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In later times, high initiates hid the essence of the sacred secret into the Bible and developed a series of ciphers that enabled the hidden wisdom to be unlocked by the privileged few, many of who are among the most prominent people in history.
In explaining why the Holy Bible was always considered a divine book, The Secret in the Bible the second book by Australian author Tony Bushby, reveals new knowledge about the ancient secrets of Egypt and the Bible and the significance of these secrets cannot be taken lightly. A Pope stuns his cardinals Vati Leaks 09-Apr-2016An extraordinary papal confession Vati Leaks 08-Apr-2016Can you believe this?

That cherished insight was guarded with utmost secrecy through the millennia and revealed only to selected members of certain Mystery Schools. Leave your possessions to the Church’ Vati Leaks 19-Dec-2012Italian Catholic Church to pay property tax from next year Vati Leaks 14-Dec-2012Why aren't Christians told about this?

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