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At Counseling Solutions we will work with our clients to formulate solutions to help you find hope, wisdom, and joy.
Doctor Rivest offers a safe, supportive environment where you will experience encouragement and compassion to motivate you to make positive changes. This entry was posted in Counselor Directory and tagged Counselor on February 6, 2014 by Jean L. In the first few mentoring sessions you will learn what to do to experience the relationship improvement you want.
More therapists are also in the process of being trained and adding themselves to this public listing. Maybe that's why the nationwide relapse rate for typical marital therapy runs as high as 50 percent. First, understand the difference between a general practitioner and a Relationship Specialist.
Second, understand that not all therapists advertising as "marriage counselors" are Relationship Specialists. After ten years, the Relationship Specialist will have facilitated more than 10,000 couples sessions. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be relied on or considered to be either counseling advise or therapeutic intervention.

I am very involved in the session at all times and will honestly communicate to you what I see, feel and think. I begin by establishing a vision for the relationship, which incorporates the ideals of both members.
I meet initially with you both as a couple, then each individually, then another session as a couple. This is the concept that we should have Unconditional Positive Regard for clients, even if our world views are drastically different than theirs, and even if we find their behavior morally repugnant.
When I did my training at the University of Florida, we first learned, then used, Person-Centered Therapy techniques.
I’ll add here that by no means am I a Person-Centered Therapy expert, nor am I an expert on Rogers. However, psychologists are uniquely able to provide comprehensive psychological testing and legal evaluations that may be requested by a physician or attorney. The common denominator is that they have a problem like you that they have not been able to resolve on their own. My mission as a Couples Communication Mentor is to provide you with tools to heal past hurts and to create a relationship that is loving and full of mutual understanding, respect and joy. We bring on new therapists four times a year to maximize their training in supporting you as a couple in one of the most challenging points of any marriage.

Person-Centered Therapy advocated for Unconditional Positive Regard, use of a reflective technique, and a more egalitarian counseling relationship between counselor and client.
It’s a real growing experience when you have been taught to have Unconditional Positive Regard for all people. A problem that is creating stress and stealing their ability to live meaningful and productive lives.
Don’t wait, call today for help and take your first step toward renewed hope, wisdom, and joy. Steven M Cohn, PhD, LMFT expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for your reliance on the information presented on this website.
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