwon Do has advanced. If you are thinking about weight training, conditioning, or martial arts, then look no further than the best I’ve ever worked with in Pennsylvania.
In the end I am not only getting my confidents about my self but I am getting it about everything that I do. This is my first time attempting any type of martial arts and I am very pleased with the Dragon Gym.
Integrating the kettlebell with self defense and martial arts training has given me the most complete work out of my life. With the workouts that he creates, he is always keeping me on my toes and always there to correct a movement and make sure I advance along in my training.
I have been a TKD student for almost 2 years and when I started I was out of shape and had’nt ever followed a regular excercise program.
Training with Som is an awesome experience, his workouts are challenging and effective and his instruction is stellar. Not many people come close the the knowledge of strength training or dedication to it than Som. The way our nation is becoming fat we need a gym like Dragon Gym , so that everybody can fit in.
Not due to pressure or competition, but because the desire to achieve their own personal best in all things is instilled and encouraged at the Dragon Gym! This is the route to go to foster respect toward elders, athleticism, confidence, self-discipline, and a general drive for success in life.
Child-centered and built for fun, this unique style class creates a space where families can connect with each other and their community. This workshop is intended for anyone new to yoga or for those wanting a refresher on the basics. Every Martial Art and class that we offer: Taekwondo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali-Silat, Tai Chi, Yoga, Gracie Jiu Jitsu is taught by a master, or under the auspices of an expert, in that field. It also gives us a chance to meet and assess you and recommend a program that will be the best fit.
Additionally, our classes are progressive; as students advance, the workouts become more complex, strenuous, and demanding. I am now confident that if I get into a fight I will at the very least be able to defend myself.
I started the program at 240 pounds, the classes along with a diet change have helped me lose 20 pounds and keep it off.
Also it goes beyond the gym, last August I was at class when I was informed that my son had fallen and was being rushed to the E.R.
After training at Dragon Gym for almost a year now, I find that I am going that extra mile not only in gym, but in other areas of my life as well.
The positive atmosphere of the gym provides a healthy release for when the stress of school and work feel like too much. Persevering to find his “thing” before his days were taken over by a baby brother and sister, we came across Dragon Gym. I justknow when someone says just the right things to motivate without intimidationand makes behavior management seem like a party game.
Jake thrived having this special place tocall his own and developed a wonderful relationship with Instructor Lonnie.
I kept up with classes, going at least twice per week and slowly adding on more classes as they were available.
After completing the quick start program it was obvious to me that Dragon Gym was what I was looking for in a Gym. Somnath has provided me with a much better understanding of the complex issues related to really training well and getting the best out of yourself.
This event shows the spirit we have as a resource in the community and NOT as just another “membership” driven “mill” type dojang. Having the physical strength to perform the techniques required in advancement of my training is critical to success. Now I am throwing around 28 Kg bells and feel that I should probably be using the next higher bell at least. I have not yet met my goal weight but I am on my way to it and it is all to the fact of coming to dragon gym.
Master Som is very patient with his students and is constantly providing encouragement and praise. At 46 years of age and having had several shoulder surgeries, I never imagined I would ever have this opportunity or meet this challenge, with many more to come. If you are looking for a positive change and results that last, he’s the person to go to!!! I have worked with many different instructors and trainers in the past, yet none have inspired me or helped me reach my full potential like training with Som has.
Incorporating Kettlebells into our TKD training has helped everyone gain strength and endurance, making the cross over amazing.
Som’s integration of kettlebells into the Tae Kwon Do program has truly improved my overall performance.
My son is in the martial arts program for the last three years and recently I enrolled myself in the yoga program.
Of course, once you have a good foundation in one martial art, you will have the opportunity and be encouraged to cross-train. A person could come in and start Muay Thai, or any of the other teachings at any point and go to any other gym. I figured Muay Thai would be great because while I am learning to attack with punches, kicks, elbows and knees I would also be learning how to defend against them.
He was able to talk with Lonnie as another person in his corner and Lonnie told him the story of when he was once bullied as a kid, too. One of my greatest concerns in making the commitment to joining was that I would not be able to find the time to make it to the classes when I also had school and work but Dragon Gym offers so many classes a week and even on the weekends that anyone can really find one that works with their schedule.
I could not have gotten to the level that I am at without the help that Somnath has given me so that I could remain fit, focused, and motivated. This way, you get to learn how each technique benefits you while you are training and in your everyday life. The way Master Sikdar teaches is good because he breaks it down as much as possible for you to understand it. He takes time to explain the fundamentals so that you can understand them and perform them to the best of your ability. Master Som and The Dragon Gym?s value system encourages me to be a better and more productive person on and off the mats. Though my schedule is quite often hectic and times are sometimes out of reach, he is always willing to take time away from class to teach me movements and techniques. He has an incredibly deep understanding of martial arts, fitness, and self discipline, but the most important, which truly makes him one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever worked with, is his patience. Anyone who trains with Som will benefit from his wisdom, and he will help them reach their full potential! He is extremely intelligent and is constantly researching every aspect of multiple martial arts which are constantly changing.
I feel that although I have long way to go, I have made significant improvement thanks to everyone involved.
Their achievements inspire me to get moving and make lasting changes to my physical fitness. Additionally, our Russian Kettlebell classes are all taught by certified expert level instructors. That means a lot to me and shows me that Dragon Gym isn’t just a place that cares about you for the time that you are there, but also cares about you for the time you are not there.
Every time I attend class the instructors teach the classes in a way that keeps them fun while you get an amazing work out in the process. Even if you don’t understand it just ask then he will explain it as much as possible. Being able to train with an RKC certified instructor like Master Sikdar is something that I will always be thankful for, and never take for granted. Som takes the extra time, and goes out of his way to make sure you understand and that you succeed.
I have never left one of Som’s classes without learning something new and that is a mark of a truly great instructor. I’m also new to Philly and looking for my own way to meet people, but also looking for new opportunities to stay active and fit. This program has changed my life completely and I can honestly say I would not have been able to make these changes without the support of Dragon Gym and Coach Lonnie Beck.
The cardio and other exercises are worked into the classes in way that you sometimes don’t even know you are working out.
They teach not only how to execute the proper techniques but also about the culture behind what we do.
Somnath has the great gift of inspiring one to push one’s envelope and go far beyond your comfort zone, to be better than your best!
It was by training under Som, that i was able to obtain my RKC, and without his help, I really doubt I would have ever done that. We have days that are hard work but they leave you feeling accomplished and it is a great way to relieve some stress from school and work. This type of training is where giant strides in physical, mental, and spiritual fitness are achieved. This is most pleasing to me and frankly through my personal struggle with my own health, it’s what keeps me coming back week after week.
Dragon Gym and Master Som are #1 in Chester County for a reason, THEY CARE ABOUT WHAT THEY DO!!!
I can not recommend his services enough, if you ever have the chance to work with Master Sikdar, take it immediately!
The great thing about the quick start program is your given the basic background on the types of strikes you’ll be using in a very small group setting, for mine it was me and one other student. The instructors really do everything that can to help you achieve whatever your goals may be. When you think of Muay Thai, people may think that it is something like a “self-defense” class or just a workout. You get the attention and instruction you need to establish a base for what you will learn next. There are several different techniques in Thai Boxing which are not easy to learn or execute correctly. You’re not just paying for a class you really are investing and contributing to your health and happiness.
It is strange to describe it, but it is a lot easier to learn it because of the methods used for teaching it. I am also now down to 24% BMI and am starting to really see some nice muscular definition (the 6-pack is starting to peek out!). I am especially thankful of Diana Volante for being my kettlebell mentor, supplement guru and friend.

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