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This post discuss on a video that covers Michael Tipper who shares on various techniques to improve the memory. This post covers a video interview of Tony Buzan specifically on Mind mapping and how it helps one enhance the thinking process as well as memory power. This post looks at the need to practice continuously till we gotten the desired improvement of memory. This post discusses the memory improvement technique that helps to remember names and numbers.
If you are now interested in the main aspects that relate to games that train your memory, read further, in order to find out the most important and interesting things about natural methods for memory training. Alzheimer`s disease, dementia and other severe cognitive affections of the memory represent a certain types of crisis of forgetting. Sometimes a weak memory may be the symptom of a serious illness, such as Alzheimer`s disease or dementia. There were several games invented for improving and training of the memory and for increasing the power and capacity of the brain.
Another efficient technique for improving your memory is to learn something new, such as a language. By applying one or more of memory improving techniques on a daily basis, you will definitely observe an almost instantaneous change.
Converting the information that was seen on a visual picture will help you to remember things better because visual feelings are more powerful. There are several available acoustic and visual supports that you can use in your process of learning and memorizing.
By repeating something countlessly and relearning some things is a method proven to be helpful in training the brain. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
One way of enhancing your memory is to constantly challenge your brain to do things that are out of your ordinary routine.

Example: Instead of using your sense of sight when walking through your house, try to walk with your eyes closed.
The technique will help to condition the data so that our mind can better accept the information. It’s only through these practice that we could eventually recall the key information and techniques.
Basically it enhances our memory by pegging the things we want to remember to numbers and by clustering it together, we could even able to recall many more things. Both methods require practice for it to be 2nd nature of our life and greatly enhance our effectiveness.
By constantly practicing the word exercise, one will be able improve the brain power and hence the memory. It will be truly exciting to get into playing of these games while working on our brain, making us rather effective. Most of the invented social games for this purpose will definitely help you and to improve your reasoning. Therefore, when you hear the word “rat”, you will immediately make a parallel with the moment when you saw a rat in your garden. Try these, in order to find out which of these suit you the best, but you can also try a combination of several techniques. One of the most important mnemonics are images, conversion to rhyme words, the formation of a word in the alphabet of the first sentence, the addition of these words to a song, binding these with certain locations or other information you already know and transforming these into a funny story.
Games that improve memory and activities that involve brain training is everything you need. His main original work in the CDRI was the evaluation of memory enhancing effects of selected plants of Ayurveda, which led to the development of Memo Plus Gold.
Enhancing the brain to have a better memory is like putting your brain into an exercise routine.
The neurons of your brain will try to recall where each piece of furniture is located in order for you not to get hurt or break anything.

There are also some other factors that affect the health of your memory, such as tenderness, depression and diet. By taking out your brain from the ordinary and well-known comfort and introducing it to an unknown domain, your brain will memorize a few things. In the following series of articles, Dr Singh will tell anecdotal and factual events related to his research. The more you use your brain, the more it will be able to process information and recall and retain memories. It enables the brain to use synapses and brain cells to function better by retrieving stored memory and recall details. If your remembering difficulties can`t be seen by your friends and other family members, there aren`t any reasons to be worried. Learning a new language is one of the best modalities to make your brain work and to help your memory. Memory games don`t necessarily mean only the ones played online, in front of your computer or video games played on television.
The memory is considered to be in a good health until you are able to remember important things and you can fulfill your daily tasks.
There are a lot of other activities that can be called everyday games to play and you always have your memory fresh! If you somehow feel that your memory doesn`t behave like it did in the past and you face difficulties with processing basic information, it`s recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible.
Despite of the fact that all card games need concentration and reasoning improving, there are a few specialized games that focus on memory improving. Other games that are helpful in memory improving are chess, Scrabble, crosswords and Sudoku.

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