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For several years, up until recently, some of the most popular apps that you could download in the Apple App Store were Emoji symbol apps.
With all of these Emoji symbols built right into your iPhone, there is no reason why you can’t find the perfect way to express yourself!
Apple's Mail app for iOS has shown gradual improvement over the years, but it's still missing one key feature: a filter or view that shows only your unread messages.Or is it? Turns out Mail can perform that handy function very easily -- if you know where to look for the setting. Unfortunately, the old tricks won’t work anymore, but fret not there is a solution that does. If you want, you can also drag it (using the "handle" on the right edge) up to the top of the list so it's more readily available.Drag the Unread view to the top for easier access to it. Happy dance!While in step three, you may have noticed one other tantalizing option: Attachments.

Enable this for an inbox view that shows only those messages that have -- wait for it -- attachments! This change was linked to a Chrome bug  which is described here in the Chromium development bug tracker as Issue 395425.
Note that if you have Chrome pinned onto the taskbar, you may have to edit that shortcut, or create a new one and edit it. Our savvy commenters have pointed our that Chrome 37+ is using a new registry location to ensure that Chrome for both 64bit and 32bit Windows knows that it needs to use HiDPI.
This is why the old tricks don’t work any more.I know that’s it is a pain to edit the registry files, but fortunately, some handy little files are already available on the Chromium site.
Click “yes”The Registry Editor will issue a warning saying “Adding information can unintentionally change or delete values and cause components to stop working correctly. If you do not trust the source of this information in [file path], do not add it to the registry.

If you see crazy font spacing, it may be due to this known bug.If I wait long enough, the freeze magically go away, but this is something that I had never experienced before switching to high DPI mode. I did it, it wasn’t fun, and re-installing Chrome didn’t solve it since the settings were apparently left in Windows after the uninstall. This option was removed around March 13 2014.You may also find a second proposition which consists in adding command-line arguments to the Chrome app shortcut to enable HiDPI. If a few can pitch in a little, everyone’s computing experience will improve.Filed in Computers.

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