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For many people, having more self confidence is one of the most desirable things that they wish they had. I know a lot of people who are seeking to develop self confidence, but I also know that no matter how much time and effort spent on trying to ?build? self confidence, many will not develop it. They will not succeed as long as they do not clear up the misconception they have about gaining self confidence. They think that by learning and practicing enough exercises and so on, they will have that unstoppable confidence and courage. The difference is these individuals are aware that the state of absolute confidence cannot be achieved. If you want to be 100% confident before you attempt something, you can bet that you won’?t be attempting much things.
This then becomes a cycle ?- the more success you experience, the more confident you become. While the gaining of self confidence comes from experience, unfortunately the same thing also happens low self confidence.
That is why the older someone gets, sometimes they become more conservative and risk averse. In the end, what matters it is just not having experience, but rather the quality of the experience. So rather than let past experiences of failures drive down your confidence level, interpret all your experiences in an empowering way so you will be gaining confidence from it no matter what the experience is. The ability to respond to any situation this way will provide a huge boost of confidence for anyone.
By identifying the details of a doubt or fear that we have, we can clearly see what we are dealing with, and that gives us more confidence in facing it. In addition, often times identifying the details will make us realize that the situation is actually much better than we initially thought. Now, if it really happened, what can or would you have to do to overcome it and be back at where you are right now? Knowing what you’?re up against, the probability of it happening and how you can possibly handle it helps you develop self confidence.

In addition, here are some more easy and quick self confidence tips that can help you get an immediate boost of self confidence.
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They don’?t wait until they are confident enough, until they have no doubts, or until they are 100% sure of themselves. Preparation can only do so much, but once you have prepared sufficiently (not excessively), then ? Just Do It!
A past success or achievement gives us confidence that we can achieve it again or do something similar.
With that, there is proof that something can be achieved because it (or something similar) has happened before. Sure Warren Buffet has a lot of past success, so does Tony Robbins, but they all started from scratch. No matter how successful someone is right now, they started somewhere without any past success to give them any confidence. Just as the experience of success can help us in gaining self confidence, past experiences of failure will pull our confidence level down. All the setbacks and ?failures? throughout the years can bring down a person’?s confidence level. To them, those experiences taught them valuable lessons, gave them a chance to perfect their skills, improve their knowledge and ultimately brought them closer to reaching their goal.

You will intuitively know that whatever happens, you can handle it with confidence because you are able to respond positively to it.
This gives us the feeling that the situation is unknown and that decreases our confidence of being able to handle it. Further understand what is confidence and once you have achieved that, use your knowledge and skills and start teaching self confidence to others. Having low self confidence can undermine an individual in so many ways. No matter how smart, successful, talented or capable someone is, no one is absolutely free of doubt. They don?’t try to dispel all doubts before making a decision or taking a course of action. Whenever we attempt to do something, our brain automatically analyzes the probability of success.
So this means while experience certainly plays a big part in helping gain self confidence, it isn’?t essential.
Because while we can’?t change our past results, we can control the interpretation of our experiences.
By interpreting their experiences this way, every single experience they have, whether good or ?supposedly bad?, will ultimately contribute to their confidence. If you want to improve your performance in sports, having self confidence in sports is vital to performing well as well.
The impact of it is pervasive and virtually affects every area of a person?s life so make it a priority to work on gaining more self confidence. The more experience you have, the more you can call upon that experience to give you confidence. I hope that you guys continue to grow and continue to help people like you have been cause I am one of those people. By interpreting your experience positively, you are not denying yourself the truth, but rather you are actually just focusing more on the positive than the negative.

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