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Last year when I did my 40 day prayer project, I asked that Jeremy find his soul mate by his birthday this year. I was a single mother, raising my two young daughters and I simply wanted to raise them in a healthy, loving home, with a mother and father. Thank you, Gershon (a"h) and Batya Burd of Western Wall Prayers, for your kindness and boundless love for Klal Yisrael. For many years, I tried all kinds of spiritual ways to find a Shidduch - giving Tzedaka, praying at Kivrei Tzadikim, receiving Berachos from Rebbes, etc. Just wanted to let you know that my sister Malki Avigdor got engaged only a few days after the 40 days were finished. Shortly after I met Myles, I asked that you daven for me 40 days that my soul mate should be revealed to me.
About a year ago I used your services and had someone pray for me so that I would find my soulmate and get married. You davened at the Kotel for me to find my bashert in February 2009 ? exactly the month I met my husband at a singles event and didn't know it then. I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that Baruch Hashem our prayers have worked and I got engaged to a wonderful boy this weekend.
I sent you pictures and names of my dear children, and a request to daven for them for success in finding their basherts. The first time I wrote to you I asked that you pray that the woman I was seeing would agree to marry me.
After the first 40 days you prayed for me to find my husband, nothing happened but I felt that it was the right thing to sign up for a second 40 days.
When I contacted you I was so convinced that the person I’d just broken up with was my bashert and I wanted you to pay that it would work out. So after my first 40 days I met Alan and he proposed.  Our next prayers to help overcome our engagement pitfalls were also answered!
I signed up for prayers in Elul asking Hashem to lead me to my marriage partner and am so thrilled to announce that I became a kallah yesterday, less than 2 months later! I am very appreciative of my prayer agent and his daily journey to pray at the Kotel every day on my behalf.
I asked you to pray 40 days at the Wall that my friend's lung cancer should go into remission.
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2001, and I asked you to pray for a Refuah shleima. I asked you to pray at the Wall for my friend, David, who was about to undergo a kidney transplant. Just wanted to let you know of the success of the prayers of my shaliach regarding my proposed neck surgery. I want you to know that the tefillos said by my shaliach for my request were certainly answered. I asked you to pray for my newborn nephew who was suffering from convulsions and could not breath properly.
I wanted to let you know that my husband is showing improvement in coping with his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since the 40 days ended. We asked you to pray for our nephew, Shmuel, who was in a really bad way due to his drug problem.
I want to thank you, and my prayer agent Daryl Michels who interceded  with strong prayer for my health. When we asked you to daven for my mother-in-law the doctors were only giving her a couple of months to live.
Kelsey is doing well after an entire year of surgeries (two of which lasted 24 hours a piece) and life or death situations. After having prayers said for my eyesight recovery, my sight test results have gotten much better!
We had been trying to conceive for some time and came to you asking that you beseech Hashem to bless us with a child. I asked you to daven for the conception of a healthy son to raise to a good, long, and healthy life of Torah, Chuppah and Massim Tovim.
Your chevra davened for two of my daughters to get married, and for one of them to have a baby. I asked you to daven 40 days for me to be blessed with children and Thank G-d, after many years of trying, I am expecting.
WWP kindly completed a 40-day prayers on my behalf for Parnasah for my husband and I'm happy to say that my husband was able to land a job before his severance ran out and was only unemployed for one week. I requested prayers for several things, amongst other things, a good and happy job as I was having a very hard time working for a very demanding and unreasonable lawyer.
After 6 ? months of unemployment, I finally found a job and began working last week ? just in the nick of time as my savings were about depleted. I am a Sales Manager working at a multinational company, and noticing the deteriorating financial situation since the end of 2007, I requested 3 rounds of prayers by the Kotel. The Rabbi's prayers were quite powerful because after 3 weeks John found a job in Dubai as an electrical contractor with a 3-4 year contract. I would like to thank Hashem for all His blessings and my agent for the time he took to pray for me.

In line with the suggestion when doing the 40 days of prayer, I committed to giving a donation if I were to meet the girl who would become my kallah within 3 months of the prayers ending. I wanted to thank you for all your help and assistance with arranging to have the Rabbi daven on my behalf. I was so sure that the girl I’d just broken up with was my bashert, and I begged you to daven that I marry her.
I'm happy to say that a few months after the 40 days was over, I found someone and we got married May of 2010.
When I got in touch with you on Feb 16 you suggested that I should make a commitment that if my prayers will be answered in a certain time I will make a donation.
Baruch Hashem, she got engaged to a wonderful young man a few weeks ago (after dating for close to five years). Shortly after the second period ended, I came to Israel, where someone was suggested for me. Soon after, someone suggested setting me up with a certain guy but it did not work out at the time.
After the 40 days’ prayer, two different people (not connected to each other) decided to try and set us up. Well, you convinced me to let you daven that I marry the person who is right for me and that we should find each other soon. We started dating during Pesach, 2 months after I signed up , and got engaged just before Shavuous! I asked you to pray that she be healed completely and return back to her bright, witty self.
She is able to make eye contact and in other ways relate to people in a manner that is not typical for children with autism. My thyroid surgery was a total success, the news of NO cancer was the blessing that I was waiting for. Thank you, it was a big help as he was in and out of danger, but G-d willing better than ever. As a result she couldn’t function properly and lead a normal life, she spent long hours immobile. He was on a respirator and the doctor's said that there was little chance he would make it.
They didn’t believe she could handle surgery, but she did it and now she is doing much, much better. I firmly believe that her life was spared due to her prayer as well as her extremely dedicated doctors. Every day I daven that they should both see tremendous zchar in this world and in the World to Come. When prayers started for him we were wondering if he would live, He had just been diagnosed with such an aggressive and rare illness. My daughter had a beautiful healthy baby girl who will be named Malkah Golda this Saturday. I want to let you know that our daughter Aurora was born on September 7th, almost exactly one year after my 40 days began. With Deep Gratitude to HaShem Yisborach, we welcome the new addition to our family, our firstborn son. B"H, all of my tefillos were answered; my daughter had a baby boy 10 weeks ago, after 3 years of marriage. We also included Shalom Bayit in our prayer request and I'm happy to say that our home has been more peaceful and pleasant. Benjamin has found a job that he really likes and will G-d willing lead into other opportunities.
I am thrilled that we've just finished with them and even more thrilled to report that my prayers have been answered! I also asked that, if it is possible, I could work for a Jewish boss or a Jewish organisation.
I got Baruch Hashem: 12 hours teaching in the Fall which means health insurance and benefits. This week, it is confirmed that he passed the probation and was made to sign a 1 year renewable contract. During this trying time for my son, he has managed to calm the waters for now with his creditors, with help from above. Before completing my last 40 days of Perek Shira and my 40 days of prayer through Western Wall Prayer, I had met the man I now call my husband. If you could please let him know I am now engaged to a wonderful kind man who is devoted to Hashem and the Jewish people. I wanted to say thank you and share the great news with you and the person who prayed for me. I did what you told me , I said that if my son got engaged in 3 months I will make the donation. I believe that all the many zechusim on her behalf, including your kind efforts at the Kosel, contributed to this simcha. Thank you for caring and HaShem for giving us the opportunity to call out to Him through your organization.

We both believe that my tefillot and the tefillot of my shluchim over the last several months were instrumental in the success of our shidduch. I am thrilled to report that she has began to shine again and her grades are soaring, she was even awarded "Student of the Month"! Our sweet child was hospitalized for a week, started on many medications, and began a very strict diet. The possibility was also discovered that my symptoms may be due to heavy metal poisoning, which can be corrected with the help of Ha Shem.
The first time was a miracle in itself: she has survived inoperable pancreatic cancer even though the doctors predicted she would live only a few weeks. After the doctors scheduled some serious tests, we asked you to pray for 40 days that the results would be good and my wife would be relieved of her pain.
We knew that if she was ever going to have a chance to beat a recurring case of cancer, she needed to gain weight. Howard is an elderly gentlemen who had a second stroke and had a dozen doctors tell his family that its was over.
We saw nissim then, of successful treatments and a very successful surgery that miraculously removed the tumors, even when the doctors were not optimistic.
He was an IVF baby and the 9mos of her pregnancy transcended every fear and concern one could have.
Thank G-d not only did I get a fantastic result in my doctorate exam, but I got a job in the department and I'm loving it! We married on August 11, 2013, and I thank Hashem each and every moment of each day for the gifts He has bestowed upon us.
But the amazing story behind this match only came out afterwards, when we realized that my prayer agent was in fact a close friend of my husbands!  I feel that the prayers said on my behalf at the Wall played a major role in this amazing story. She is continuing chemo for a few more months and hopefully that will destroy the tumor altogether. I wanted to let you know that the tests did not show anything serious and my wife is now feeling much, much better. I am sure that this is God's miracle working power produced through my mighty prayer agent Daryl. The day after the davening started his daughter called me to tell me that her father opened his eyes from a semi coma, ripped out his feeding tube, said "I'm hungry," and started eating.
Our other two children were born after very traumatic labors and Debra was naturally nervous about the this birth.
He is the light of our whole family and extended family's lives - especially his dad and mine.
And their younger sister got married a few months later, and she had a baby boy 12 days ago!
I owe a huge thank you to the whole WWP team and pray that Hashem will always shower you with brachot.
Also, the job market is not good so everything looked bleak and gloomy, economically, and all.
Now every time something big or small arrives I always thank God for he has blessed me with everything in my favor!
Then on Saturday night, we got the good news that he was granted disability pay from the army.
Additionally, my husband had his second knee surgery and everything went even better this time than the first time. He is not as angry or aggressive either, he seems a lot more calmer and at peace and is more in control of his addictions. Then we tried the 40 days of prayer- and immediately we found out about a special diet that has changed her life! I cannot express how appreciative my wife and I are for His blessing to us, this is our first grandchild, miracle of miracles. Our little guy just learned how to say 'mama' and it's the most wonderful word that I've ever heard! But a few days after the 40 days started, the baby's condition began to improve dramatically and he started to breath by himself.
Through a series of events that I would term "miraculous", I am now working for a Jewish boss in a very happy and blissful work environment!!!
I definitely believe that the prayers said for my brother at the Wall helped us get where we are today.
We plan to get married in December and honeymoon in Israel, where we will sure to be visit the Wall to thank G-d for answering our prayers. My boss and I have a great working relationship, and he trusts me a lot and is very respectful and appreciative of what I do for him!! Since I certainly don't understand the ways of G-d, and I figured it couldn't hurt, I signed up for another prayer.

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