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The graphic below breaks down basic English grammar into eight branches, and then breaks down each branch a bit further. Color and creativity of the image appeals to people who’ve already internalized most grammar. By now, saying that “the iPad is a great tool for customizing the classroom” wouldn’t exactly be breaking news. Interactive Student's Book with more than 130 self-evaluating SCORM activities, plus videos, animations and audios at the reach of all students and allowing teachers to link their own resources and comments. This mind map gives a comprehensive overview of verbs and tenses used in the English language. This second edition of English in Mind updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over. A Student’s Book DVD-ROM contains games, extra exercises and video dramas featuring the photostory characters.
This second edition updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over.
Projects and writing tasks allow students to build up their own language portfolios, developing learner independence and giving students a practical use for the language. Teacher's Resource Book with photocopiable grammar and communication activities gives teachers lots of support and flexibility.
A condensed 14 units per level means classes can cover the entire syllabus in a school year. A 'Get it right!' section based on information from the unique Cambridge Learner Corpus tackle problem areas common to learners of each level.
An eight-page 'Welcome' section in each level and a full Starter level for complete beginners provide multiple course entry points. Here's the easy way to improve your English in a way that works with your brain's natural learning mechanisms so that you learn in a way that is interactive, colourful and fun. We have built our reputation on supplying you with Mind Maps and Mind Map Tutors that are easy to learn, simply to use and produce fast results. Why an English Mind Map Tutor?The idea of creating a Mind Map Tutor for English Grammar first dawned on me when I was learning Dutch, while living in The Netherlands. While the Mind Maps helped me and was definitely the key to obtaining the Diploma in the space of one year (which consisted of four examinations - reading, writing, listening and speaking) - they were not compiled into one cohesive whole. Our English Grammar Mind Map Tutor was therefore designed to workA holistically from the beginning.

You can start at the main Mind Map and drill into the details, or you can dive directly into the area that you want to learn.
You could also benefit from the experience I gained during the learning of a foreign language, Dutch.
My son, who was seven years old when we went to The Netherlands, learned Dutch much quicker than I did, as he did not ask questions and was prepared to make mistakes.
While it took me much longer to learn the language, it also took me much longer to forget what I had learned. I still remember the rules nearly ten years later, while my son has forgotten nearly everything. With the Interactive Mind Map Tutor, you will also be able to add your own examples, or expand on the explanations given. So - If you are serious about learning English Grammar, but are frustrated by complex English Grammar text books, our English Mind Map Tutor is what you need. The 'Elements of Style' gives you practical tips on writing that can be applied immediately.
To get instant access to both the English Grammar Mind Map Tutor and The Elements of Style (Strunk), simply buy now by clicking on the button below. Your unique download link will be sent immediately, so that you can get started right away. Even though each branch can be fairly linear, something about the whole branching visualization of it doesn’t usually speak to me. Engaging content and a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary combine to make this course a hit with both teachers and students. If you’d like to share your successes in the language classroom, offer an opinion or pass on a teaching tip, get in touch! Full pages of teaching tips and ideas, 'Memo from Mario', have been written by methodology expert, Mario Rinvolucri.
We have built an interactive Mind Map Tutor that can be used as both an easy reference as well as a step by step tutor. You need to learn the Grammar rules and structures to ensure everything you learn goes into long term memory.
Learning Dutch Grammar gave me the structure I needed, but it took much longer to learn the language. Each topic has numerous examples to clarify the topic, making it easy to learn the theory and see the application of the theory.

In this way you become the centre of your own learning process, ensuring that you are in charge of the situation at all times.
It is one of the most influential and best-known prescriptive treatments of English grammar and usage in the United States.
This mind map will explain what a noun does and gives examples for each of the different types of nouns (common, proper, collective, compound, idea and gerund.). While that’s fine (and I literally cringe when I see people misuse apostrophes), sometimes I think that we need to give grammar a little bit of a break. I do hope that this mind map can serve as a useful reminder of the verb tenses in the English language. Popular course features have been refreshed with new content, including the imaginative reading and listening topics, 'Culture in Mind', and 'Everyday English' sections.
Each Mind Map has been designed to be learned as a singular stand-alone unit, yet form part of a bigger picture.
This enables you to not only learn and memorise the subject, but also access numerous examples to help you understand better. It originally detailed eight elementary rules of usage, ten elementary principles of composition, "a few matters of form," and a list of commonly misused words and expressions.
English grammar can be tough – it is a language full of as many exceptions as there are rules, and especially for those who are learning English as a second language, the grammar piece can be rough.
When I was teacher of History and Geography in a junior high school, I started to use mind mapping and concept mapping with my pupils . Brand NEW for the second edition is a DVD-ROM with the Student's Book containing games, extra exercises and videos featuring the photostories' characters as well as a 'Videoke' record-yourself function. Updated editions of the paperback book are often required reading for American high school and college composition class a€”A Excerpted from The Elements of Style on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is written in an easy to read style with tips that can be applied immediately to your writing. Now I develop projects and I train about Innovation in Education with mindmapping, concept mapping and digital tools. There is a full 'Vocabulary bank' at the back of the book which expands upon lexical sets learned in the units.

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