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Initiate coaching and connect individually with your team via email, Facebook message, text or phone call to let them know that you are starting something new in your business that you’ve been wanting to do for a while.
When you are getting started, start by scheduling a coaching call once a month at the beginning of the month for consultants, twice a month for leaders (beginning and middle of the month) and once a week for highly motivated leaders who are building fast and want assistance.
You will need to put sometime into teaching yourself how to coach before you start coaching. This is one of those situations where getting started and not worrying about doing things perfectly is the best way forward.
My next blog will be about how to coach your team, what words to say so you can always be moving your consultants forward in their business! Leave me a comment letting me know what your struggles are around getting started with coaching your team? Filed Under: Blog, Coaching, Direct Sales About SandraIn a previous life, Sandra was an adult educator, counsellor and trainer. Elna Cain has been making the rounds in the blogverse sharing her awesome freelance writing tips. If you’re ready to launch a freelance writing career like I am, there is no better person than Elna because she has definitely walked in our foot steps. I stumbled into freelance writing and within six months was able to replace my full-time income as a teacher only working part-time hours.
I quickly became a sought after freelance writer and blog owners and influencers reach out to me regularly. And what’s great about freelance writing is the freedom to choose your hours, set your rate and pick and choose the clients you want to work with.
When I first started, I picked two writing topics I wanted to write about: parenting and psychology. This quickly became my niche, and now I predominantly write in the digital marketing space. As a new freelance writer, you’re going to have to create sample writing pieces for prospective clients that are interested in your services. Entrepreneurs and small businesses need the assurance that they are hiring a legit freelance writer. If you don’t have a blog, then you can quickly create samples on Medium or on the Pulse. Just remember, when creating sample pieces, write in the niche (or niches) you want to get paid in.
It’s easy for prospects to check out your site and make a quick decision whether or not they want to hire you. Have a professional headshot on your homepage – this immediately personalizes you and shows that you’re not some content agency with 20 writers. Make it easy to contact you – have a contact page on your site and link to your social media profiles. Advertise where you are writing – put the logos of sites you wrote for on your homepage or on a sidebar. You know, when I first started all I had was a Pinterest page and a personal Facebook page. So, I opened up a Twitter account, Google+ account, LinkedIn profile and Facebook fan page. Clients aren’t going to approach you right off the bat when you open up shop as a freelance writer.

If you want a little less competition, you can opt for a paid job board like Paid to Blog Jobs.
Now is the time to put yourself out there and try to land some paid writing gigs.  For many starting out, this is the most nerve-racking part of the process. Freelance writing can be the perfect gig for a stay-at-home mom, blogger or someone who just wants a change from their 9-5 job. It’s possible to make a living from freelance writing and have the stability to do this long term. Putting together fresh, homemade meals becomes easier once  you’ve got a few basic recipes for soups, sauces, and simple dinners under your belt.
Many recipes begin with a simple beef or chicken stock.  You can learn how to make these nourishing, simple soup bases by reading this tutorial.
If a recipe calls for a cream soup, here’s a simple recipe for making that from scratch, too. From these stocks and cream soups, you can create the most delicious meals from light chicken broth to hearty chicken and rice casserole, and many other delicious dinners!
One simple pasta sauce can become your best friend as it will serve for limitless pasta dishes.  Ladle over your favorite noodles and serve simply, or layer into lasagnas or baked ziti or spaghetti and top with fresh mozzarella.
No need to buy taco seasoning packets that are loaded with MSG and ingredients you can’t pronounce any longer. Again, no need to buy a packet.  Make your own chili by simply browning meat, draining grease, and then adding spices from your pantry. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In this post you will discover a step-by-step process for publishing your blog and how to make money from it. You don’t need any special knowledge. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. No matter what topic you want to blog about, there are only three basic steps — a domain name, a hosting account and WordPress software. This page contains affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my full disclosure policy here.
I started Cook Eat Paleo to share the paleo recipes, tips, and tricks I’ve learned on my journey with the paleo diet.
You’ve been told this one thing will help your team members and your own business grow but you have no idea where to start! Let them know you want to start coaching them to help train and support them in their business. Ask them if they are interested and to let you know if  they would like to try it. My maternity leave had ended, and I knew that going back to work wasn’t an option (daycare costs for twins…ouch!). I easily make a living from writing and now I’m exploring other ways of diversifying my income. If you’re seriously thinking about being a freelance writer, here are six incredibly easy steps – these are the steps I took – to start freelancing writing from scratch. Typically you can pick two or three niches (health, WordPress, entrepreneurship for example), but to be really successful, you’ll want to hone your skills and excel in one niche. I wanted to learn everything about it since I wanted to grow my business and my email list.
This is by far the best way to not only land clients, but also to grow your freelance writing business.

Because it shows prospects that someone else thought your writing was good enough for their blog. But, I knew if I wanted to grow my business and land more clients, I had to make a presence online.
I started promoting my blog content, guest posts and eventually my client pieces on my social media profiles. A few months into freelance writing I looked up web design and printing companies in my hometown and met with each company. But, if you feel you need a bit more guidance, I have a new course for bloggers and aspiring writers called Write Your Way to Your First $1k. While it may sound complicated, this page will walk you through each step (with pictures!). If your name is already taken, you will see a screen that tells you that domain name is not available for registration.  Just keep trying different names until you find one that is available.
It acts as a design, security, and SEO foundation for your blog, and has many different themes to choose from. This means that if you make a purchase through one of these links, your price remains the same and I will receive a small commission. After going gluten, grain, and dairy-free for health reasons, I had to relearn how to cook and bake without all the ingredients I’d always used. You’ve waited so long to start coaching that you feel bad even connecting with a downline that hasn’t ever or hardly ever heard from you!
This is where you can explain your services, house your portfolio, collect testimonials and have a blog.
I let them know there was a freelance writer in town and to call me with any ad hoc pieces. It will teach you how to be a sought after online writer and give you the tools to make your first $1,000 and more. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing, ghostwriting and copywriting services. And that I’ve used to help friends and clients start blogs on everything from fitness to horses to parenting. You can access your dashboard through the Login URL link on your confirmation screen or email. If you have members who work during the day then schedule them at their lunch hour or have a specific evening for coaching calls with people who also have a day job.
Read the literature, watch the videos and get all the information you need to do this effectively. Your consultant will be so pleased to have someone to talk to about their business, someone who is a sounding board and who has experienced the same struggles as they have and someone who has other ideas on how to do their business. Best of all, you will be someone who they can be accountable to which in this business is crucial! Believe me, your consultant wants to be coached if they are really into building a business!
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