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Following his role as a younger man in the drama 'I Need Romance 3', Sung Joon might be playing the boyfriend of the female lead Jung Yoo Mi. Eric, Jung Yoo Mi, and Sung Joon's love triangle turned into a literal love fight in a hilarious twist as they all start to throw things at each other. His agency announced on June 10 that he is in the final stages of negotiations to star in the drama, and that a final decision will be made this week.Sung Joon would be taking on the character Nam Ha Jin, a cosmetic surgery specialist and boyfriend of Lee Rum (Jung Yoo Mi).

I loved him in I need romance 3 his acting was really good there and he's also acting with Eric!
With two hot suitors, the only question is who Jung Yoo Mi will choose to be her one and only.Sung Joon will be taking on the character Nam Ha Jin, a cosmetic surgery specialist and boyfriend of Han Yuh Reum (Jung Yoo Mi).
A love triangle is formed when Jung Yoo Mi's ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha (Eric) returns and tries to steal her heart.'Finding True Love' is set to air in August after 'Trot Lovers'.

I really am looking forward to my reunion couple eric and jung yoo mi (I watched que sera sera many times, I really loved their chemistry) AND sung joon is in here I like him also this is going to be awesome.

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