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George's Secret Key to the Universe is a 2007 children's book written by Lucy and Stephen Hawking with Christophe Galfard.
The Independent gave the book a positive review, calling it an "excellent book" that "will do wonders to raise enthusiasm for physics among young readers".
The book was followed by three sequels, George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt in 2009, George and the Big Bang in 2011, and George and the Unbreakable Code in 2014.

Cosmos can draw windows allowing people to look into outer space, as well as doors which act as portals allowing travel into outer space. The story in this book is a bit contrived, but as a book intended to teach children the basics of astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and other principles that govern our universe, it does a fair job."[5] The reviewer from Kirkus Reviews was more critical, accusing the authors of setting aside the laws of physics whenever convenient to the story. Meet the future people!Book Trailer- George's Secret Key To The UniverseA book trailer of the book George's Secret Key To The Universe.
It is written like a story and aims to describe various aspects of the universe in a manner that is accessible to children and others new to the topic.

It then goes on to describe black holes, which remains the topic of focus in the last part of the book. At frequent intervals throughout the book, there are pictures and "fact files" of the different references to universal objects, including a picture of Mars with its Moons.

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