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Your cat is an absolutely gorgeous tortoiseshell, which is a color classification and not a breed.
I was told he's a husky, I fell in love with him without making sure what a white husky looks like.
Someone mentioned that the poster might be in Israel, and I'm pretty sure they are a fairly common breed in Europe.
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It seems as if you are saying first that very few horses of Sorraia blood (part or pure) came over to the Americas.
The statement that most likely only a small percentage of the horses the Spanish conquerors brought over were Sorraias, or of predominantly Sorraia blood, was made to acknowledge that they brought over horses of a variety of types and lineages. Regarding Sorraia-type mustangs, it is also a fact that we don't know of anyone in America's history who ever bred mustangs, or horses, of Sorraia type. In regard to the other question: There is no way that Sorraia ancestry can be proven by way of a DNA test. The real problem however is when people classify horses as Sorraia types which in reality do not conform to that type. One of the biggest problem is that so-called experts proclaim horses to be of Spanish type who don't really have a clue what a Spanish, or an Iberian, horse typically looks like.
During this maintenance period, the site has been upgraded to the newest versions to enhance the user experience. It's difficult to tell since the pooch is so young, but my guess would be a white German Shepherd, or some kind of Shepherd mix.

Which explains the presence of genes in American horses from which different types could be a€“ and were a€“ developed, by the environment and by selective breeding.
Therefore, if we can still find Sorraia types today in the wild anywhere in the West it is not because of Man's efforts, but due to Mother Nature's influences.
It is also unrealistic to think Sorraia types, or let's say mustangs with a Sorraia inheritance, could only be found among registered horses, like SMR or SSMA horses. Horses of Iberian type, or Spanish type, or Sorraia type crop out in several BLM herds, as well as in horses bred within the Spanish Mustang Registry, and other such registries. Please note we are still working on the site, so its appearance may change from time to time over the next few days. There is a review form on each Suppliers and Breeders page where you can read other customer comments and and leave your own feedback. Finally, you make the statement that, with most mustangs being descendants of Iberian horses, and not having been tampered with by Man, we can reasonably assume a more unadulterated ancestry in those mustangs of good Sorraia type. I had the tests done in the late 1990s to prove or disprove Sorraia blood in the mustang population, and that is the only thing the test can do. When dedicating oneself to the preservation of Sorraia-type mustangs, it is important to maintain a standard of perfection, which can only be the morphology of the Sorraia. It is a fact that the best Sorraia types have been found in the Kiger herd of southeastern Oregon and the Sulphur Springs herd of southwestern Utah - which doesn't mean there couldn't occasionally be others just as good in other BLM herds.
And in no instance could it be verified whether such a horse got its characteristics by tracing back to stock of the Conquistadors, or rather to later Iberian imports. With your help this guide will grow into the best Buyers Guide of recommended Poultry Suppliers to help other poultry keepers when buying live poultry,chickens,hens or bantams. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. The characteristics we find in these horses aren't present because someone bred for them - they were retained from the original type.

Do these "American Sorraias" really play a role in the conservation of the Sorraia gene pool? The rehabilitation of the Sorraia through breeding of Sorraia-type mustangs is still in its infancy and doesn't merit a term like that.
Since then, all mustang populations have been exposed to all kinds of other blood, and there is no pure Sorraia among any of today's mustangs. Any breeder who is creating a different set of defining criteria is pursuing a different agenda than the safeguarding and consolidation of the important atavistic qualities of the Sorraia, which have survived in certain North American mustangs, and actually diminishes and damages the preservation efforts already underway. It is conceivable, though, that some years down the road there will come horses from such breeding programs that are so good in type, and breed true, so that a term like that may be appropriate or legitimate. It must be mentioned here, though, that the Portuguese Sorraias aren't pure, either, so it is conceivable that expert programs will produce horses in the future which will hold their own alongside the Portuguese horses. For instance: As mtDNA is only inherited through the maternal line (bottom female line), a horse's ancestors in all other lines could have had other mtDNA. It is conceivable, though, that some years down the road there will come horses from such breeding programs that are so good in type, andA  breed true, so that a term like that may be appropriate or legitimate.
Right now, I'm investigating that site trying to find a cat breed whose head is shaped like Deilah.
Unless you have papers stating your cat is a purebred, they usually have a big family tree with lots of branches.

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