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Vanessa Hudgens Forgot She Was Vanessa Hudgens Playing A Homeless Teenager In Gimme Shelter! Rape and murder may be a shot away, but the song resolves on the opposite note: Love is a kiss away. The world teeters on the brink of chaos, but basic human decency has the power to redeem us all.If that all sounds a bit upbeat for a song that spends so much time in the muck of war and violence, well, you’ll have the same sunny-side-of-life vibe after watching this video.

It comes from Playing for Change, an organization dedicated to “connecting the world through music.” In their invariably uplifting videos, unknown musicians across the globe collaborate on performances of classic anthems. In this case, we see a guitarist from Italy, a washboard player from Louisiana, a percussionist from India, and many more. This one features a few surprise guests too, like Taj Mahal and the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, who we’ve heard from before.

Check it out below.Playing for Change – Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones cover) Check out more from Playing for Change at their website.

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