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There might be something to those vampire legends: a creepy new experiment has shown that, when infused with the blood of younger mice, older mice grow more nerve cells in their brains and become more adroit at navigating maze environments. The researchers argue if the same goes for humans, the findings could be a boon to new approaches to treating the effects of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease.
DNews takes a look at how examining the blood of the world's oldest person could tell us how long humans can survive.
Wyss-Coray and colleagues paid particular attention to the hippocampus -- the region of the brain that is critical for forming certain types of memories, particularly memories involving spatial patterns.
Studies have shown that the hippocampus is very responsive to experience and becomes larger as you file away more information.

After infusing older mice with plasma from the blood of younger mice, the cells in these brain regions of the older mice came back to life.
Hippocampal nerve cells from the older mice became better at strengthening the connections between one nerve cell and another a€” essential to learning and memory. In a test in which the mice were trained to quickly locate a submerged platform in a water-filled container, the older mice became faster after the plasma infusions. It is among the areas of the brain that shows most deterioration in patients with dementia.
The group has started a company that is planning a small clinical trial that would give Alzheimera€™s patients a series of injections of plasma from young donors.

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