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Reiki is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects of the person in body, spirit, mind and emotions.
However, it is also extremely beneficial to anyone interested in learning a simple way to begin meditating. Relax as well as you can for the 20-30 minutes, keeping your spine strsight in the chair and your head facing forward and upright. If holding your hands in the prayer position, in front of your chest, becomes uncomfortable during the meditation, let your hands down to your lap into a comfortable position and continue to meditate.

Keep in mind when you are meditating; do not attempt to get rid of any thoughts or feelings that start coming in during your meditation. Gently acknowledge them, then bring your attention back to the point where your middle fingers meet. It runs from the chest along the medial side of the arm, past the wrist, through the palms of the hand and ends in the tip of the middle finger.
If your hands become tired while meditating, allow them to gently come down and rest in your lap.

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