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Based on the idea that many people are raised in dysfunctional families, Halpern has created Enhancing Self-Esteem. Self-help products to help you stop smoking, find the right partner, relax created by Jackie Hill, Fast Forward Therapies, stop smoking books, relaxation cds, relationship books, cds, mp3 downloads.
The moment it finished I stripped of my clothes, my bed clothes, opened all of the windows and HAD to go and take a shower! Recommended by John Bradshaw and many others, this program is enhanced with a series of short, positive suggestions, recorded subliminally. For a full list of affirmations used on this CD, please refer to the liner notes which can be found by clicking on the link below.

This recording combines Halpern's specially composed anti-frantic music with powerful subliminal messages to help listeners feel better about themselves and nurture feelings of well-being and personal empowerment. A week may not sound a long time but after smoking continuously for 54 years it is a great achievement for me. Each card corresponds to an activity in the book, and can be used together or on their own. You'll receive my monthly newsletter and previews of my new releases weeks before they are released to the public.
108 pages, spiral-bound.The 72, thought-provoking cards are versatile when working with a group.

My next achievement is to try and forget that I was ever a smoker, I don't know if this is possible but I would love to leave it in the past and forget about it!

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