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In our Loving Kindness Meditation How-To you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Buddhsit Loving Kindness Meditation. Loving Kindness Meditation is all about compassion, a compassion that is perhaps best illustrated by those most beautiful of creatures: dolphins. When hammerhead sharks attack humans, nearby dolphins will risk their own lives to fend off the shark and protect the human. If you follow my Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ll notice that I often post about love, compassion and kindness. Loving Kindness (called Metta in Pali) is benevolence, friendliness, friendship, good will, kindness, and love. That’s because I personally believe that love, compassion, and kindness are three of the most important things in the world.

One of best ways of developing that loving kindness is through Loving Kindness Meditation ,which we’ll look at in just a sec. It is one of the ten paramis of the Theravada school of Buddhism, and the first of the four sublime states. There are ten perfections: Generosity, Virtues, Renunciation, Insight, Effort, Patience, Honesty, Determination, Loving Kindness, Equanimity. Not surprisingly, the primary type of such meditations is called “Loving Kindness Meditation” or “Metta Meditation”. It’s part of their beautiful nature, a nature that is altruistic, loving, and compassionate.
I’ve personally raised thousands of dollars for charities (mostly for animal charities) and every time I do charity work I feel fantastic: fantastic to help out, fantastic that I am capable of improving the world, and fantastic that I’ve spent my time doing something important.

He would focus first on himself, extending thoughts and feelings of compassion, love and kindness to himself.
Then he would look around him at the villagers and monks and would imagine sending out positive feelings of love and kindness towards them. Finally he would look for some way to help his community, seeking an actually way to act out those feelings of love and kindness.

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