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My two mentors have their respective roots in the ancient Yogi traditions of India and the ancient Shaman traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Andes Mountains. Meditation has forever changed my life and continues to help me realize the expansiveness of the human condition.
Now that modern science has caught up with what the ancients have always known, we can confidently say that all living things have an aura that gives off a VISIBLE AND MEASURABLE electromagnetic energy as a result of their biological processes. The color and size of a person’s aura is often used to indicate mental and physical health by spiritual teachers, energy healers, and esoteric practitioners.
Through the practice of mindfulness meditation it is possible to use the aura to alter one’s state of mind and bring about healing effects to the body. While meditating, the subjects had a hot, 120-degree pad placed on their right calves for about 6 minutes while undergoing PASL MRI scans—a form of functional MRI testing that better captures longer brain processes.
Meditation is Medication has been extremely helpful as I continue to struggle with a chronic illness. Mindfulness is the state of being fully aware of the present, without worrying about the past or future. In this technologically advanced world, with more people owning smart phones or tablets like never before, mindfulness programs are easily accessible. The app SB&T curates meditation practices for you based on your current mental, physical and emotional state. Developed by ‘Tools for Peace,’ this app encourages you to expand and apply kindness and compassion in your daily life.
Step off the mat and get to know your expressive side as you learn how to tap into your creative instincts and connect to your practice in a joyful, expressive and creative way. Through creative exploration and expressive arts youa€™ll be given a unique opportunity to a€?goosea€™ all that charges your life and kindles your creativity. Come join this truly shape-shifting three week seminar where we will facilitate a space for you to focus your thoughts and develop your vision and define your purpose.
Invite this four week seminar on discovering and developing your creative process into your life.
One-on-one coaching and consulting that re-kindles intuition, creativity and creative flow; enriching your personal and work life. Reconnect to nature and spirit by realigning with your role as a creative conduit and cultivate wholeness in a fragmented world through the use of vibration, sound, toning, drumming, journeying and movement.
Redefine your relationship and understanding of creative flow through body spirit movement, improvisation, drumming, sound and play. Explore the possibilities of our problems as being a sacred medium for creative solutions through innovative collaboration, group brainstorming, focused intent and vision. Discover and explore a cutting edge and visionary approach to business, economy and commerce as a path of awakening through redefining business as intentional enterprise. Using the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, we raise positive vibration and promote healing for ourselves and for each other using Djembe drums.
A delightfully inspiring experience that melds collaboration and creative expression with mindful observation of nature. In this natural place, you can engage in the elements around to rejuvenate and replenish from the demands of life.
You get to benefit from sources of information that were cultivated over thousands of years!
Some of us lucky ones even possess the ability to see auras, and now scientific equipment and computers allows the rest of us to “see” it as well.

I am one of the lucky few whose doctor believes in a holistic approach to treatment and has been very encouraging of my use of meditation and yoga in conjunction with the unavoidable medical treatments.
Practicing mindfulness allows you to always remain alert and conscious of your actions, paving way to a new and better you. There are several apps that would help you cultivate mindfulness on-the-go, and the best thing is you have got it right in your palm! These apps are guided mindfulness meditations, and are available on both iPhones and Android, to leave you spell bound.
It asks you to stop what you are doing for a while, to do mindful breathing and to use reason to broaden your perspective. The app claims to be the sanctuary in your pocket, and it intends to enable you to meditate, sleep and relax. They have proven techniques to train your mind to lead a happier, healthier and enjoyable life. Yes, the app has a 26 minute guided session that lets you sleep better by allowing your mind and body to unwind, and relieve itself of the day’s stress. This app introduces youngsters to the world of mindfulness meditation to attain a sense of clarity, calm and contentment. Cultivate community, playfulness and perspective as we celebrate the relationship between mind, body and creative spirit as a way of life. Set your life intentions while surrounded by nature as we explore creative story, body movement and create unique vision boards. All this talk of creativity and ita€™s quite possible, most folks dona€™t even know what creativity even is- let alone think they have it! A Sanskrit word for circle, the mandala is often a repetitive, concentric geometric design. We will tap into and explore the edges of creativity through writing, drawing, movement, music, sound, play and more.
A profound life altering journey that sets the groundwork for understanding how one creates and navigates through the world in an artFULLY way. Gift yourself time and space, to reflect and create amongst other compassionate women, just like you!
Baranowsky just arrived at the top of Cape Split where you see the breathtaking views of the landscape. This app takes you right through the basics of meditation and later advance to a higher level.
Headspace requires just 10 minutes of your day to free your mind of unnecessary thoughts and worries.
The app with over a million subscribers has meditation reminders, and it tracks your progress too. The soothing voice and words that relaxes and refreshes you belong to Shazzie who is an international speaker and author of five books. Smiling Mind has developed its app with help of psychologists who are well versed in youth and adolescent therapy. She writes short stories and self-help articles along with creating content for a variety of other topics that interests her. During our retreat, we'll explore different ways to play, express and move through the world.
The act of creating mandalas aid in creating a sacred space to focus, meditate, heal and be exposed to our natural creative flow.

A profound and life altering journey that sets the groundwork for understanding how one navigates through the world.
Youa€™ll have well-deserved opportunities to dis-connect from everyday life in order to re-connect with your inner nature, surrounded by the beauty of sun and sea. Their basic Headspace app has a Take10 program and animation that has ten guided meditations for free.
Renowned musician and healer Ali Calderwood back Shazzie’s melodious voice with beautiful and mesmerizing music and sound. Lotus and the Butterfly Womena€™s Grief Retreat is a collaboration between Drama Specialist, Sally Kinka, Grief Therapist (TBA) and Expressive Artist and Creative Process facilitator Annelies Gentile. Well, leta€™s just get down to brass tacks and talk about What the Bleep Creativity really is and really isna€™t. Mandalas were used in ancient traditions for the same reasons and show up in architecture, art and in nature.
Side effects definitely include giggling, happiness, artistic expression, bursts of spontaneous dancing, cool new friends, oh, and nap-time yogaaah.
Wea€™ll explore and retreat through story, music, movement, writing, yoga, meditation and visual art. Wea€™ll explore and retreat through guided experiences of movement, writing, story, play, yoga, meditation, visual art and finding inspiration through Mother Nature. I am always working on keeping my chakras balanced with yoga and didn’t realize mediation would be so beneficial. It was very helpful!I feel your passion in the beginning parts of the text is even more impactful than the 6 steps. It lets you prepare for each session by allowing you to make a choice of time (from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes), and preferred natural scene. They dedicate specific mindfulness programs catering to various fields like education, sports and for corporate. Side effects may include giggling, happiness, artistic expression, bursts of spontaneous dancing, cool new friends, oh, and naptime yoga nidra. Take this time to un-plug from technology, connect with human beings and be free to be YOU! The step-by-step, beginning-to-end guidance was really helpful!Honoring any thoughts and just letting them be… true. You are speaking about meditation with such certainty and such clarity that it intrigues me to want to know more. The scenic backgrounds are serene and each comes with amazing music and natural sounds like chirping birds, rippling water, crashing waves and more created by meditation music composer Kip Mazuy. The way you addressed some of the thoughts and barriers that pop up which are common for most of us is excellent. Never thought about the energy being used for digestion taking away from my meditation.It felt like you were having a conversation with me, to the point, yet descriptive and detailed. Come one, come all and leta€™s get to the bottom of this crazy freaky phenomenon called creativity!! I hope my feedback was helpful, I was mindful to not be biased overall (because I like your work so much), your two programs are great!!!

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