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MORAL – Learn to have fun during the good times, but you have to also learn how to enjoy life during the bad times.
MORAL – Everyone want better things but no one wants to take the time out of their day or make the commitment of actually going through with it. MORAL – If you put in little work, you will get little rewards If you put in a lot of work, then you might get even greater rewards. MORAL – Going the extra mile always puts you at an advantage because most people usually stop before the actual finish line.
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If you going through some hardships right now just know that it will make you even stronger and better when you rise up from the ashes. Even if you get a few cuts and bruises going through the bush, you will get there before everyone else. If you keep doing something that doesn’t work, you are wasting your effort, your money and precious time. Never let your success get to your head, because when you do, that is when you start thinking you are right even when you are horrendously wrong. Learning to laugh at your own mistakes and flaws mean you have learned to love and accept yourself. Combine those together and you have something that can help you become a better person while having an awesome time.

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