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Several local Falun Dafa practitioners formed this meetup group to invite others to join us in doing the exercises, meditating, and learning about Falun Dafa, free of charge.
We wish you the best and hope that you too will find that Falun Dafa is something extra special. The John of God Healing and Meditation Group was created to provide an opportunity to learn more about the work of John of God.
Bringing together like minded souls who know there is so much more to this world than meets the eye.

Many of us have stories to share of improved health, as well as greatly improved personal relationships, peace of mind and improved sense of self. For more than 60 years, John of God has been in service to humanity, touching the lives of millions. The teaching method allows the student to integrate mind, body, spirit, and emotion simultaneously. As our group grows, the energy and vibration becomes stronger, creating a more profound experience for everyone.

These spiritual masters that work through John of God help us to correct the root causes of our illnesses and imbalances in the spiritual body, which translates to physical, emotional, and mental healing, and profound life transformation. I believe everyone is gifted, it is just a matter of developing and understanding your gifts.

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