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Her columns Mothering and A Certain Age appeared every three weeks in Newsday from 1993-2005. Her novels include Surviving the Seasons (Delacorte), No Regrets (Viking), and Love Lies (Simon and Schuster). A secret courtyard garden for my mother reminiscent of the tropical paradise where she was born, a spot where she could sit outdoors in the shade and inhale the familiar fragrances that remind her of her native home. Because my mother is from the beautiful Visayan islands of the Philippines, I wanted the natural and authentic look of the provinces. To transport this island sensibility to the volatile and sometimes extreme climate of southwest Oklahoma would be a challenge.
I brought over plants and accessories from my own garden and my husband Joseph built four raised beds to further optimize the area, which consists of two different sized parcels about 15 feet wide at most and 150 feet long from end to end. This sheltered setting is the gateway to the courtyard, which can be described as a lush Garden of Eden.
Throughout the day and evening, my mother takes a break from her daily tasks and sits in her shaded sanctuary.
My parents staked out this property when we arrived as one of the first Asian families to settle in southwest Oklahoma.
When picking vegetables to grow with your kids, choose seeds that germinate quickly and opt for transplants for those vegetables that take longer to produce something edible. Edited to Add: Nancy blogged about a school gardening project that was a great success in getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. If this article was useful to you, subscribe to my RSS feed and never miss a great small-space gardening tip!

Gardening BookshelfThese are books that I really enjoyed reading (and refer back to regularly). In Small-Space Container Gardens, Fern Richardson walks you through the process of beautifying a small space–even when you have a similarly small budget. She is currently completing a new book, Leaving Long Island, a memoir about being a woman of a certain age (born in 1946) and surviving the loss of a child, the explosive end of a long marriage, and the discovery of a genetic inheritance (the BRCA 1 gene) endemic to the Ashkenazi Jewish population. Bounded by the house, a tall wooden fence, and two gates, the enclosure forms a secret courtyard: an ideal microclimate that shelters exotic plants and flowers from the harsh southwest Oklahoma sun. A row of sampaguita—jasmine—the fragrant national flower of our native land, and a prolific mandevilla vine with showy, pale white blooms forms the beginnings of a trellised background. We are now in our third generation and contemplate ways to update and renovate the space to fit our needs over time, especially with a former Cornell architecture student in the family. Fifty-nine percent of American children are either overweight or obese according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on container gardening in apartments and condos. It is a second-half-of-life story, without any sensational theme of surviving molestation, substance abusive or captivity, but a dead-true depiction of an ordinary life of pain and happy second chances. There are layers upon layers of potted and in-ground plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, among them: fern, cannas, casablanca and calla lilies, lily-of-the-valley, sweet potato, three gardenia topiaries, roses, lavender, mona lavender, begonia, Swedish ivy, tarragon, a grape vine, a persimmon bush, and four varieties of individually potted heirloom tomatoes.
We plant vegetables to harvest throughout the summer and well into the first killing frost in October or November: long beans, bitter melon, cucumber, three varieties of eggplant, and four varieties of tomatoes.
So much family history and memories are wrapped up in the centrally located house and grounds that our home will always be a lighthouse beckoning in an ocean of change, a legacy for future generations.

If you grow vegetables with your kids, they’re more likely to taste the fruits of their labor. The tropical spa ambience is enhanced with more than a half dozen phalaenopsis orchid plants growing out of a moss-lined, wrought iron trough, along with moss-lined hanging baskets shaped like balls and filled with Wandering Jew and pothos.
A large urn holds herbs: basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, coriander, and a Thai pepper plant. But I’ve also seen the pride kids take in a radish they grew from seed in a paper cup. If you’re new to vegetable gardening in containers, I highly recommend the book Bountiful Container. Towards the gate leading to the orchard and front yard, redwood planters contain fraises des bois strawberries, rosemary, sage, chives, garlic, three varieties of heirloom tomatoes, and three varieties of peppers.
Along the fence are trellises of cucumber and bitter melon, eggplant, okra, and three varieties of tomatoes. Same thing if you take them with you to the farmer’s market and they meet the farmer and can talk to him about how he grew the corn they selected for a BBQ later that afternoon. Get kids excited about and interested in fresh fruits and vegetables by making the process of obtaining them personal and fun.

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