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The effect of the environment on a highly spiritual person can be not only profound, but sometimes inwardly traumatic. The whole of your multi-dimensional self including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels is starting to become a sounding board for wavelengths of energies not normally perceived by the five physical senses. However, if you wish to develop these abilities, this can be achieved by intention and the desire to do so. For those people who have difficulty “seeing,” guided imagery can assist in developing this faculty. For those who are interested in exploring Inner Child work, the nature of guided imagery is extremely beneficial.
Guided Imagery as taught through the College involves an inner journey that takes you through experiences from the physical plane which involves looking at acceptance of the current personality and then the changes that need to be accomplished and the states of consciousness that need to be changed in order to allow a descension of higher energies. Further steps involve meeting and activating your masculine and feminine sides, and activating the pranic tube.
Our Guided Imagery products have been clinically proven to help adults and children manage stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia.
The Award Winning Anxiety-Free Child Program provides information and resources to help your child overcome their anxiety FAST. TweetLeaving the daily chaos in the dust and traveling to the perfect place doesn’t necessarily involve plane tickets. Guided imagery is a simple and highly effective relaxation technique that prompts you to imagine meaningful images to help achieve a particular goal, which may be as straightforward as alleviating anxiety and stress.
The “guided” part of the equation typically comes from an audio recording you turn on as you and your anxious child tune in and let your imagination follow wherever the recording takes you. The script typically contains soothing music or sounds and its images can range from soothing ocean scenes to cozy couches, depending on the script and the overall goal you want to achieve. Relaxation and induction. The first two stages are aimed at getting anxious children to relax.
Main imagery experience. The middle stage of the process uses imagery related to the particular goal of the exercise.
Return and processing. The final two stages focus on bringing the anxious children back to their waking consciousness and remembering the process.
A guided imagery session can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more, although anxious kids and younger children may do best with a stint that lasts about 3 to 5 minutes, at least for starters.
Meditation is also a relaxation technique but, instead of following a guide of sorts, you instead focus on your breath, a rock, or whatever you choose. Both meditation and guided imagery can help alleviate stress and anxiety, although imagery takes some of the challenge of trying to quiet the mind by giving you something to think about. Guided imagery gets another plug for being able to skip over the logical brain’s natural defenses and go right the intuitive part of the brain, allowing kids to speak from their hearts.
In addition to beating adult and child anxiety, guided imagery has been helpful for quelling fears, getting through difficult situations and quashing insomnia. Researchers have definitely hopped on the guided imagery bandwagon, presenting a slew of studies that suggest it can be golden for a number of issues and conditions. A study out of University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Department of Medicine checked out the affect of guided imagery on 22 people diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or panic disorder. Clinical Psychology Review published a study that pointed to GI and other relaxation techniques as being the most effective form of CBT for alleviating panic disorders, generalized anxiety, test anxiety and even dental phobia.
Children’s abdominal pain took a hike with guided imagery in a study entitled published in Pediatrics.
The conclusion was that imagery coupled with medical care was “superior to standard medical care only for the treatment of abdominal pain, and treatment effects were sustained over a long period.” The GI group also had a higher rate of participation in their overall treatment plans than those who received medical care alone.
Studies involving cancer patients found that, while GI did not necessarily consistently decrease the size of tumors, it dramatically improved mental health and brought a host of other benefits. Cancer patient studies included one out of Virginia that showed that imagery reduced anxiety prior to operations and reduced pain after them. As an added bonus, the GI participants reporting having a better quality of life than the non-GI group a full six months after their experience. Six months may be a notable amount of time to continue to reap the benefits of imagery after the experience, but four separate studies found the benefits can extend up to a full six years. Numerous studies also showed guided imagery results in psychological and physiological changes in the body. The study randomly assigned each of 12 men to either a GI group or a music group then measured changes in their heart rates during the centrifuge training as well as their relaxation and anxiety levels before GI or music, after GI or music and after centrifuge training. Using Reznick’s five-stage model as your framework, you can create a personalized script for your anxious child or otherwise lead them with your voice. Before you hit that play button or begin your narration, make sure you set the stage for a peaceful, quiet, uninterrupted session.
Deepen your anxious child’s relaxation by having him close his eyes and imagine a soft white light hovering above his head. All of them talk to him, telling him to keep moving toward the perfect place he’s imagined where he will be enveloped with a soothing rainbow light in his favorite colors. Return and processing: Once your anxious child has deposited his anxious thoughts at his favorite place and enjoyed the warm glow, talk him back along the path back to his waking state. Encourage him to discuss his experience, or have paper and a pen or pencil on hand so he can write about or draw images of what he just felt, saw, heard and otherwise experienced in his perfect place. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this blog’s articles or reviews every day along with a mug of coffee. Important DisclaimerAll material provided on this website is provided for informational or education purposes only. Short scripts can become mantras, or words to be repeated again and again, slowly and calmly.
Continue with your natural breath, feeling the air enter through your nostrils, then exit through your nostrils. On the next inhale, feel the belly rise, then the ribs expand and finally the chest lift, coming to the top of the breath below the throat.

With the third exhale, begin to feel the breath as a wave coming up from the belly and rising to the top of the breath beneath the throat.
Hold this breath for two counts, then let the breath go in a wave from the chest out the belly. Continue with this wave-like breath, rolling in and up, then counting to two, and rolling out like a tide. Finish a final cycle of this breath and after the complete exhale, return to the natural breath. As you begin awareness of your breath, start to notice what thoughts are going through your mind.
Do not get caught up in your thoughts, but just begin to notice them as they travel across your mind.
Find a large, leafy tree and begin to descend from the sky to land safely and softly on the tree branches. These scripts can be adapted to fit your own personality, using language you find comfortable. Meditation techniques vary from person to person, but using a guided script for meditation can help demystify the practice and also ease you into regularity.
Researchers at the University of Grenada are now confirming other medical research which shows that guided imagery can reduce physical pain. The study, widely distributed through Science Daily, links guided imagery and music therapy with reduced pain in fibromyalgia patients. Meditation is widely known to be beneficial to your physical health, and a recent article in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that meditation also has a significant impact on depression, anxiety, and pain. More and more, the mainstream western medical establishment is adding alternative therapies to patients’ overall treatment plans. The Gazette in Colorado Springs this week reports on a new class offering guided imagery for children. Speaking with MD Magazine Allison Fine, a counselor with Counseling for Inner Balance in Seattle, discussed how guided imagery can help patients with serious illnesses handle stress and anxiety. Researchers at the University of Arizona have built an Android app using guided imagery to help women quit smoking. More and more, the mainstream western medical establishment is adding alternative therapies to patients’ overall treatment plans. Shirley Ballentyne, another holistic resource nurse says her patients have had an “incredible response” to the guided imagery sessions she provides. We know the aberrations of such effects as they are described to us by those whose perceptions have been heightened by psychedelic drugs.
This period can be difficult and stressful for the aspirant, even for the disciple, and it is a time when glamour and delusion are most likely to strike if one is unaware. Some people have this faculty developed to a marked degree, whilst others state that they cannot see a thing.
By imagery I mean not only pictorial imagery, but auditory, olfactory, tactile and kinesthetic images as well.
It is involved more with the feeling side, than the thinking side of us, because it originated during that period of development when we were capable of feeling more than thinking.
The final steps involve preparation for meeting the deeper aspects of the inner you, commonly termed the Higher Self, the Inner Self, the Master Within, the Inner Teacher or the Energy Parent, and the responsibility which that entails. No one escapes, but it just depends on how you handle it as to whether it will affect you adversely or not.
Please phone us on (07) 3219 2086 or email us here if you would like to make an appointment to experience this life changing meditation through the process of guided imagery and the channeling of healing energies. It can work on any age group and requires neither special training nor loads of time and effort. Anxious kids may especially enjoy GI since it gives their imagination full reign and, well, it’s fun. Guided imagery can take you up staircases into the clouds, down staircases and back to reality, or on a wonderful, winding walk that takes you far from your daily worries and woes.
If the goal is to provide a sense of calm, for instance, you can use calming images of the beach or warm bed. Our mindfulness guide offers a more extended explanation of meditation, and you could look at guided imagery for kids or adults as a type of meditation, or being meditation-based.
This is especially helpful for anxious children who may find their minds wandering to their last spelling test, their next math test or any number of other items screaming for their attention.
It can help kick out stress in general or stress related to work, school, relationships or other issues. Researchers found 20 of the 22 experienced a reduction in panic symptoms as well as a decrease in anxiety and depression. The study specific looked at 34 children diagnosed with functional abdominal pain, assigning a group of the 6 to 15-year-olds to two months of home-based guided imagery on top of their regular medical care.
The Huffington Post reports patients who engaged in guided imagery generally had shorter hospital stays, a decreased need for pain medication and less severe somatic symptoms, such as vomiting.
A study out of Korea examined GI’s effect on chemotherapy patients, finding those who engaged in GI were less depressed, anxious and irritable and had fewer episodes of nausea and vomiting than patients who did not use the technique. Studies with similar findings as the Korean report came out of Florida, Ohio and Great Britain.
One example published in the journal Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine involved centrifuge training, a method of enhancing hypergravity training for cosmonauts and pilots. Trying a bit of imagery on your own before passing it along to your anxious child is a good idea, as is explaining the purpose and process of guided imagery.
This means shutting off your cell phone and other distractions and finding a comfortable area for you and your anxious child to sit. The light gently begins to cascade over the top of his head then down through every part of his body and out his toes.
Once he’s at the place, have your child feel the rainbow light warm every part of his body and fill him with a warm, loving glow.
He can meet the same people and animals along the way, giving each of them a hug as he returns to the room where you started.

Encourage him to recall those feelings at any time throughout his day when he’s feeling anxious, fearful or stressed for an instant sense of calm.
No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Awaken that lightness in each part of the body, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. Practicing meditation for even just a few minutes a day can help with mental clarity, bringing about a feeling of calmness and centeredness. Sara Lazar discussed her findings from the first neuro-imaging study on the effects of meditation and how meditation works in the brain.
Through guided imagery for health, the medical treatments become something the in which the patient is participating, rather than something that is being done to him or her.
In earlier times, such perception was often achieved through fasting, asceticism and constant prayer. It will help you if you remember that phenomena and psychic gifts are only a side-effect of walking a spiritual Path.
With a little training, and particularly a little practice, it can become a very pleasant pastime.
It is the subconscious storehouse of our most joyful moments and sometimes our most unbearable anguish or pain. Most people who meditate and use a specific guided imagery technique learn to handle their stress adequately, but sometimes extra support is needed at the deeper levels. Not only does guided imagery, or GI, take you far away from the cacophony of daily life, it can take you just as far away from the worries in your brain while offering a host of benefits, especially for the anxious child. How it not be fun to leave anxiety and the daily grind behind while taking an imaginary jaunt that soothes the brain, body and soul? The goal is to take you a place where you and your anxious child feel safe, secure and serene. It also technically falls under the category of mind-body relaxation techniques and can be viewed as a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Instead of telling kids to “clear their minds,” their minds instantly become focused on the guide. It’s also helped people lose weight, quit smoking, prepare for surgery or medical procedures.
Putting soft, soothing music on in the background can also help, as long as your voice is still audible over the music.
Try a bit of belly breathing, which involves deep breathing into the belly rather than shallow breathing into the lungs.
Have him put all his anxiety and worries in a big basket at his special place where they will stay and be processed into happy thoughts. Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.
The words will help you remain focused during meditation, so you can aim to stay in the present moment to bring about greater awareness and full consciousness.
Karen, tell me about a transforming experience you have had when using visualization or guided imagery? 4. Those who tread the spiritual path must always be alert to the fact that the whole body is becoming acutely aware.
I’m sure you would have indulged in this pleasant past time as a child, but have somehow forgotten how to use it. One of the top benefits is leaving your anxiety in the dust right along with the daily chaos. Anxious children with learning disabilities can benefit from imagery, as can adults and teens suffering from addictions.
The author is not a therapist, psychologist, physician, or other mental health or medical professional. In the unlikely even that your question is not answered by our FAQ, you may submit a customer service request by clicking here. Linda Silwedel, a holistic resource nurse tells the Ashville Mountain Xpress, “when the body is focused on stress, it doesn’t heal itself as effectively.” Guided imagery allows the patient’s body to relax, making him or her more active in the healing process.
In fact, some have deliberately chosen to allow those faculties to remain latent this incarnation while they develop other aspects and facets that urgently need developing. It is how you handle your difficulties, your stress, your lack, your plenty, your spiritual sight or your lack of it that counts. Anyone can overcome a resistance to imagery by informing the right brain that it’s OK to use your imagination like you did when you were a child, like when you imagined the dot on the wall was a big hairy spider. It helps to clear aspects from all levels of the four-fold body structure, and bring back balance and harmony to daily living. Anger management, depression, heart disease and post-traumatic stress are other ways to utilize the technique uses and it’s even been shown to be helpful for people with cancer.
You can make each script yours by adapting the language to suit your style and personality. Also remember that your guardian angel is always around you to lift you up and inspire you to do your best in any situation, so never think you are totally alone. This particular meditation has a two-fold purpose; one is learning to use and awaken abilities through guided imagery and the other is learning to handle the stress in your life. The most wonderful geometrical shapes appear and disappear in a multitude of iridescent colors.
There is a very good chance, that with the practice of certain guided imagery, it will rapidly emerge.
Relaxation has healing benefits and can easily be learned through the guided imagery technique.

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