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Guided imagery has many enthusiastic supporters who saying it has helped them to feel better both physically and mentally. Guided imagery mediation is an easy to learn method many people are now using to attain a meditative state. Guided imagery channels the power of vividly imagined scenes to move you into a state of physical and mental relaxation.What most people like best about this meditation technique is that it is easy to learn.
We all know the benefits of meditation, but many people feel intimidated by the process of learning meditation. So many people report growing success with lowering stress using this technique that it is becoming a rapidly growing trend.Part of the appeal of this process is that while you relax your mind experiences the sensation of a series of beautiful scenes, which flow through your mind like a river of calming energy. One "postcard" gently follows another, allowing you to imagine and experience yourself feeling comfortable and calm, and easily managing challenging situations.Guided imagery works in part by helping us to relax our bodies fully. Guided imagery and stress management is relatively new on the scene and has been the object of various recent scientific studies. Our Guided Imagery products have been clinically proven to help adults and children manage stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia. Save when you bundle these products related to self-esteem. Develop high self-esteem and change your life for the better! If you'd like to learn a bit more about guided imagery, browse our blog posts to catch up on the latest research. Thanks to massive support from our customers and fans, we were voted Best Website 2013 for the kind of high quality, helpful guided meditation programs we offer. The placebo effect is probably the best known example of how the mind can aid the body in healing almost miraculously.
Today, I want to discuss another way in which our minds can help us manage just about any health condition. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that affects approximately 2% of the general population. Earlier this year a study was conducted at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing. At the end of week 10, there was a significant improvement in the patients management of pain, as well as their functional status (the ability to carry out daily activities).
In England, study of 80 women who underwent conventional treatment for breast cancer was recently published. Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a syndrome that causes pelvic pain and urinary frequency and urgency in over one million men and women in the United States. In my opinion, all of the studies cited are exciting because they show that we can strategically use our mind as a healing force.
They also noted that shorter hospital stays and lower doses of pain medication may be needed by those utilizing guided imagery. Coping with Work-Related Stress through Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): Randomized Controlled Trial.
BACKGROUND: Long-term stress-related sick leave constitutes a serious health threat and an economic burden on both the single worker and the society. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to examine the effects of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), a psychotherapy intervention including relaxation, music listening, and imagery, on biopsychosocial measures of work-related stress. METHODS: Twenty Danish workers on sick leave were randomized to music therapy versus wait-list control. RESULTS: Significant beneficial effects of GIM compared to wait-list after nine weeks with large effect sizes were found in well-being, mood disturbance, and physical distress, and in cortisol concentrations with a medium effect size. CONCLUSIONS: The results indicate that GIM is a promising treatment for work-related chronic stress, and further studies are recommended.
This page contains articles and blog posts I have written about guided imagery and meditation, as well as a place to ask me questions at the bottom of the page.
My inner dog has a lot in common with my two relaxed friends; it is protective of me and it wants me to be safe and happy.
Our inner dog responds to our stress and our fear by creating a physical stress response in the body – tense muscles, a rush of adrenalin, pulling blood out of our digestive systems and our thinking brains and sending it to our muscles so we can run away from the tiger. The mind-body connection is a remarkable thing, and imagery is the language that our brains and our bodies use to communicate. And that’s what guided imagery is – guiding your thoughts, your imagination, your images toward the outcome you desire.
So if you haven’t yet gotten your free download of my guided imagery meditation mp3 Six Minutes to Peace and Relaxation please sign up in the box on the right and give yourself a taste of what this work can do for you.
Guided imagery meditation is my name for the process of working with imagery when you are in a meditative state, and is the process that I use in my work.
Many people think meditation is this difficult, mysterious process – you have to sit in the lotus position for hours and empty your mind. But have you noticed that our culture doesn’t really encourage inner peace and hanging out in your center?
I developed the Four Steps to Center™ technique that I use in many of my CDs and mp3s to help my clients who wanted to learn to meditate. Imagery or visualization is really just a kind of language or messaging system that your inner being uses to communicate. And the actual images don’t really objectively mean anything, they only have meaning to your psyche. I once worked with a woman who was preparing to have cancer surgery (a mastectomy) for breast cancer and we were working with imagery to be sure that any cancer cells, anywhere else in her body would move into her breast, so they could be removed by the surgery. If you're unable to play this mp3 in your browser, you can download the file by signing up for the newsletter using the form below. Meditation produces a balancing effect on the nervous system known as the relaxation response. We are going to use the healing and balancing power of green energy to draw stress out of the body. Now picture the energy flowing to the top of your head, then back through your lungs and finally outwards. Each time you draw this energy in to your body, you feel more relaxed and in control of the energy. Your stomach which has been gently moving to bring this energy into your body is relaxed by the constant flow of the breath.
On your next breath the energy will flow deeper through your stomach and fill the entire pelvic area.
With these last few breaths, you are going to pull energy deep down into your legs filling all of the muscles.
Inhale slowly and deeply, moving now to the deepest level of consciousness you have ever been. As you prepare yourself to move into your personal space of power, the door slowly slides back. Now when you want to go back, when you are ready take care of your friends and family you can.

Breathing deep into your Dan Tien using your belly breath technique, you pull the cooling blue energy throughout the entire body.
You can use this feeling to remind yourself throughout the day that you are in complete control.
This type of meditation is one of the most common and is used by many different health practitioners for a wide range of mental and physical conditions and is commonly used for stress and anxiety relief. This type of meditation can also help to promote healing after a trauma or surgery (for example) by guiding the patient through different healing images and scenarios.
This type of meditation can be done with the assistance of a health practitioner or therapist who is familiar with it's use, however, it's also commonly done alone with the assistance of CD's or other audios. The information presented on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. You may have heard about this new technique many people are using to easily gain the benefits of meditation.Guided imagery can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, increase the ability to focus, promote healing, reduce pain, calm the mind, and even boost your immune system. Where traditional meditation techniques often use a mantra to help focus and clear the mind, guided imagery uses a set of images, and guided thoughts.
Our guided imagery programs use spoken narration with soft background music to take you on a relaxing inner journey.
We believe a fake medication or a treatment will work and our mind somehow facilitates an actual healing event.
The causes of this condition aren’t well understood and the treatments are often very unpredictable. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of 10 weeks of relaxation and guided imagery therapy on Fibromyalgia sufferers. The treatments included chemotherapy followed by surgery, radiotherapy and hormone treatment.
The researchers analyzed the blood to check the levels and activity of various cancer-fighting cells. There was a positive impact on their immune system (which combats cancer) while they were undergoing treatment and after the treatment ended. 15 of them were asked to listen to a specially made guided imagery CD for twenty-five minutes twice-a-day. I’m also very optimistic because I see examples of mainstream medicine taking note of the potential of such mind-body approaches. Effective interventions for the rehabilitation and facilitation of return to work are needed.
A comparison between early and late intervention as related to the onset of sick leave showed faster job return and significantly improved perceived stress, well-being, mood disturbance, depression, anxiety, and physical distress symptoms in favor of early intervention. If you have questions about this process or any of my CD or mp3 products, please ask them here – I will answer all questions of general interest. I share my home and my office with 2 wonderful large dogs, who as I write this are lying in front of the wood stove, basking in the warmth  and feeling safe and content. Is a hungry tiger running toward you, or are you just focusing on something scary or traumatic that happened in the past?
When you realize how much unconscious communication is going on every minute, you can begin to glimpse the powerful tool available to you when you make that communication conscious and use it creatively. I have found that by incorporating guided meditation with imagery work, it is easier and far more effective.
And take some time every day to send your inner dog soothing thoughts of lying on a soft bed in front of a fire with a full belly… it sure works for my dogs! I find that the combination makes the work so much deeper, more powerful, and more effective. But really, it is just the process of re-connecting our mind, emotions, and body with our spirit, bringing us back to our center, that place of inner peace. The four steps – body, heart, mind and spirit – are just a simple pathway to a peaceful meditative state. Whether they are visual pictures, or other sensory perceptions like kinesthetic feelings, sounds, smells, tastes or just a sense of knowing, is just a matter of how your personal system works. She came up with the image of a golden mesh bag, that she swept through her whole body, scooping up any stray cancer cells.
We are going to use a guided visualization in order to achieve a highly relaxed state of mind and body. Please find a relaxing position that you will be able to sit uninterrupted for the next 30 minutes.
If you are not familiar with belly breathing, then you may want to take a moment to read the breathing techniques article. Through practice, most meditation techniques help you induce relaxation throughout the entire body.
By meditating regularly at least 10-30 minutes a day, you are bringing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems into balance.
The moving muscles are relaxed and giving your inner organs a gentle massage which further relaxes you. The energy moves throughout your hips and relaxes all of the muscles and organs in the pelvis. The legs carry you throughout the day and build up a lot of tension, which will soon be gone. This is an elevator into deeper consciousness and will bring you into a place of complete peace and resourcefulness.
As you inhale and move deeper, the energy grows so much within you that you are completely filled. You are now full of powerful, relaxing and healing energy which you can control in any way you like. Your mind is at one with your body, and you can choose to bring this with you throughout the day. The green energy around you begins to turn a cool blue, and it invigorates your mind and body. You know that you are nearly full awake and alert, but choose to remain within your personal energy cocoon, absorbing it into your body. Take a moment to sit and enjoy this feeling, knowing you can come back to it whenever you want to. If you don’t like bombarding your body with pills and aggressive medicines, discover more amazing breakthrough energy healing therapies. Other benefits can include feelings of happiness, anxiety relief, and pain relief to name a few. With our gentle recordings like Gateway to Peace or The Healing Waterfall you can simply relax and unwind. We have been producing guided imagery programs since 1984 and our pains-taking process is unique.
I had a major life change and suffered anxiety, and it was the only way for me to fall asleep.

Changes in salivary cortisol, testosterone, and melatonin were explored, and self-reported data on psychological stress symptoms (perceived stress, mood disturbance, sleep quality, physical distress symptoms, work readiness, well-being, anxiety, depression, immediate stress) were collected. In the whole sample, 83% of the participants had returned to work at nine weeks’ follow-up.
But I also have an inner dog, who lives deep in my brain in that ancient mysterious part of the nervous system that we humans share with all mammals. And it can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined – whether a dangerous intruder is ringing my doorbell, or the ring is happening in the movie playing on my TV. What if you could use this innate ability that we all have, to tell your inner dog that all is well, you are safe. In meditation, your mind, body and spirit are in a relaxed, centered state where you are more connected to your deeper, inner self and your mind-body communication is enhanced. Well, guided imagery is nothing exotic, it just means that someone is directing the imagery. So guided meditation techniques can be a very simple way to re-train yourself, to quickly and easily bring yourself out of that constant busy mental chatter and into an internal oasis of peacefulness that you carry within you all the time but are usually too busy to notice.
Once you have experienced what it feels like to be in a meditative state and learned the path to it, it is easy for you to take yourself there whenever you desire.
It is my intent that the guided journeys on my CDs and mp3s empower and entice you to explore your own.
I have difficulty with books that tell you that this image means this, that image means that. The energy begins to flow in waves and drip down all around you.The energy is light and moves slowly, transforming into an egg shaped cocoon surrounding your body. Feel the energy going over every muscle in the front of your face, loosening and relaxing all of the muscles.
The energy brings the entire area into a balanced state and removes any built up sexual tension.
With each breath the energy begins to fill the legs, moving first into your thighs and proceeding down.
Even within, the energy is still surrounding you providing a relaxing and healing protective barrier. All music is composed by Max Highstein, and our special results simply can't be achieved by cutting corners. Data regarding sick leave situation and job return were collected from participants throughout the study. Your inner dog could stop growling at imaginary tigers and tell your body to relax, stop pumping out stress hormones and inflammatory compounds and get on with the business of healing. It could be me, like in these guided imagery meditation CDs and mp3s, or it could be you, guiding yourself with your own thoughts and intentions. It’s a great meditation technique for beginners, and many experienced meditators enjoy this four step approach. It's best to keep your normal attentive meditation posture if you don't want to fall asleep during this meditation, otherwise you can lay down. As the green energy moves within the body it is pushing out any negative energy with each exhalation. You do not need to use these muscles to breath any more and can continue breathing gently in to the belly. When you exhale, all of the tension in your hips and pelvis will leave the body, leaving behind a cool refreshed feeling.
With each breath it fills you more and more, continuing to relax and heal you as we continue the meditation.
As you inhale the white ring of energy shines and comes to life preparing to take you deep within your mind.
Nothing can harm you when you are here, and no one can come into your personal space of power without you letting them. The energy begins to hum around you and you see the number 10 light above your head as you inhale.
Maybe you hear them repeating faintly in your mind, or feel their vibrations moving through you. You see them clearly defined, you feel their energy and hear them repeating in the cells of your body. Through visually imagining the images and situations you are guided through, many different benefits can be received including deep relaxation.
They type of visualizations used will vary based on the reason for the meditation along with the preferences of the guide.
Either way, the stress response is real, the biochemical reactions in the body are real, and the toll it takes on our health and well-being is all too real. Well, it turns out her beloved grandmother had a purse made of gold mesh and she had loved to play with it as a child. With each breath you take, imagine the air flowing into your Dan Tien , which is 3 finger widths below your navel, and 2 widths behind it. Any injuries you may have from sports or working on the computer are forgotten, as the energy removes pain and replaces it with a feeling of renewal.
Though you are completely relaxed, you are still alert and aware of the powerful calm which is now a part of you. Now you can choose to go walk on the lush grass and feel it in between your toes and the pads of your feet.
Now, exhale and move closer to waking consciousness, carrying your peace and energy with you. There may be soft music playing in the background.Your instructor will then use visualization to help you relax your body and lead you through a series of peaceful imagined scenes. The energy now moves through the knees soothing any injuries and replacing it with a fresh healing sensation. As you exhale the energy flows back up through the arms, carrying away any negative energy. You are now so completely relaxed that the word is within you, repeating gently and communicating to your subconscious. The energy you have brought with you still circulates within your body, bringing you calm and focus throughout your day. It draws the tension down to the ground with it, and all of the tension is going to flow out of the bottom of your feet. Recall for just a moment, the youthful happiness which you reclaimed in your personal space of power.

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