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In its broader sense, Social Media is the loose assortment of websites, blogs, and forum that the reader can post, contribute, follow, and send to friends, in essence, taking a role in the development of the life of the content being generated.  In sharing it, the participant is now involved in shaping its meaning by contributing their own thoughts to the discussion.
This is exactly the practice takes place in the lodge rooms and social halls of Freemasonry.
How do we blend the physical and the digital?  How does the society that defines its teachings as secret awaken to find itself in the modern age of digital correspondence, international friends groups and interested participants?  And this only addresses those in the know, what about those outside the circle of knowledge about the fraternity, what about engaging those beyond the fold to raise awareness that the organization exists?
In the mean time, what do you think about the intersection of social media and secret societies?  Where do they cross?
About Masonic TravelerA devoted student of the Western Mystery Traditions, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connections to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages and into its present configuration as the antecedent to all contemporary esoteric and occult traditions.
A lot of SOE people talk about knowing the secret to ranking well in the Google search engine, but a conversation I had the other day suggests that the secrets might be more arcane than simply adding Meta Keywords and applying semantic latencies within the interaction vectors.
I recently met with a former Google employee who revealed some frightening things about the world’s third largest search engine which left me feeling a little alarmed. What is most alarming is the fact that the golden circle of Azramoth is now the all seeing eye in the heart of the capstone of the pyramid, and is coloured gold. This kind of arcane symbolism on one of the world’s most popular web pages is fairly alarming, but what is even more frightening is the fact that the company also hides a common masonic symbol within the single pixel gif image that is used as part of their tracking system. It appears that there are a number of highly secretive Google Meta Tags that you can insert into your web pages in order to make it clear that you are initiated. Remember, this information has been a tightly held Googler secret since 1833, and should not be misused in any way. To prove the correctness of your research I enlarged the tracking pixel a billion times and applied panchromatic sharpening algorithm. That and losing jobsand being spassed over on jobs because I was not a mason really pissed me off too. LaShaunda im surprised that a Christian woman would pass judgement over an organization over some rumors and some drawings posted on the internet. I too am a master mason, and what I find interesting is how people pass judgement on others in the name of Christianity. Stop messing with things u dont undrstand, or youll find that your lauging at the wrong people.

Obviously spelling and grammar are not amongst the secret knowledge that is imparted to the initiated. I am a thirty-second degree Master Mason and some of you have too much time on your hands!!! Yes, all of you will burn in hell.(Satanworshippers) And the only light you will see is your body burning. But you will never know nothing because you are too stupid, brutal, coarse, crude, raffish to have the right to know the true secrets.
So stop all your bullshits you know nothing and let us in peace, go to see a psychanalyst instead. He is a self-called searcher for that which was lost, a Hermetic Hermit and a believer in “that which is above is so too below.” Read more about Greg Stewart. I must have had at least 5 serious job leads that came either from a blue lodge group or a Scottish Rite group on LinkedIn.
LOL – I have heard more theories then you can imagine, but this when I first saw it I thought it was mocking ALL the Other freaks out there but I am reading on and finding out that this is a real site???? No one truly knows whats going on anymore because all any of us ever do now is divide, divide and divide… And to the one labeled Freemason saying you are going to track people down, get in line and good luck.
Some of your theories and allegations are completely erroneous and adverse to the foundations of my illustrious organization. Allegedly the aforementioned media campaign was targeting the unconscious awareness of the population, basically to get people ready for what’s coming.
The better groups will write to your lodge (or valley, chapter, orient, council, shrine temple or commandery) secretary to determine if you really are a member before allowing you to join their group. I found out that if you search 5784934558345 in the Google search bar look at the number of results. I know, these people are so paranoid and stupid they believe everything you throw at them as long as it’s about “conspiracy theories” and stuff. From the masonic perspective this was also highlighted by the presence of a symbol of Ouroboros, master of time, within the Google logo. Masonry has NOTHING to do with Google nor anything outside of our Order, this is 100% bullshit.

Masonry DOESN’T CARE what you people do, it’s about bettering the individuals who are Members of this Fraternal Order.
There are also Prosper masonic groups who provide loans to masons who may not be able to get bank loans. Keep WASTING your time though people, the man who put this together is PATHETIC to say the least. It’s built of Men who PRIZE HONOR AND VIRTUE ABOVE THE EXTERNAL ADVANTAGES THEN THAT OF RANK AND OR FORTUNE.. As long as these groups guard their respective West Gates, I think this is a great way, through social media, that brothers can offer or find relief from other masons. If you ever are in a need of Help, Seek a Mason and you are sure to find the Aid you require…! If we were such a secret society, would we hang a sign outside of our lodges and post the meeting times? If you ever are in a need of Help, Seek a Mason and you are sure to find the Aid you require…! Shriner s run children hospitals, some other run eye banks, cancer research and other activities that benefit the community.
It is easy to condemn us but what you really got to think is… what have i done to make a better society?
Plus some of you people have it in your heads that Masonry is a religion, or a replacement for religion.
Why don’t you spend your time picking on those people that protest at funerals, they are far more evil than a Mason.

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