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The mind trick was said to work only on the weak-minded[3], and there were certain species, including Toydarians[2] and Hutts[5] that were either highly resistant or immune to it. While on a mission to Carnelion IV some years later Obi-Wan Kenobi used a mind trick to persuade a hostile local woman named Pran that there was no need for weapons in their conversation.
Years later when Kenobi was on Coruscant seeking an assassin that had targeted Padme Amidala, he was approached by an individual in a bar that sought to sell him death sticks. During the Age of the Empire, the Inquisitorius's Grand Inquisitor used mind tricks during his and Governor Wilhuff Tarkin's interrogation of Jedi survivor Kanan Jarrus to learn more about his fellow rebels and other others. When Kenobi and Luke Skywalker traveled to Mos Eisley to seek passage to Alderaan, Kenobi used a mind trick to convince a suspicious stormtrooper both that he did not need to see Skywalker's identification and that the droids (R2-D2 and C-3PO) that were accompanying them weren't the droids that they were searching for. When Skywalker was on Rodia to acquire weapons for the Rebel Alliance, he encountered an obnoxious Rodian who refused to take him to his contact, Taneetch Soonta.
When Skywalker visited Jabba's Palace to rescue Han Solo, Leia Organa and Lando Calrissian, he used a mind trick on Bib Fortuna to convince him to bring him before Jabba the Hutt.

Despite having no formal training in the use of the Force, the scavenger Rey attempted a mind trick on a First Order stormtrooper guard when she was imprisoned in a cell in Starkiller Base.
Please feel free to email me any of your favourite Mind Tricks that you think I should add to this site. Kenobi used the mind trick both to convince him that he didn't want to sell him death sticks and that he wanted to go home and rethink his life. She attempted to convince the guard to remove her restraints and leave the cell open so that she could escape.
The mind trick was widely featured in Expanded Universe, later re-branded as Star Wars Legends, in which it had a number of useful variants, such as the ability to project illusions, but these cannot be considered canon.
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Her first attempt at the mind trick was unsuccessful, only provoking the guard to approach her with the threat of tightening the restraints. When she repeated her instructions, however, the stormtrooper acquiesced and as he left, she convinced him to drop his blaster as well.
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Having been shackled at the time, Rey accomplished the feat without the use of any distracting gesture.[4] Rey was inspired to use the mind trick following her successful resistance of Kylo Ren's mind probe, in which she turned his own power against him, briefly experiencing his own memories. Following this, she intuited that if she had the ability to resist the mental powers of someone powerful like Ren, then it might be easy to influence to the mind of someone like a stormtrooper who had no training or power in resisting such influences.

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