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I would like to share my vision about what spiritual astrology means, this esoteric science through which we get to truly know ourselves and which helps us understand our own being more deeply, as a human being as well as a divine being. For this, I feel the need to make a parallel between what is practiced today under the label "astrology", and the spiritual aspects of this millenary science.
The only problem is that many of these information will not blend together in a computerized manner, some will not apply, because a computer software cannot take into consideration all the knowledge that comes from the experience of birth chart studies and even more so, no software can be intuitive enough to know which of the aspects manifest stronger or weaker in relation to the rest of the birth chart. If you have unanswered questions, decisions that you need to make or want to know yourself or your loved ones better, we will aid you with an open heart in finding the right answers for you, with your own personalized, detailed, spiritual astrology reading, done with a sincere desire to enlighten and enrich your heart and soul, by our astrologer. Subscribe to Daily Inspirational QuoteEnter your email address to subscribe and receive daily quotes by email.
The free daily horoscope Our lives are already full of daily horoscopes, offered by any magazine or newspaper that is of a certain level. For this reason, people that study their own computer generated birth charts, will be able to "choose" consciously or unconsciously information from there, that for them are relevant, but exactly those tests and limitations that are on an unconscious level will be successfully ignored. What is interesting, is that although many people do not believe in astrology, these horoscopes tend to influence their lives in a more or less dangerous way. They will be able to become aware -out of all that can be offered through an astrological reading done by a professional astrologer- only of things that they are already aware of, not having someone to link them together so it can become obvious what are the lessons he or she isn't able to learn. The sugestions, not all positive, with which we are bombarded daily, are complemented by the playful horoscopes that people open eagerly, even if they don't really believe in astrology, to see what that day has in store for them.
Also, the majority of the applications of this kind, tend to categorically affirm the manifestation of certain defects, and so, making people that are open to this kind of information a powerful negative suggestion by definition.

More or less serious, being curious, they have the tendency to indentify with some of that information. All aspects are looked at in a way as only bringing defects or qualities, not as being a mysterious necessity in the spiritual evolution of the human being that was born with this birth chart, denying the holistic vision of finding divinity by the lessons he or she could learn.
The majority of the information there, are unfortunately relatively trivial, if not exaggerated. Astrology readings in their real depth The study of an astrology chart can be compared with opening the book of the soul of a human being, with all its secrets. Those orientating after this kind of information better become conscious about the fact that every single human being is born unique and has a unique and personal astrological structure, defined by many astrological factors, and it is permanently influenced by the astral transits in the same unique and personal way. Anyone who has a quest to understand these mysteries should be respected to the extend to which superficial information not to be given to him, information coming from patterns and mathematical rules superficially interpreted and with no heart put into them. The daily horoscope "analises" (in fact only takes into consideration the position of the Sun in the natal chart) can indicate only some important aspects, but on the scale of the whole chart, they're just a trace of the whole. When someone puts an existential question, seeking an answer, we should firstly thank God because that being got to the urge for this inner search and also in that state of gratitude we should guide that person using our knowledge.
They do indicate some aspects of the relationship we have with our soul, our vital energy, the way we manifest our will and how we perceive ourselves as an individual. This closes this sublime circle through which God, manifested in us, is searching for Itself, and us answering this call offer all the knowledge we received from him. The Sun from an birth chart, is positioned in one sign or another, depending on the birthday, and it can be positioned within a radius of 30 degrees from the beginning of the sign, moving about a degree a day.

This is what astrology should bring for producing a profound, authentic knowledge of the human being and of the divine presence within it, also astrology should shine a divine light upon his true meaning.
Any influence of the transits (on which the horoscopes should base upon if they are authentic) is of maximum plus or minus 4 degrees, and it shows us that a transit can manifest its influence on the birth Sun only for those born within a radius of 8 days, that fall under this margin.
It would be appropriate now, to give up the superficial searches that are only meant to feed our illusions, not to delude ourselves by thinking that tomorrow is going to be better because the horoscope says so.
At the same time, the influence of the transiting planets manifest in one field or another, of our lives, taking into consideration the astrological house from the birth chart that it transits or in which the planet with which it interacts is in.
Only in this way we can begin a real search towards our happiness, a search profound enough not to be influenced by a paragraph in a magazine, because we know our path, we know ourselves and we accept our profound nature bringing the light of consciousness into manifestation. If we consider only these mathematical elements, we can already realise the complexity with which these influences manifest in our lives and that any generalisation is a restraint of common sense, in a lesser or greater extent.Stay tuned, and if you have unanswered questions, decisions that you need to make or want to know yourself or your loved ones better, we will aid you with an open heart in finding the right answers for you, with your own personalized, spiritual online astrology reading, done with a sincere desire to enlighten and enrich your heart and soul, by our astrologer. Free astrology readings(in reference to computer generated, online or offline applications) This kind of astrological analysis is more detailed and more profound than the commercial horoscope, the only problem being that no astrology software, no details of the aspects and astrological conjunctions, can replace that human intuition that this science is actually based upon. If we take a birth chart and analyze it as it is written in books, we will get to study each planet in each sign (with all the potentialities and shortcomings also with the karmic limitations), afterwards, we take the lessons for each of the planets in the astrological houses, after that we take into consideration their planetary aspects, each of them with it's specificity, after that we can study the lunar nodes, the mathematical points (ascendant, descendant, mid-heaven), also other projections of the moon, like Lilith can be taken into consideration, and if we get to planetoids and asteroids, we will have a booklet of information about any birth chart.

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