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Here are the new hidden items cheats for the November 2014 issue of the Penguin Style catalog! This Mission 4 walkthrough has step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures for how to do Mission 4! Now, open your inventory and connect the Life Preserver Shooter, the Fishing Rob, and the Rope all together. Now, write down on a piece of paper the path that you see in the maze to get to the trapped penguins. Now, that the Life Preserver Launcher thingy that you made out of your inventory and place it on the cliff.
Now, drop down the Life Preserver Launcher with the first penguin to get the second penguin.
This Mission 6 walkthrough has step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures for how to do Mission 6! When you have jumped of the Mountain, you should tumble down and when you got to the bottom of it, you would have lost your map.
When you get to the other part of the woods, the Crab will keep running away, go all the way to the left side and you will see him running away into another part of the woods.

Go all the way to the Left on your screen and enter the entrance that is all the way on the left. Now, go back to where the Black Puffle was, and give him a Puffle O's.When you feed him, the Puffle becomes your Friend.
The Polar Bear will get your Spy Phone and he will talk about how he got to the Club Penguin Island. When he finishes talking he goes to the Ski Village with the Crab to chop down the wood from the Ski Lodge. Now, get another Puffle O's out and put it on the top of the Metal piece that the water is running on.
When you did that, go a little more to your left and get the bottoll of Hot Sause and put it on one of a Puffle O's. Now, when you get up there, get your Rope and you Metal Hook out of your inventory and put them on the top of the mountain.
Remember what kind of Pizza the Polar Bear said and go to the Pizza Parlor and tell the worker you want Seaweed Pizza.
While the Polar Bear is distracked with the pizza click the Red Switch and make it go the other direction. When the Polar Bear is done eating, he will get up to drive the machine but if will go the other direction.

You will get only a Medal as your reward and a copy of the ElectroMagnet 3000 Blueprint as a gift! Pick up the survival guide in front of you – and pick up the rope on your left then take the path to your right (with the log). Then go to the right and you will see a pan in a tree – click it a few times and put it in your inventory. Next, go all the way to the left, put the fishing pole in the water and you will catch a fish – put them both in your inventory. Click the small rocks to make a circle for your campfire – put the log onto the rocks – then put the survival guide on the rocks.
Now, go all the way to the right on the room and go to the entrance that has a tree's stump in the ground.
To get then down, get you Spy Phone that is in your inventory and click on the Blinking red light. The puffle will go after the snack and he will open the Door for you and you can now go inside the Cave.

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