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Be sure to visit the Living Locurto Christmas Page with my favorite holiday creations and features at a glance! I can't seem to get the file except for a PDF secure version… what am I doing wrong? I am able to open and edit these, but when I go to print the only text that shows up is the original text. Following on from the original games, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire feature Secret Bases. To create a Secret Base, you need to have a Pokemon knowing the move, Secret Power, and take it to one of many places in the Hoenn region. This game has a great number of Secret Base locations across the region, each with different shapes and sizes.
One of the core aspects of Secret Bases is the ability to share your Secret Base with other players. QR Code: The second method is to allow for you to share your Secret Base with people around the world.
You can also gain the QR Code by accessing the special page on the Pokemon Global Link after you have done the Game Sync. A mainstay of the Secret Bases remaining from Ruby & Sapphire is ther ability to completely decorate your base.

This helps you to completely personalise the space, based upon your own likes and dislikes.
When you go to other people's Secret Bases, you will meet a representation of their player.
Another feature of the Secret Bases, and one that stems more from Diamond & Pearl, is the Capture the Flag option. If you have a person as a Secret Pal either through StreetPass or Passing By online, when you talk to them in their base if that player has collected flags today, you will be able to receive an amount of flags equal to the amount they have collected, up to 30 per player. Using the Level Release item, you can remove any restrictions to Pokemon levels, and using the Proclamation, you can set what type of battle you want: Single, Double, Triple, Rotation or Inverse. With the Secret Pals you have in your base, when you battle people's Secret Pals in their base, they have a special team based upon their Trainer Class. From time to time, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo will distribute a variety of QR Codes for special people in the franchise. In Mossdeep City, there is an oldman who stands by his door in his house hoping for a special Secret Base to appear. To make your party planning easier, I designed five Free Printable DIY Party Invitations for you! When she's not working on Living Locurto, she's busy designing Printable Party Supplies and working on I Heart Faces, her photography blog. Find Amy on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.
In addition to that, three special areas are located in the game, needing Dive to get to initially, that have a lot of Secret Bases within them.
While in the originals, this was done simply by mixing records, in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, there are two different ways to do this. When you have this feature activated, whenever you locally pass another Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire player, it will download the data into your game.

At the PC, you can create a special QR Code for your Secret Base, which is then saved onto your SD card for you to upload.
This is done with a variety of items that you obtain throughout the game, such as as a special gift or through purchasing at stores in the game. There, you can interact with these players and invite them to return to your base, to help build up a special amount of Pals. The team they use is based on the team the person had when they created the QR Code for their base, or StreetPassed their base to you. This allows for you to turn your Secret Base into a small pesudo-Gym with yourself as the Gym Leader.
If you scan these codes, it unlocks a special Secret Base which is not in any of the usual locations. If you scan a special QR Code, the new Secret Base will appear on the other side of the door.
Each Secret Pal has got a variety of features that are available when you speak to them, but they can only do them once a day. When your base is sent to other people, via QR Code or by passing by, your team is sent with it and as such, people can battle you once a day, and you can battle other players. Everything else about these bases is conventional, with the ability to battle all the characters within and to take their flag to add to your flag count.

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