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Accumulating 525,498 minutes on garry's mod is going to be a challenge, and will probably be the last achievement you'll get, if you do.
Before the most recent update, there have been a couple people stealing Garry's steam ID, so when they got on the server, everyone got the achievement.
So, yesterday I was on the server I always play on and it just so happened that no one voted to play a different map and four hours rolled by on that same server and map. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Garry's Mod.
If you have Team Fortress 2 (which you should, as it is free!) you can just play around in a map from that game. What normally would take a long time, is made simple by the use of the Pi Master 1.00 on the workshop.
I reccommend placing between 200-500 balloons, to avoid clogging the server, and then placing dynamite to blow it up.

An easy way to do this is to first place a large amount of dynamite in a small area, and then spawning, say, 200-500 zombie torsos, then blow them up. Obviously, you're going to need to have 10 friends on your friends list that own garry's mod.
Simply start up a game, making sure that you select the amount of players to be at least two. The half marathon achievement did not pop up for me and I waited 15 minutes after the four hours to try to see if it was just going through late.
So for instance, if you spawn 250 props, and then remove them, by the 5000th prop, you should have gotten both achievements.
I'll be updating the guide and fixing any errors soon, but only if you let me know you like it! It did not pop up after the 15 minutes so I closed steam and opened it back up and I don't have the achievement.

I used Father Grigori, as he did not move, and of course functioned as a human, even though he's for some reason with the animals.
Anyway, I wouldn't reccommend spawning more than 200-500 props in one map, depending on your computer. I had no intention of ever going for this achievement, but I would at least like an explanation as to why I didn't get the achievement.

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