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Starz Network finalized another deal at Toronto International Film Festival with the pick-up of the psychological thriller Every Secret Thing. When a three-year-old girl goes missing, a small suburban New York town must revisit a tragic crime from seven years earlier.
Every Secret Thing was produced by Anthony Bregman (Begin Again, Enough Said) and Frances McDormand. Pitched somewhere between a David Fincher crime procedural, a Denis Lehane suspense novel and a a€?Mommie Dearesta€? melodrama, documentarian Amy Berga€™s move into the feature-length world of dramatic narrative is by nature of the material, an uneven one.
Told from several character viewpoints, a a€?Rashomona€?-effect begins to accrue, but it never builds into much of a head of steam. As the dogged detective haunted by this crime, Elizabeth Banks is extremely good and shows her range beyond the broad comedy shea€™s often been relegated to (and directors should take note). For a crime procedural, a€?Every Secret Thinga€? is often incisive and effectivea€”DP Rob Hardya€™s atmospheric shroud of shadows and distressed ochres makes for a terrific mood of dread and suggested trauma. Known for her insightful documentaries, a€?West of Memphis,a€? and a€?Deliver Us From Evil,a€? Berg certainly makes some strong cinematic choices throughout evincing both a sharp eye for camera placement that feels initially extremely assured. Co-starring Common and Sarah Sokolovic (a standout in a supporting role) as the bi-racial, low-income parents of the missing child, Berga€™s drama plays with a lot of ideas about race, gender, class, body issues, socio-economic circumstance and more, but at the end of the day, ita€™s all tangential texture for what turns out to be a fairly traditional crime mystery about what it means to be bad. The obsessives' guide to contemporary cinema via film discussion, news, reviews, features, nostalgia, movie music, soundtracks, DVDs and more. Tags: Every Secret Thing (2014), every secret thing filmini izle, Every Secret Thing(2014) This entry was posted in Crime, Drama, Movies. Download free movies, Watch free movies, Avi, HD, Divx, Streaming, Ios, Mpeg, Mp4, Tube, HDQ, 1080p, Android.
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Directed by award-winning filmmaker Amy Berg and based on the 2004 novel of the same name, Every Secret Thing stars Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, Dakota Fanning, Danielle MacDonald, Common and Nate Parker. The underage perpetrators of the original crime, Alice Manning and Ronnie Fuller (Danielle Macdonald and Dakota Fanning), have been released from prison after coming of age and, justly or unjustly, come under suspicion once again. Every Secret Thing is a psychological thriller that also questions our judgment of the socio-economic fabric of suburban America.
Executive producers are Palmstar’s Kevin Frakes, Merced Media’s Raj Singh and Stuart Brown, Hyde Park’s Ashok Amritraj, Likely Story’s Stefanie Azpiazu, and Michael Bederman.
After being humiliatingly shunned from a birthday party, two young girls that just want to fit in discover an unattended baby in stroller on a porch and steal it away.

She's sheltered by her domineering mother (Diane Lane) and at the same time she vanishes for hours on end to go God knows where.
Instead, a€?Every Secret Thinga€?a€”which suggests a movie about community, and the rippling impact of a tragedy on onea€”doesna€™t really achieve its mark and tends to suffer from POV issues.
The film wisely toys with the preconceived perceptions of various characters, but often just lands them in the obvious place anyhow. But the narrative of the book ultimately gets very familiar: how many times has a mystery whodunit left you in the dark and then slowly unfold to reveal the real killer in the last few moments with a twist thata€™s supposed to disturb? But too many character behaviors seem rooted in preordained novel-to-script obligations instead of genuine motivation. Prilikom istrage preispituje se proslost i sadasnjost kao i maloljetni pocinitelji zlocina koji su pusteni iz zatvora.. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Bloomfield! Pick up includes all distribution rights for the U.S and will include a theatrical release and a pay TV premiere on STARZ.
Detective Porter (Elizabeth Banks), who cracked the original case and is now the investigating officer of the missing girl, must examine her conscience and her deeply conflicted memories of the former crime. Making her narrative debut here, Berg directs the hell out of every crime segment in the film, and therea€™s a strong level of craft in sequences that would make Fincher and a€?Se7ena€? DP Darius Khondji proud. Ostensibly a movie about shame, manipulation and the childhood traumas that can manifest horribly, the damages behind these characters are eventually revealed, but they dona€™t always add up convincingly. The inevitable tragedy occurs and the kids from the wrong side of the tracks are sent to a juvenile detention center until they are eighteen.
Is it the story of a detective with emotional baggage seeking to unravel a mystery surrounding missing children? Ita€™s disconcerting to see the fat, ugly, irritating young girl play the overweight, unattractive, irritating rogue of the movie and all that it suggests (and ita€™s about as contemptible a character as you can get).
Dakota Fanning is also compelling as Ronnie, the meeker half of the two girls, but she isna€™t given a lot to do. The inherent cheap antagonist traitsa€”the controlling mom with a secret, the unhinged daughtera€”just go down a little tastelessly. Any videos shown on 3rd party websites have passed their own stringent internal vetting procedures and as such are assumed as fully authorized for publication by the content owners.
Alice’s mother, Helen Manning (Diane Lane), is given a chance to save her daughter from her complicated past.

And Nicole Holofcenera€™s adaptation of the book doesna€™t have any real egregious material, at least not in its dialogue. Fast forward about eight or nine years and Alice (Danielle Macdonald) and Ronnie (Dakota Fanning) are now released, but the community around them hasna€™t forgiven or forgotten their heinous crime. But when the child of a local couple goes missing just days after Alice and Ronnie are released from juvenile detention, a determined, but self-doubting detective (Elizabeth Banks) with a personal stake in the original crime, and her partner (Nate Parker), begin to investigate this mystery and in doing so run up against a clandestine shade of secrets, lies and misdirection. Given her unfortunate circumstances, the movie never really tries to make us empathize with her. But Diane Lane and Danielle Macdonald are just millimeters away from raising their antagonist eyebrows too archly and while minute, ita€™s perceptible.
Berg brings a lot of control and precision to her crime tale at the outset, much like Denis Villeneuvea€™s film, which makes it all the more disappointing when the film wanders and her characters seemingly drift away from her cool control.
Yes, shea€™s supposed to be the product of something more insidious, but a bit more sympathy measured her way might have rounded the character out and made her feel less cartoonish. Whata€™s the psychological underpinnings of such a deed (that feels rather far-fetched from minute one)?
In truth, ita€™s all these things, working in tandem and all three of the main characters, Elizabeth Banks, Diane Lane, and Danielle Macdonald own the story. We neither endorse, make any representations nor accept any liability (whether direct or indirect) for such third party web sites or their content, products or services offered at those web sites, or by their sponsoring companies.
The movie gently paints them as outcasts, but then slowly pans back to reveal the truths, but the answers are both unpersuasive and fairly rote. But a lack of central and constantly shifting viewpoint does cloud the narrative and focus. If you have any complaints about the rights of the video, do not contact Us but content owners and their video services where the source is.
It also precludes the movie from having a taut snap; 90 minutes feels more like a drawn-out two hours.

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