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Every time I listen to this I always think I should buy the whole album – I know I would really find it useful! I first started listening to the Anxiety Slayer podcast early last year when I was mega stressed and wondering if I was developing anxiety. In my head I'm a barefoot homesteader with children who are wild and free, and a farm full of flora and fauna.
Listen to the podcast!Grab your plaid and your docs, we're heading back to your teen years to talk all things 90s culture. Over the last few years I got better, then extremely worse (non-sleeping child nearly killed me), then back to being much better again: with thanks to guided meditations reminding me to relax and breathe, and stopping me from mulling over stupid shit that fills my brain before sleep.

I always want to provide good vibes to the world and I chose this one randomly one night when I felt like I’d had a bad week. I find it so hard to switch my brain off and go to Sleepy Town so I’m definitely going to be trying one of these.
My brain is always so busy, I guess it’s more realistic to try not to react than to expect my brain to magically be empty! I suck at it, but it’s a good reminder to breathe and relax your muscles, so I just do that. Definitely need to give sleep meditation a go for those restless nights where no amount of camomile can put me to bed. In reality, we're inner-city townhouse dwellers with exhausted passports, a pantry full of preserves, and a penchant for punk rock and political podcasts.

But I ended up loving the podcast and sometimes just listen to that as I’m falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night. I know this might be a dumb question, but do you have to be good at meditating to feel the benefits?

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