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In the spirit of getting excited for the weekend and our LIVE BE YOGA tour, we're giving away a two pairs of Kora leggings — ideal for the active yogi who loves to move from mat to the great outdoors. Enter to win. Browse our list of yoga poses, get step-by-step instruction in YOGAPEDIA, study up on lifestyle + meet top teachers at our YJLIVE Events. Plus, watch videos to enhance your practice. Since filtering what we share on social media has become the norm, Bad Yogi Erin Motz offered to take us behind the scenes of her Instagram account. Yogi Paige Held shares how she takes her yoga practice off the mat by trying to stay mindful in everyday life.

Find peace and empowerment in this guided meditation from Sonima and Elena Brower using mantra and affirmation to expand consciousness and increase joy. Yoga teacher and licensed psychotherapist Ashley Turner says yoga is the key to psychological and emotional healing as well as resolving issues with self-confidence, relationships, and more.
Guest teacher Mary Beth LaRue guides us through a second-chakra-igniting sequence to spark creativity. From there you'll be ready to turn off the autopilot and shake things up in your life—maybe to the soundtrack of these 4 hot yoga DJs.

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