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Tom is the source where older singles, age 50-plus, go for information on finding love after 50. One of the benefits of reading the weekly e-letter is your ability to communicate directly with me.
Love After 50," (August, 2009) is going to help them answer that question—and possibly lead them to finding a mate for themselves. This hard cover book has more than 200 pages of fascinating and helpful information on how and where to find love after 50. Finding Love After 50 is a must read for divorced or widowed men and women who want to meet a mate. Middle Aged and Dating Again is a 53-year-old man's odyssey of trying to find a mate after his wife emptied the house and left.
March 25, 2015 By admin I recently gave a talk to a group of awesome people at Mariner’s Church who were either recently divorced or in the middle of a divorce.
The 1st Essential in ensuring lasting love post divorce is our ability to develop insight and awareness regarding some things about ourselves and our relational qualities (or lack thereof). Many people, naturally, move through divorce in emotional pain and a need to see their ex as the “bad guy”.
Research confirms that our chances to remain married significantly decrease with our second and third marriages.
Generally speaking, people typically end marriages in two dominant emotional states: Guilt ridden or Resentful. In our culture, divorce is still a dirty work with lots of negative stigma associated with it. Getting a clear direction of what you’re looking for and what you’re trying to avoid will help you to develop a more clear and conscious picture in your mind of what it is you need in a relationship. If you find yourself in a rebound relationship, don’t judge it, just understand it for what it is and what it’s providing you. Caution:  There are large amounts of oxytocin running through your brain and you’re not thinking clearly. Being single after a recent divorce can be a wonderful opportunity to learn, or relearn all of the tools and skills necessary for a successful relationship. For some, going through a divorce will turn out to be the biggest blessing as you find and settle into a relationship that you’ve always dreamed of. Finding love after 60 is a major topic of discussion and curiosity for women in the Sixty and Me community – and with good reason. This leaves many women wondering whether it is worth re-entering the dating world and looking for the best way to go about finding love after 60. We recently posed a question on Facebook to our Sixty and Me community, asking women our age who might have gone through a recent divorce and entering the world of over 60 dating for the first time. The feedback and insights from the Sixty and Me community are always enlightening and this is especially true when it comes to matters of the heart. Many women our age are having a hard time trusting men – whether due to a painful divorce or a series of disappointing dating experiences.
A few women mentioned that they observed many men our age are emotionally damaged and others find that they no longer trust men’s motives.
Many women our age might have had marriages where the man was “in charge” and where we might have felt we were making our own interests and needs subservient to his.
Other women said that even though they realize that they do not “need” a man to make them happy, they would like to find someone to share their lives with. One challenge of dating over 60 is that the whole concept of romantic relationships has a different meaning for this stage of life. Women our age want to be appreciated and have someone to share adventures and laughter with. Some women enjoy the fun of meeting new people and going on casual dates, while others might find casual dating to be lonely or disappointing.
Some women might distrust the motives of men who have been divorced multiple times, or who seem needy or inattentive.
According to comments from our community on Facebook, there are many places for women to find love after 60.
Other women have met good men at church or in community organizations, or just while out walking in the park. Often the conversation about dating over 60 focuses on the idea that women are at an inherent disadvantage with too many eligible women our age chasing too few good men.
Before your first date, try to understand the psychology of an older man – he is also probably feeling a bit nervous, hesitant and afraid of rejection.
Perhaps the most encouraging sign from our informal Facebook poll is that the vast majority of women over 60 seem to be optimistic about the prospect for love in their lives. Not on the market myself but my mom, who is 86, has been in a relationship with a man who she knew from a circle of friends that they were both a part of. As far as finding someone or them finding you I have done OLD, meet up groups, volunteer work, hanging out with friends, joining groups, just about ran the gammit of doing everything and not to meet someone but just to enjoy life..
Oh G-d no – it was bad enough in my teens and twenties … I am so happy single!!! I don’t say it is impossible that a 60 year-old man fall in love with a 60y woman, but it is quite like winning the lottery as Gail says. Thus far, it ranks as the most frightening decision of my life and coincidentally, the one that set me free. The woman I was at 31 is unrecognizable to me, as the woman I am now, at 34 (it feels like three lifetimes ago). The most difficult part of ending a marriage, is leaving behind the companionship and partnership (fulfilling or not). When we marry, we adopt an instant partner—an eating partner, a sleeping partner, an ‘obligatory social engagement’ attendee partner, a travel partner, a movie and television viewing partner, an ‘I need help zipping my zipper’ partner, a  ‘changing the air filter’ partner, a hand holding partner, a fighting partner, a laughing partner, a sex partner, a parenting partner, a ‘when you have a bad day at work’ venting partner, an ‘I’m on your side when your mom is driving you nuts’ partner.
This is a mistake we must make, in order to recognize the recipe for finding real love within ourselves and within our relationships. For all the women who have boldly gone where now 50 percent of the population has gone, I want to offer some insights as you embrace your new life.
I hope whether you are 25, 35, 45 or 55,  you can extract something valuable from this article and apply it in your life. It is important to fulfill your most fundamental and primal needs without the burden of a relationship as you are healing and reclaiming your individuality. This is also an opportunity, to make friends with your body and become comfortable in your skin.
When we are in our most vulnerable state, we are the closest to our authentic self—this is where love is found within and recognized by others. You will need time to process all of your experiences, so being alone and focusing on yourself is an organic progression on this path.
Until we are alone, we don’t realize how much we isolate ourselves from the world when we aren’t alone—when we are part of a couple. Finding your passion is like marrying the man of your dreams, but it’s even better than that—your passion will never divorce you.
For those of us who were married for extensive periods of time, male friends were non-existent. We have a tendency to keep distance in our friendships when we are in a relationship or marriages, because of our priorities and lack of time to do it all. Divorce is like ripping off a blindfold–you will learn who your true friends are immediately.
The ones who stick around—those are your friends, keep them close.  If a person who is not blood related stands by your side when you are in the dark, you can be certain, they really love you. The first person you fall in love with after your spouse, is as intense as your first love. If you are anything like me, you missed out on your entire twenties–the era of dead end dating, one night stands, failed relationships and a closet full of wisdom to wear. We need time to catch up with everyone else, so dive in and just know you will always come out the other side, no matter how painful it is. Talk with someone who is not your friend, not your mother, not your aunt and preferably has a degree hanging on their wall.
We all have unresolved issues and traumas, even if we don’t think we do. We all need someone objective to sit and listen, offer advice, a healthy perspective and  validate our perceptions.

Maybe, you will reflect on the time you spent alone, as the most petrifying and liberating period in your life.
Rebecca Lammersen is the founder of Yogalution, an intimate, boutique style yoga studio in Scottsdale, AZ. I am newly divorced and in the middle of all of the messiness and fear and loneliness and discovery and dating and sex and feeling disappointed by friends and family I thought would be there for me and finding myself. Freedom is the best place to discover ourselves and ring happiness again thank you for share your journey, I think I’m a the five point and as you say before without hurry and so happy to found that the first and best partner of my life has always being me ?? thanks again for all !! Unfortunately fast forward 9 years and I have learned a lot about myself I am a good person and a lot more maturer and wiser but yes now my boys have decided to go live with their dad and I still have not been able to find love because I have drilled it into my head to NOT settle so I think I have just become so used to convincing myself that I can be strong and independent that now I'm totally alone and it hits you.
Now that I'm experiencing this stage I just want to let others know to be aware of this trait that we may be forming without even realizing it. I’ve been hiding out in the house since my divorce grieving the loss of my husband and best friend.
Reading this I felt as though you were describing the last year and a half of my life in general terms. I wish men and women would stop giving away something so special, as the sexual meaning of their body whether within a relationship or not.
As I cry typing this comment, I release the fear that has followed me for the past week as divorce looms near. If you decide the newsletter is not your cup of tea, you can stop receiving it with one click. Ask a question via email and you will get a personal answer from me, not from a staff member or an assistant because I don’t have anyone else working for me.
I was asked to talk to the group about what’s involved in finding love again after a divorce and how people can successfully navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of new relationships post divorce. However, in nearly all divorces, with exceptions around abusive issues, we can attribute contributing factors to both parties for the ended relationship.
Generally, the person who initiates the divorce (The Rejecter) tends to carry with them a heavy burden of guilty for “giving up”, or “walking away”.   This person’s journey toward growth is to shed this guilt, which is often implicitly casted upon us from cultural shame regarding divorce.
These are the one’s who got “left” in the marriage, and these people tend to carry with them an unhealthy level of hurt and distrust into their future relationships.
Developing self-compassion is coming to the realization that staying married isn’t always better than divorce, despite our culture’s tendency to see divorce versus staying married in such dualistic, win versus lose scenarios. Many couples divorce not having these skills, and naturally move into future relationships with this skill deficit.  Without these basic skills, we will simply have no chance at having a successful marriage. Having this new relationship is not beyond reach, but it takes intentionality and a conscious decision to grow relationally, psychologically, and interpersonally. Many women over 60 are embarking on a new stage of life with different relationship statuses than were common in our parents’ era. Going through the dissolution of a marriage or a disappointing romantic relationship can often feel intensely painful.
Many women over 60 find that their sense of confidence is broken and feel disillusioned by men and marriage. Some women commented that they doubt they’ll ever find love again, because they don’t want to have to take care of a man, and would rather just take care of themselves. When the traditional roles have gone away, omen over 60 are looking for different things in a man than we might have wanted when we were in our 20s, 30s or 40s.
We are no longer looking for a relationship with the goal of having children and building a “home” together.
There are definitely many good men out there, and hopefully women over 60 can get what they need out of their dating relationships.
Many women have had success with online dating if they approach it with a positive attitude.
According to this article in the New York Times, some matchmakers and dating coaches are now specializing in coaching for people over 60. While this is true, men our age are often struggling with the same types of worries, doubts and negative feelings that women might have. This can take the form of a marriage, a committed relationship or just walking down the street holding hands with someone special. Hopefully we all can be brave, confident and open to possibilities, and willing to take a chance on letting love into our hearts once more. First, there is a statistical problem: at sixty+ there are much less men than women, a lot of men have died already. I didn’t leave my marriage to be with someone else or to find someone better than the incredible man I committed to at the age of 19. I needed to leave my marriage, to live—to make some serious mistakes, feel the crippling pain of loneliness and discover who I was. I can say without a doubt, I have honored the promise I made to myself when I unwed—I set out on a journey, a mission to love again and I’ve found that love, within myself. We invite people into our lives, who are unhealthy or just wrong for us, so we don’t have to be alone—and for a time; that is ok.
We will become a master of identifying the difference between the times we occupy space, because we feel empty, and, the times we choose to connect, because we feel full. Yet, all those mistakes have led me to a sound place, a calm place, a place where love has found its way in and out.
It is also a way, to learn what you want and what you don’t want in a partner—sexually and romantically. Curl up to the loneliness almost to the point you forget, yet miss what it’s like to have the weight of a man on top of  you, and just enough time, to feel content in your solo life; that you contemplate staying single forever, but know you could never become a nun.
The way to know if a friendship is true, is to make mistakes, hit rock bottom or get divorced. There is always that person, the person you meet in between your old life and your new life, who teaches you the most about yourself. This willingness to accept things or people you never thought you would, will expose your heart and invite love in you never knew existed.
You may even get married again, and look back on this space between as the most precious time—when it was just you. I broke every argument down and was brutally honest with myself and I still stand on some of them because I was right but I also figured out that most of them were BS I was acting and arguing with my SO about things that were totally irrelevant based on the image I wanted to portray to others about my family and life. An unbelievably difficult process yes, but some of the things I have done in my life since the divorce I would never have been brave enough to do before the divorce, not because the other half held me back, but because I clung to the safety net. Loved reading this and knowing that someone else felt the same things and took the same steps. Being on the male side of this story, it was incredibly painful to realize that our relationship had become stagnant and boring. Knowing I would lower myself to take him back but thankfully the kids hate him and what he did to me (abuse), so I will not go back with him. I needed this reminder of things I should do and things I never thought to do but am willing to try.
I am also in the middle of leaving my husband and I felt like I was reading my own journal.
I have been seperated for that long and have done all those things almost in that exact order. I have been struggling to recover the woman I had finally discovered and fell in love with. I do the research, I write the articles, I answer the email, and I do the bookkeeping and accounting.
In my experience as a therapist working with lots of people who have gone through a divorce, I’ve found there are “4 Essentials” that are necessary to finding lasting love post divorce, and if we work to ensure we have these “4 Essentials” integrated in our lives moving forward, our chances of getting everything we want in our next relationship is within our reach! To the degree that we can take an honest and objective appraisal of personalities, character, and relational qualities, will dictate our ability to be relationally successful in the future.
This daunting statistic is the proof that most people do not diligently seek to develop awareness as described above. The Guilty Rejecter, may be more inclined to have loose boundaries in future relationships or “tolerate” more than they feel is right for them because of their sense of guilt. Because many Resentful Rejectee’s were caught off guard and felt abandoned when the relationship ended, they have a hard time trusting in future relationships. To achieve the relationship of your dreams, we have to first know what it is exactly we’re  looking for.

About the Rebound – I’m a bit of a contrarian when it comes to the rebound relationship and for many reasons, I think it can actually be a very valuable process, as long as we know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.
And if you think you have these skills mastered, you can always ask your ex what he or she thinks of your skills set in this department. If you’re committed to growing and you find a mate with the same value to grow personally, you’ll have the makings of something special!
Many women over 60 are learning how to re-engage with their sense of self-worth and self-love.
You get set in your ways, and are no longer willing to make yourself vulnerable in the ways that dating requires, or be open to a new serious romantic relationship. Most women our age are interested in finding a man who shares mutual interests, common dreams, and a common worldview. If you are willing to invest some time and money in personal sessions with a dating coach, you might find better matches faster. Don’t feel like you have to control the whole date, drive conversation or make all the plans – try to help him feel competent and comfortable and “in charge.” Dating should not be a power struggle! They want to feel you recognize they have something valuable to offer, whether it’s conversation, companionship or shared interests. No, I left my marriage because I was unlovable, I was unloving to myself and unable to love my husband the way he deserved to be loved.
The bed sheets aren’t as messy in the morning, the bathroom remains cleaner, the refrigerator is filled with food gone bad, because you bought too much (because that’s what you’re used to doing).
You are not a slut, you are not being irresponsible—you are having experiences and learning from them, simultaneously.
Be a fearless explorer—try new positions, role play, be the goddess you have always wanted to be.
Get butterflies, get anxious, feel what it’s like to be exposed—to tell your life story to a stranger. It’s like letting a horse out of a stable when she’s been bucking, frustrated with the restraints. However, the others around us can offer just as much support, if not more than our partner. You married yourself, became your own partner, held your own hand, went to movies with yourself, traveled with yourself, shared meals with yourself, zipped your own zipper;  you became your own date. It is so helpful to read about someone else's journey and know that it will all make sense and I will come out the other end. It looked to people that didn't know what went on behind closed doors like I had a great marriage but like I say now you NEVER know what is going on behind closed doors and I will never live my life that way again.
I think there has to be a fine point in learning to love yourself and also allowing yourself to love others and allowing others in at the same time before you find it's too late and your just so solidly set in your own ways that it makes it hard for someone else to come in and you to open up. It’s tough, strengenthing, heart wrenching, soul searching, painful, delightful and freeing to learn to Love yourself first. Once you make a decision as difficult as going through a divorce, everything else is no longer as scary. It's amazing to finally be on the other side where you love yourself and have been alone and conquered fears and MOVED ON! I have been trying to figure out why I am hiding away and your article made me realize a few things about myself. I'm thankful that I have the tools of Yoga to help me through and it is painfully through one day at a time. However four months ago I made what is proving to be a fatal error by trying to reconnect with my husband.
The burning desire for intimacy only grows stronger after heartbreak and remaining abstinent is a rewarding yet deeply challenging choice.
Instead, many people falsely believe that if they find “the right person”, their relational outcomes will be different. The Guilty Rejecters need to be on the lookout for how their guilt may be influencing their future relationship. The Resentful Rejectee’s are defensive about relationships and many adopt a posture of “I don’t need anyone”. As a couples therapist, I believe having a happy and successful marriage is difficult to achieve, but it’s doable. At the same time, you can learn a lot about yourself, your preferences, and your life goals along the way. Are there any aspects of dating over 60 that you’ve found to be surprisingly fun and enjoyable? I have to remember that I am learning so much about me and that learning always has some pain at times. Yes, it is the loss of the partner I feel so dramatically, no one to unzip my zipper, still buying too much food, no one there to talk to about my day at work or things the kids have done.
This has not only set me back and destroyed all the work I had done but has put me in a lower place than I was when we first seprated. It opens a very spiritual experience to self discovery, self love and ultimately a truly satisfying intimacy.
Developing compassion for ourselves is acknowledging, but not judging or condemning, which of these two emotional states most likely represents our current situation and working toward making small changes in the other direction.
Even if it’s not a “love connection,” take the attitude that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Thank you for this insight, for your journey, your break and for picking up the pieces for us all. It can be a lonely path at times, but you have to keep focused on how much better of a person you are becoming. I am realizing that the loneliness is more about the loss of a partner than about being by myself. I am going to challenge myself to do some of these things that I have never done because of fear. I love going out alone and engaging with the whole room not just the one person across from me. I have spent my adult years with a man much older than me and can’t fathom dating and all that goes along with it.
Increased awareness allows us to make better conscious decisions going forward and to avoid unconscious decisions from our history.
As you've said, in the 3 years since, you barely recognize the old you and that is a great thing. I look forward to having a healthy and loving relationship but am in no rush as I know this time is sacred.
I have become comfortable in my marriage like most do, and just don’t know where to even start to pick up the pieces. But after reading this I realize that I have to go out, make friends and try to live out in the world alone, not just live in my house without a partner.
Luckily it allowed me to completely explore myself sexually with a wonderful man who I felt safe with. I picked him up from school everyday until he started driving anbd keeped him most weekends, I didnt want to bring someone into his life and things not work out. I hope that I can get back on the path maybe not as far along as I was but at least back on the right path.
This article helpede realize that it is ok to have a relationship while realizing that it won’t ever be what I had with him. I have gone on a couple of cruises and am now back in school to hopefully go farther in the carrier path I have been following. The basics of marriage have been forgotten and so easily dismissed due to feelings and emotions.

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