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Description: This meditation has been especially designed to enable you to meet your Goddess. Note: Please be aware that only those who are able to visualize should take part in this meditation. Marduk’s Message to His Son19 April 2016 - HelenWhat qualms you, my son, is the darkness that you feel deep within the root of your soul. The Golden Apple – Lady Babalon Speaks10 April 2016 - HelenThe veil of the abyss is opening And the dragon of the Earth is surging forth.

Lorane leads yet another beautiful, powerful meditation that guides the listener into a peaceful, quiet, and clear sense of awareness. There are many people on our blessed Mother Gaia who long to meet the Goddess and meditation is the perfect tool to enable them to do so. Access your inner wisdom and higher knowledge with this guided meditation as you journey into your collective consciousness and expanded awareness. Please know that what you see during this meditation is not a creation of your mind; do not second guess what you see for the Goddess truly wants to meet you, too and so she will materialize within this meditation in a form that you shall understand.

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