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The ULC allows anyone called to the ministry to join, take advantage of modern laws and technology, and get ordained online. Some people feel the internet has gone too far in replacing person-to-person contact with words on a screen, that these words have replaced meaningful communication. During his ministry, Jesus used every means available to him to open people’s eyes to what the words of the law really meant. Everyone has a personality: unique attributes, values, goals, worries, tendencies, likes and dislikes that define their character.
For those who want a little more variety than what the Basic Ordination Package offers, we have the Classic Wedding Ceremony Package.
Conan O’Brien, a comedian and a Universal Life Church Minister, has worn many different hats in his career.
We are proud to have Conan O’Brien among the many ministers of the Universal Life Church Monastery. This is just a selection of celebrities who have become ordained ULC ministers through the Universal Life Church Monastery. The Universal Life Church Ordination Credential is the official credential certifying your status as an ordained minister in the ULCS.
As an ordained minister many counties will require you have your ordination credential to register to perform religious ceremonies.
This Ordination Credential is imprinted with your name, ordination date, and the official seal of our church.

The samples shown below are just examples of the many different types of paper that you can print your credential on and does not reflect what your actual credential will look like. But these words have also allowed us to forge relationships with those living on opposite sides of the globe, people we’d never know if we relied solely on face-to-face interactions. The calling to be a pastor is a commission to follow Jesus in spreading the word of God’s truth by whatever means the Lord lays on your heart. Online ordination programs and online churches can be one of the most effective resources we have for following the Great Commission.
These traits also apply to your relationship with money – you have a “money personality.” Knowing your money personality can help you meet your financial goals.
He has served as a writer on some of the most important comedies in TV history and he became a fixture of late-night programming that includes more than two decades of talk show performances on multiple networks. Just three months later, Conan O’Brien received his ordination from the Universal Life Church Monastery.
Conan O’Brien’s dedication to social justice and his daily contributions to the joy of countless people around the world show the heart and soul of the giant that he is. If you would like to be ordained, please visit our official Universal Life Church website below. For some, this will be the traditional path of a classroom-based seminary and a brick-and-mortar church. O’Brien has also been a prominent political activist, using his fame and unique sense of humor to champion causes close to his heart.

His first act as a minister was to perform the first nation live gay wedding of his staffer and his partner-to-be at a special taping of Conan at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.
John goes on to say that Jesus is the Word made flesh, the physical fulfillment of God’s promise.
He wreaked havoc on the merchants in the temple, allowed a prostitute to wash his feet, chose an adulterous woman at the well to be his first missionary to a non-Jewish community. In October of 2011, he sought the assistance of the Universal Life Church Monastery to make a grand, televised statement in support of marriage equality. Conan O’Brien is well known for his close, positive relationships with the staff of his show. People with a calling to ministry can now get ordained online, start an online church with the potential to broadcast the love of Christ in places they may never see with their own eyes. Famously, he negotiated a 12 million dollar deal with NBC after leaving The Tonight Show exclusively to compensate his staff after they moved with him from New York to Los Angeles to take over the show from Jay Leno.
How much farther would they have reached if they could have shared the good news instantaneously with a few key strokes?

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