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It turns out that the majority of people see online dating as a good way to meet people and helps people find a better match due to having the chance to meet more people. The two highest scoring, major reasons for online dating are clearly meeting people with similar interests or meeting people who share your beliefs or values. Assuming that the online dating part has gone well, I thought I’d look into what kinds of people are most likely to celebrate Valentine’s day and how they celebrate it. From the above chart, if you’re lucky enough to be dating someone who earns over $50,000 or between the ages of 25-34, you’re most likely to be celebrating Valentine’s Day. For the last part of the analysis I created a “Valentine’s Economics” dashboard (who says romance is dead?) From the chart below you can see the recent trends in average spend per person but also (in this case) the total spend, by year, by the US in total on Valentine’s Day.
It seems the older you get, the less likely you are to use a mobile for anything Valentine’s related but between 18-34 you’re quite likely to buy something on your phone for your loved one. If you’re dating online, you’re most likely to find someone looking to meet a person with similar interests to them. Once you’ve met them and you’re planning the ultimate Valentine’s Day (and night) then hope that the person is between 25-34 and earns more than $50,000 if you want them to celebrate it with you (good luck asking the questions about their age and salary via the online dating service).
You’re going to be really lucky if you get jewellery (based on this data) so if you do get some – you might have found “the one”.
If your date is on their phone on Valentine’s Day and between the ages of 18-34 then they’ve probably forgotten to get you a gift and they are quickly trying to buy something.
Last year I wrote a slightly dubious love story to big data that you can read and cringe at here.

I’ve been married for twelve years so I’m not exactly an expert on online dating so I’m replying completely on the data here.
I took a different data set and created a couple of Pivot Tables in Splunk to find this out. Men are most likely to buy flowers (we know flowers work as long as they aren’t the cheapest bunch from the local petrol station) whereas women are most likely to buy a gift card.
If you’re spending $80 and you’re a man, you can get quite a good bunch of flowers for that. If they are over 55 and on their phone on Valentine’s Day then they are probably emailing someone or texting somebody at work. The man of God conveys the Word of God to the people of God that they might know the greatest Love worth finding — Jesus Christ.
This year I thought I’d try and be a bit less cheesy romantic novel and be a bit more loved up data analyst. I took a data set from a 2013 survey about online dating to see if this would help shed some light on the current trends, perceptions and success rate of finding love on the Internet.
My first data visualization was which demographic is most likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If jewellery is the thing you’re really looking for on Valentine’s Day then your best bet is to find a man between 18-24. If you’re a woman, who are most likely to buy a card, then for $80 you can probably get a pretty awesome one.

His legacy continues to reach around this world, sharing the good news that Jesus Christ is the greatest Love worth finding.
I’ve pulled together a few different dating, gift and Valentine’s spending data sets and indexed them in Splunk. The outcome is some interesting analytics and insights which I’ll try and summarise into some love-based Operational Intelligence (sounds romantic doesn’t it?) that will give you a sure fire, data driven way to have a successful Valentine’s Day. Adrian Rogers passed away on November 15, 2005, tributes continue to pour in testifying of his worldwide impact.
Please consider that last time I tried to predict something with data (the winner of the soccer world cup in 2014) I could not have been more wrong so take this advice at your own peril.
We agree with Adrian Rogers that most important are the believers who have had their faith strengthened and the countless number of people who have for the first time entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As he so eloquently put it, this ministry is not about Adrian Rogers, but about Jesus Christ. It was his desire and continues to be our mission — that the truth of God's great Love worth finding be proclaimed until Jesus returns.

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