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Complying with the laws and carrying out our business activities in a fair and honest manner is one of the basic values that we hold dear at Fuji Xerox.
In 2004, we stipulated action guidelines for ethics and compliance for Fuji Xerox and its domestic affiliates.
Established under the CSR Committee, the Ethics and Compliance Committee is chaired by the corporate vice president of legal affairs. Employees in charge of promoting ethics and compliance are appointed in all affiliates including those overseas, and we are endeavoring to build a global ethics and compliance management system. In fiscal 2010 at our overseas production operations, we conducted a survey using a self-evaluation checklist and carried out an internal audit through internal audit and analysis department. In fiscal 2008, Fuji Xerox introduced All-FX Compliance Helpline for compliance complaints and consultations. Through fiscal 2009 and 2010, Fuji Xerox and affiliates in Japan took part in e-learning program called All-FX Risk Management Education.
Please refer to Corporate Ethics and Compliance (Fuji Xerox companywide Code of Conduct) for details.
Since 2008, we have held Fuji Xerox companywide Compliance Training (general legal training) sessions at Fuji Xerox and domestic affiliates to improve understanding of basic legal matters, formulating training materials jointly with FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation and FUJIFILM Corporation and implementing them in the form of a Legal Risk Assessment Test. We are also striving to improve theme-based compliance guidelines*1 that summarize compliance matters in legal areas deemed to pose high levels of legal risk. The Fujifilm Group established its Charter for Good Corporate Behavior in April 2007, which describes the fundamental spirit behind the group's human rights initiatives. Fuji Xerox incorporates sessions on human rights, sexual harassment, power harassment, and mental health as part of its annual training programs for new employees and new managers, as well as for the companywide All-FX Code of Conduct training. Other efforts to increase awareness of human rights among its employees include asking for submissions for human rights catch-phrases and sending all executive general managers a human rights bulletin twice a year. To prevent human rights violations in our supply chain, we work with and evaluate suppliers as part of an ethical procurement. We were not involved in any lawsuits or other serious disputes concerning human rights in fiscal 2011. Observing the following points will make our work environment better and is essential for truly enhancing productivity. We respect and protect basic human rights guaranteed by international declarations as well as national constitutions and judicial precedents, and we do not infringe on such rights.
We do not speak or act in ways that degrade individual dignity based on issues such as gender, authority or position (sexual harassment or power harassment), nor do we engage in any other form of harassment.
We do not disclose information relating to individuals' private lives gained in the workplace or in the course of our duties without the clear consent of the individual concerned. We respect and protect basic labor rights, including workers' rights to organize and bargain collectively, and we do not infringe on such basic labor rights. We comply with workplace health and safety laws as well as regulations designed to prevent workplace accidents. Fuji Xerox as a company is founded on the strength of our employees, who come with diverse backgrounds and traits.
A company is expected to contribute to society through its economic, social, and human values.
With globalization of economic activities and rapid changes in the business climate in today's world, in order to be sustainable companies need employees who can adapt to change, know the importance of learning, and exercise initiative. The figures of domestic and overseas affiliates were calculated by weighted mean for each company.
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In World War 2, Germany had a significant advantage in several fields of weapons technology. It had a history of military innovation, and in the decades before World War 2 its science and technology leadership in many fields was at its peak.
Since 1933, when Adolf Hitler became dictator of Germany, with a firm and declared intention to go to war, Germany was making a maximum national effort to re-prepare to a major war.
At those same pre-war years, the western technology leaders were led by nationwide post-WWI pacifism which preferred to ignore the rapidly rising threat, and their defense budgets were miserably low.
Stalin's Russia was also preparing to war, but had a bigger gap to close, and Stalin's centralist terror regime almost eliminated free innovation. So there's no wonder that in 1933-1939 Germany achieved a significant advantage in military technology over its future enemies, an advantage it partially lost during the war.
When the war began, the over-confident Hitler ordered to slow down German weapons development projects which were not expected to become operational within an 18 months time frame. But towards the end of the war, outnumbered and facing defeat, Germany did the opposite, and desparately invested in highly advanced new weapons development, with impressive results, but mostly at the expense of greatly needed mass production of available mature weapons, and too late to save Germany from defeat.

Arado 234 - the world's first jet bomber, the Arado 234 was a highly advanced single-seat bomber with automatic pilot, eject seat, pilot-aimed rear guns, and with its two jet engines and streamlined shape it was too fast to intercept. Messerschmitt 163 - the world's first rocket-powered fighter, the Messerschmitt 163 was an incredibly fast AND highly agile short range point defense bomber interceptor, like a manned and reusable anti aircraft missile. Once the incoming bombers formation appeared, it could take off, climb at them at an incredible rate, close in at 600mph, a speed that made the heavy bombers and their escort fighters almost sitting ducks in comparison, attack, then disengage, run out of rocket fuel, dive down unpowered but still too fast for any other fighter to chase, and then easily glide back to landing at base.
In the hands of a capable pilot it was a formidable weapon, even if short ranged, and indeed one German ace once shot down three B-17 bombers one after the other in one sortie with it.
Heinkel 162 - a jet fighter designed to be mass-produced by minimally trained workers, using available non-strategic materials, and to be flown by minimally trained pilots. Just 69 days after being given the contract, Heinkel successfully flew the new jet fighter, and production started.
Dornier 335 - the world's first fighter with eject seat, the Dornier 335 was a fast and powerful bomber interceptor which could fly and climb faster than its opponents, the American P-51 Mustang escort fighters.
Helicopters - the world's first operational military helicopters were the Flettner 282, a small maritime reconnaissance helicopter used mostly in the Mediterranean, and the Focke Achgelis 223, a utility helicopter.
Production numbers were low due to the destruction of the factories by Allied air bombardment. Like a modern 'bunker buster' bomb, the big radio-controlled Fritz-X was built to penetrate the thickest armor.
A manned version for suicide attack was developed and became operational, but never used for attack. Schrage Musik - upward firing guns installed in night fighters and automatically triggered by a photoelectric sensor when flying under the target bomber's night shadow.
This was a very efficient weapon which enabled swift and lethal surprise attacks from below.
Sondergerate - downward firing recoilless anti-tank guns installed in ground attack aircraft and triggered automatically by a photoelectric sensor when the attacking aircraft passed over the target tank. Type 21 submarine - the world's first submarine built to stay submerged during its entire patrol, not just during combat as earlier submarines did. It had a battery-powered range of over 300 miles between battery recharges, which did not require surfacing, just raising a schnorkel to water level. It was the first submarine with advanced SONAR capable of targeting enemy ships while submerged without having to use the periscope. It had a secondary electric motor especially for silent combat running, fast torpedo reload mechanism, air conditioning, and more. Type 21 was a highly advanced attack submarine that was much harder to detect by anti-submarine aircraft and vessels.
Electric-powered torpedoes - the world's first electric powered torpedoes were used by the German submarines. This stealth technology was decades ahead of its time, based on the same science principles used in the RADAR-absorbing coating of modern stealth aircraft. Unlike chemical weapons like Mustard Gas which injure and kill by burning skin and tissue, Nerve Agents, like the venom of Cobra snakes and scorpions, quickly causes a total and excruciating muscle paralysis that kills by paralising the muscles invloved in breathing.
The Allies knew nothing of this horrible secret German weapon, or the fact that the German artillery was already equipped with it, until after the war's end. Before and during World War 2, Germany built many large production plants, solely for wartime purposes, as the produced fuel was much more expensive than petroleum based fuels.
The synthetic fuel, produced from coal, was critically important to Germany during the entire war to overcome its dependence on imported petroleum.
Radio Navigation - Since the beginning of World War 2, German night bombers could efficiently navigate to their targets using systems of fixed radio transmitters, and receivers installed in the bombers.
The above list of German weapons does not include many other innovative weapons development projects which did not become operational before World War 2 ended, but which greatly influenced the post-war East-West arms race. It also does not include many other advanced German weapons which did participate in World War 2, but to which The Allies had equivalent weapons. In the midst of an unending stream of corporate scandals, Fuji Xerox and its affiliates continue to work to maintain a strong corporate ethic and compliance framework and ensure fair operations. Supported by the top management's strong resolve, we have been working on enhancing this framework and related measures to ensure these guidelines are firmly reflected in the actions of each and every one of our officers and employees.
Moreover, our overseas operating companies compile checklists for compliance with the law and regulations in their respective countries and review them on a semiannual basis.
We implemented a groupwide code of conduct in 1997 that sets out the core conduct expectations and priorities for all employees. The helpline consolidates the functions of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Hotline and the Corporate Ethics Hotline, established respectively in fiscal 1997 and fiscal 2003. This program aims to increase understanding of the Fuji Xerox Code of Conduct and strengthen awareness of ethics and compliance.

In addition to anti-corruption training (including examples of misconduct and checkpoints to prevent fraud) introduced in fiscal 2010 to safeguard against misconduct, we implemented new misconduct prevention training, adding questions on sexual and power harassment, with the goal of preventing harassment. We plan to maintain our existing efforts to prevent human rights violations and to raise awareness of human rights issues. Individual dignity is at the core of our innate human rights, and there can be no compliance if such rights are not respected and protected.
We ensure safe and healthy working conditions, promote the creation of comfortable work environments, and do not act in ways that conflict with these aims.
We believe it is important for each employee to become more self-reliant and proactive and be willing to constantly improve oneself and take on new challenges. The figures shown for fiscal 2007 and 2008 were also recalculated based on the same definitions. Ajakan makan bersama belum tentu berarti anda ditraktir, tapi bisa jadi bayar sendiri-sendiri. The German military industry, already a leader in many fields, was given enormous budgets and other national resources, in a major national effort to equip the German military with the most advanced weapons possible. Unlike typical twin-engine aircraft with one propeller on each wing, the Dornier 335 had one propeller in the nose and one propeller in the tail. The rocket-powered V-2 delivered a 2150lb warhead to a range of 200 miles, and since it reached the target from above at a speed of 2500mph, there was no early warning, and it was launched from mobile launchers, which were hard to detect before and after launch.
A very small attack submarine (250 tons) with a crew of just 14, it was optimized for attack and survival in coastal and shallow waters, and in addition to the advanced features of Type 21, it was also capable of incredibly fast crash dive, in less than 10 seconds. They did not leave a trail of bubbles in the water, and therefore did not reveal the direction to the attacking submarine, greatly improving its chance of avoiding a counter attack.
It made surfaced German submarines invisible to night detection by airborne Infra-Red searchlights. Assault rifles (like the modern M-16 and AK-47) are an optimized compromise between the rifle and the sub-machine gun, combining the advantages of both to a superior weapon.
DocuPrint P215b is a monochrome laser printer from Fuji Xerox’s precision, compact and efficient. The legal department acts as the secretariat for this committee, and meetings are held periodically. The code of conduct was revised in fiscal 2007 to better align with the UN Global Compact, which Fuji Xerox signed in fiscal 2002.
All employees of Fuji Xerox or affiliates in Japan can report or consult on legal or business ethics problems.
Participants were able to reaffirm their basic understanding of what harassment is and the need to eliminate it. 9, 1943, two Fritz-X bombs dropped from a German bomber hit the Italian 45,000 ton battleship Roma so hard that it exploded. And don’t forget to give your feedback, criticism or suggestions For improvement of our website. Members of the Ethics and Compliance Committee deliberate the planning and introduction of important measures pertaining to corporate ethics and compliance and follow up on them; however, for particularly important issues, official decisions are made by the higher-level Committee.
This code of conduct was also translated and distributed to all overseas and sales companies. In fiscal 2011, the helpline received 75 complains or requests for consultations and provided appropriate response. Training concerning the Code of Conduct has been a mandatory component of newly recruited employee orientations since fiscal 2010. The Hs-293 was a radio-controlled missile with a 500kg warhead, guided by the launching bomber's bombardier.
We will sustain these education and awareness-raising activities in a close coordination with persons in charge of ethics and compliance promotion at Fuji Xerox and its affiliates. A fiscal 2011 test administered to 22,878 employees showed progress in understanding of basic legal issues, with higher average percentages for correct answers than in the previous year. With a print speed of 24 ppm, reaching DocuPrint P215 b is one of the fastest vehicle in its class.
S-LED technology (Self-Scanning Light Emitting Diode) generate print resolution reached 1200 x 1200 dpi print results gives you a sharp and consistent.

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